Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin on ANWR

The bottom line on ANWR:
We can, in a VERY environmentally friendly manner,
develop 1/100th of 1% of ANWR and get, in return,
an estimated 48% increase in our proven oil reserves.
All that and LOTS more is documented and substantiated below.

Additionally, the data prove that ANWR alone
could have prevented the price spikes of 2008.

Click here and listen
to common sense on ANWR
from Governor Palin of Alaska.

In 1995, the Congress approved drilling in ANWR,
but President Clinton vetoed it.

Which brings to mind the wit and wisdom of Jay Leno:

The typical propagandists fail to mention that the area proposed
for development is 1/100th of one percent of the total ANWR area.

Only 2,000 acres would be subject to development.
The 1002 Coastal Plain Area (yellow) is 1.5 million acres.
The entire ANWR area (burnt orange + yellow) is 19.6 million acres!

Click the image and learn more:
Click the image and learn more

Click the image to enlarge and view the source:
Click the image to enlarge and view the source

The propagandists are also deceptive in which images they present.
The “pristine wildlife plain” which environmental extremists
seek to “preserve” actually looks like this (in the winter).

Click the image to learn more:
Click the image to learn more

Here are summer and winter images.
Click either image for the source:
Click the image to view the source
Click the image to view the source

The following video dispels both the ANWR imagery
and the hysteria we heard before about the terrible impacts
on caribou which drilling in Prudhoe Bay would cause:

Click here for the facts on caribou herds
30 years after Prudhoe Bay development.

Worried about the impact on that 1/100th of 1% of ANWR?
Click the image & learn about modern drilling:
Click the image & learn about modern drilling

With a mean estimate of 10.4 billion barrels,
ANWR alone is estimated to boost our proven reserves by 48%!

Mean estimates for ANWR amount to almost
as much oil as Brazil’s entire proven reserves!

Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it
Source for proven reserves - This spreadsheet downloaded from this page
Source for ANWR mean estimate - This study from the USGS

Click this image & learn even more:
Click this image & learn even more
Within the above link, the media have been typically remiss
in failing to present this media kit.

Don’t miss this video clip or this presentation (and much, much more).

In the near term, which is more likely to preserve our
National Security during a crisis in the Middle East?

1) Demonstrably counterproductive “alternatives” such as Ethanol?

2) Problematic sources such as wind?

Wouldn’t it be smarter to hedge our bets with abundant domestic hydrocarbons (and nuclear power) while allowing private markets (WITHOUT government meddling) to work on truly viable alternatives for the future?

Do we REALLY want government bureaucrats (and their
cronies) deciding which alternatives will win and which will lose?

Click the image to learn more:
Click the image to learn more

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JazzSlave said...

If McCain has any brains, he'll execute a flip-flop & turn the Governor loose on the energy debate. She's informed, articulate, & sharp on the issue, and it's the most prominent domestic topic where the GOP is head & shoulders above the Dems - if the GOP has the brass (to be determined) to take off the gloves & expose Democrat socialist stupidity on the issue.

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