Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oil Shale in The USA

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Quoting a study by the Rand Corporation (with my own emphasis):

“The largest known oil shale deposits in the world are in the Green River Formation, which covers portions of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.”

“For policy planning purposes, it is enough to know that any amount in this range is very high. For example, the midpoint in our estimate range, 800 billion barrels, is more than triple the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.”

Quoting The Wall Street Journal:

“America remains the only nation in the world that has curtailed access to its own energy supplies/ Meanwhile China will soon begin drilling for oil off Cuba and in Venezuela.”

Quoting The Wall Street Journal:

“ The Chinese think we're insane and self-destructive, while the Saudis laugh all the way to the bank.”

USA, Mean Estimate From Oil Shale = 800 Billion Barrels
USA, Mean Estimate From The Outer Continental Shelf = 86 Billion Barrels
USA, Mean Estimate From ANWR = 10.4 Billion Barrels
Saudi Arabia, Proven Oil Reserves = 262 Billion Barrels
Remaining Proven Reserves Are Depicted in The Chart Below

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BrianJ said...

I think that there are some issues that you should mention or at least source before suggesting oil shale. In short, it's much more complicated than just drilling for oil.

check this:

SBVOR said...


Thank you for your comment.

I suggest you read the link to the Rand Corporation study which I linked to at the very top of the post.

There, you will find all the relevant issues discussed in great detail.

When it comes to Oil Shale, there are technological and environmental issues to be addressed. But, the first step is to get Congress to ALLOW industry to begin addressing those issues.

Meantime, there is absolutely, positively NOTHING other than Environmental Extremist nonsense preventing us from drilling in ANWR and The Outer Continental Shelf.

The mean estimate for the OCS alone amounts to more oil than is found in the proven reserves of 14 of the 20 countries listed in the chart.

sendSteven said...

That does not sound like a good long term solution for the United States to reversing global warming and finding a sustainable form of transpiration. The environment and sustainability should be more important than becoming independent on oil.

SBVOR said...


Thank you for your comment.

You should stop listening to so-called “journalists” and the purely political IPCC and read what the directly cited peer reviewed science has to say.

In the associated videos, you can also learn from climate scientists who have previously served as lead authors for the purely political IPCC.

SBVOR said...


Just FYI…
Plants discovered “a sustainable form of transpiration” billions of years ago (grin).

As long as government and your beloved Greenpeace stay out of the way, the private sector will find the next generation of practical energy sources soon enough.

In the meantime, the world needs more oil in order to sustain the economic growth which will facilitate the development of the next generation of practical energy sources.

Oh, and, before you commit to Greenpeace, you should watch the last video in this link and listen to what a co-founder of Greenpeace (from my generation) has to say about the current Greenpeace.

I was once much like you. With luck, you will eventually outgrow the follies of youth (as most do).


Your article is realy impressive.
we need to spread this to aware people

SBVOR said...


Thank you for taking the time to examine my post.

My best wishes to you and all your fellow citizens.


LifeTrek said...

SBVOR, thanks for stopping by my site (Right of the Star Blog) and suggesting I sign the petition -- I have and have posted links to it 3 times now.

Impressive site, I'll be back!

Lee Hazel said...

Everytime I see the ALGORIAN Cultist Hoax referred to now as Climate Control, and CO2 as a "bad guy" pollutant as an excuse for not developing our own Oil and other energy sources it saddens me. The idea that this great nation can be conned and held captive by a rabid radical environmental and marxist (or fascist) elite is repungent to the extreme.

Regarding the CO2, if you were to stand a dime at the "0" yard line of a football field the thickness of the dime has the same mathematical relationship to the total 100 yards of that field as does the CO2 content to the total atmospheric envelope of our planet earth. The idea that this is or could be a factor in long range planatary heating is laughable if it wern't so dangerous.

It should be axiomatic that given the long range increase of demand for oil as THE primary source of transportation related enery usage that all forms of oil sources should be developed including shale. Once our engineers begin to work with and improve the various processes involved in shale oil extraction current concerns will be dealt with and resolved.

The environmental nonsense regarding nuclear power is just that, nonsense. Once again, as with any technology, problems cannot be solved in a usage vacumn. We need the energy and nuclear and coal are here and now solutions. Problem solving is a way of life in this country.

