Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama's Energy Czar, Socialist International and Liberal Fascism

Updated on 1/12/09.

Quoting The DC Examiner:
“Conservatives are often accused of scaremongering when they claim left-wing environmentalists are actually socialists hiding behind green disguises. But with Carol Browner, incoming President Barack Obama’s freshly appointed Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change – the so-called White House ‘Climate Czar’ - there is no question about the socialism.

Browner is a member of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society (CSWS), which is a formal organ of the Socialist International.”
On 1/5/09, Google cached a version of this page which, as of 1/5/09, listed Carol M. Browner, “Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton”, as a prominent member of Socialist International. That cached page was superseded on or before 1/12/09 and is no longer available. However, we will still have this screenshot and this (overlapping) screenshot to remember it by. I have also saved the HTML code for the entire page.

Meantime, for now, other direct evidence still remains:

Click here (while you still can) to view that image of Carol Browner on the Socialist International site.

Click here for another page from Socialist International which, as of 1/10/09, still bears Browner’s name. Click here for more Socialist International pages which may still bear her name.

I am not surprised to see that Obama has selected a certifiable extremist (Carol M. Browner) as his “energy and climate czar”. Nor am I surprised to see an English major turned lawyer selected to do the job of a scientist.

Click here for a USA Today article which only hinted at just how radical Ms. Browner really is.

Anybody who is well informed knows that most of today’s so-called “Environmentalists” are far more interested in World Socialism than in saving the environment (watch the entire video and you will understand my point). Ms. Browner is just further proof of that undeniable fact.

Click here for further proof that the environmental front is where Obama plans to most aggressively advance his overtly Socialist agenda.

Click here for more on Carol Browner.
Click here & examine Browner’s motive for regulating CO2.
Click here & examine EPA tyranny under Carol Browner.


jgdes said...

Having been directed here to look at the evidence. I'd say why not ask her directly? Then we'll all know.

Your premises are that being a socialist is inherently something to be ashamed of, that she is concealing it, and that socialism means something scary.

None of these are arguments that stand up against the facts. She can of course talk to any conference at all, even to a collection of right wing firebrands such as yourself. Probably she goes wherever she is invited. She may however be a socialist. And so what if she is?

There are a lot of people around the world - the vast majority of people in the G7 countries for example - who find a little bit of socialism to be a blessing and a lot of it to be a curse. It is the results that are important, not so much the ideology.

France has a bit too much of it I'd wholeheartedly agree and I rail against their anti-entrepreneur, overly-bureaucratic system all the time. But then again, it has a proper energy policy, a superb train service that made 2 billion profit last year, health care the envy of the world, rather less crime per capita than the US and a much healthier, slimmer and apparently happier population.

SBVOR said...


You may have been “directed here to look at the evidence” but you clearly failed to do so.

Browner did not merely speak in front of the XXIII Congress of the Socialist International, she was “a member of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society (CSWS), which is a formal organ of the Socialist International”. And, the evidence for that is found in this screenshot and this (overlapping) screenshot.

As a foolishly devoted proponent of Euro-Socialism, you may have a blind faith in a “goldilocks” utopia of “a little bit of socialism”. But, again, anybody who has EVER examined the evidence KNOWS that government is ALWAYS the WORST possible way to deliver (or even fund the delivery of) ANY goods or ANY services!

You claim, without substantiation (a violation of my ONLY requirement for commenting here), that the French Socialist train system “made 2 billion profit last year”. IF that is true, I would then ask to what extent the French government FORCES their population onto the trains through various taxes and restrictions which make it impractical NOT ride the Socialist train system.

jgdes said...

Your exhortation to me to read your evidence ignored that I said - "she may be a socialist" and "so what"? I do get the picture, but I don't care because, like most open-minded folk you'll meet, I don't see socialism as akin to Stalinism as you apparently do. Did it ever occur to you that maybe there aren't any reds under the bed? Honestly, no offense, but to us outsiders it does look paranoid. What I said, and repeat, is that there are no US politicians even remotely close to the being a true lefty, excepting Ralph Nader. You should be happy about that.

Yes I am a proponent of Euro-socialism but with a small c. Despite your attempts to pigeon hole anyone who disagrees with you as a lefty, my enthusiasm for socialism doesn't extend beyond the welfare safety net, which I sometimes resent paying but which I realize saves money in the long term, while ensuring an educated, healthy workforce and low crime. In other words it is a long-term investment. Yes I also resent paying people to remain out of work but i'd rather that than they come and rob my house at gunpoint. The French call it the price of peace. I actually even prefer Sarko to the lefty dinosaurs in France but that might change if they change because I judge by actions, not by rhetoric. And I actually agree with you 100% that the infernal, left-wing inspired bureaucracy over here does far more harm to business than good.

On health care; anecdotally we had a Californian cousin visit recently and he had a fever. We dialed 15 and within 10 minutes he was in front of a doctor - on a Sunday - and it cost him 50 dollars. He was frankly astonished. To see a doctor in Los Angeles he has to call up an insurer first. His sister was someone i mentioned who had her insurance taken away for having a serious operation. She works 3 jobs now, none of which gives her insurance. Now she's afraid she'll be ill again. She only got so ill in the first place because she discovered very late in the day that one of her jobs gave her enough insurance for an operation. That insurance was then terminated after the op. That is the reality of your health care system. I'm sure it's absolutely excellent for the ones that can afford it. And I'm sure you'll agree that working 3 jobs disqualifies someone from being called too lazy. She, like her 2-job brother had to drop out of med school because they couldn't afford the fees, despite the multiple jobs. That seems to be the reality of your education system. If that makes you happy then fine, live with it. You can see though that it depends on the cards you are dealt as to how happy you can be with it.

I admit the French rail service earning 2 billion shocked me as well. One always assumes a nationalized service will lose money. Yes I can see it bursts your bubble that the government might be able to run things after all. But then Statoil, Petrobras and even Aramco manage to make stonking profits too. Meanwhile the privatization of utilities such as water and trains in the UK are generally acknowledged as unmitigated disasters. This I submit isn't the fault of private enterprise per se - it is the fault of greedy, self-serving management of a private monopoly. You see, private or public, it comes down to good or bad management.

jgdes said...

So sorry for violating your rule: Here is the link to the French rail service profits:
All of it was re-invested by the way. They're going to extend the superfast TGV routes all over France. That's not to say the French don't have the option of driving on the excellent toll motorways or the excellent A-roads alongside the motorways, or even the B or D-roads which are all shockingly excellent too. And all through public funding. And yes it is still more economical to drive because we have diesels here that do 50 miles or more to the gallon.

But yes there are problems here - mainly those obstructive, leeching bureaucrats - and in terms of investment and entrepreneurism, the USA is streets ahead. And yes probably that is because they are forced to be entrepreneurial because the state doesn't have any safety net and there aren't many bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Hence France definitely has some things to learn from the USA. Well I'm still observing and learning and I'll be doing that my whole life. So far I do know that it's not all black and white, there are many greys involved. Ideology doesn't get us to the truth and sometimes the opposite of what we expect is what actually happens. Some people see that and others pretend not to.

SBVOR said...


I only skimmed your latest Euro-Socialist claptrap enough to find even more utterly unsubstantiated anecdotal bunk about your alleged “Californian cousin”.

Feel free to spew all the garbage you want. Your comrades will lap it up. Sensible people will recognize it for what it is -- willfully ignorant bunk.

I’ve already said everything I care to say about the deadly disease known as Euro-Socialism.

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