I refuse to believe that a country that could put a man on the moon in less than 10 years cannot solve the drilling and refining capacity problems in that time frame or less. Our mere commitment to immediate steps to drill and refine would impact the oil speculation market to our advantage. Somehow we need to get it across to the idiots in WDC that we the people are fed up. Next November looms as a great opportunity to do just that.


Anonymous said...

The issue is not as simple as you might think...

Peak Oil Overview March 2008

Oil Shale Won't Work!

SBVOR said...


1) Your “Peak Oil” Voodoo is a purely political phenomena resulting from 40 years of partisan political obstruction of energy development by people just like you.

What happens to your “Peak Oil” baloney if Congress FINALLY opens up the Outer Continental Shelf to drilling?

What happens is that, according to the mean estimate, we QUADRUPLE our domestic proven reserves OVERNIGHT (more or less).

Our current proven reserves are 22 Billion Barrels.

And, the mean estimate for the Outer Continental Shelf is 86 Billions Barrels.

86/22=3.9 times our current proven reserves (in the Outer Continental Shelf alone).

Oh, and, now that Canada officially has the second largest proven reserves in the entire world (by virtue of the Canadian government wisely allowing their industry to develop their vast Oil Sand reserves), what has THAT done to your “Peak Oil” Voodoo?

If our own Congress allows our own industry to develop our 800 billion barrels of Oil Shale along with our 86 Billion barrels in The Outer Continental Shelf and the 10.4 billion barrels in ANWR, we would then have 3.5 TIMES the proven reserves in Saudi Arabia. We would have, BY FAR, the largest proven reserves in the entire freaking WORLD! What would THAT do to your “Peak Oil” Voodoo?

2) Oil Shale extraction is not viable? Only in your greenie dreams!

Your astonishingly dishonest source asserts:

“it was the oil industry that ‘stuck a fork’ in oil shale development once before, in the 1980s.”

What REALLY happened is that the price of oil plummeted, making Oil Shale no longer ECONOMICALLY feasible. At today’s prices, it is a slam dunk that Oil Shale is economically feasible.

As far as technical feasibility, that too is a slam dunk. Quoting the study from the Rand Corporation:

“The R&D that took place in the United States during the 1970s and 1980s, combined with the ongoing operations and recent testing abroad, supports the judgment that mining and surface retorting is a technically viable approach for producing strategically significant amounts of oil”

The ONLY remaining question is the environmental impact. But, rather than allowing the industry to get to work addressing that issue, Dims in Congress have made it illegal to do so!

Private industry is hard at work developing the next generation of energy sources. Government needs to just get the heck out of the way.

Meantime, pragmatism dictates that “It’s about admitting the need to strike a balance between the energy and security realities of the here-and-now and the potentialities of the future.”:

“The Democrats' climate-change bill collapsed last week under the weight of brutal cost realities. It was a wake-up call. This is the year Americans joined the real world of energy costs. Now someone needs to explain to them why we – and we alone – are sitting on an ocean of energy but won't drill for it.”

JamesV said...

I suggest everyone google "the truth behind shale oil" Rand's proposed method of extracting oil from this stubborn rock is ridiculous. The complete arrogance and ignorance that I've seen americans hang their hat on is embarrassing. By simply improving our efficiency in our vehicles we could save 10 times as much fuel as oil shale is likely to provide. It's time to stop acting like cavemen and evolve. We have the technology to find the world's new fuel source and it's thinking like this that keeps us from moving forward towards a clean and prosperous future. Not just for the sake of our country, and environment, but for the future of our children. Stop Passing the buck people, and help evolve to a new energy sources. GROW UP AMERICA! OIL SHALE IS FOOLS GOLD!

SBVOR said...


1) Hopefully, my readers recognize politically motivated, utterly dishonest propaganda when they see it.

2) Your goggle suggestion produced the following:

No results found for "the truth behind shale oil".

3) Oil Shale technology was fully proven on a commercial scale at least as far back as 1924.

4) The largest Oil Shale facility has been in commercial operation since 1980.

5) If you happen to be gullible enough to believe “Peak Oil” will be a concern anytime in the near term, you are badly misinformed (even without considering Oil Shale). Of course, between Oil Shale and Coal Liquefaction, the Peak Oil hysteria is SOOO YESTERDAY!

6) Sorry dude! I guess you’ll have to find a new cause to whip up hysteria over. Even global warming is dead. But, you can probably be among the first to get on the Next Little Ice Age bandwagon! That one may actually have some merit.

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