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Coal Liquefaction

Click here for a broader look at domestic energy resources.

The United States has 27% of the
World Estimated Recoverable Coal
Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
I personally created and uploaded the above chart.
The data used in the above chart are found in this spreadsheet
downloaded from this page (International Data, Coal, Reserves).

According to the EIA,
our recoverable coal is the equivalent
of 535 Billion Barrels of Oil (BBOE)
Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
The above chart was copied from slide #7 of this EIA presentation.
Note: The 22 Billion Barrels of USA proven reserves ignores ANWR, OCS, AND Oil Shale!

In South Africa, just one coal liquefaction plant:
“produces about 150,000 barrels of synthetic fuel a day
and meets about 28% of South Africa's annual fuel needs”

Click here & read the story

Click here & read about
“Coal Liquefaction in The USA”

The next chart presents how much oil (and oil equivalents) we can
produce domestically from our various resources.

Even if we ignore Oil Shale, we can,
using nothing but fully proven technologies,
produce 3.3 TIMES as much oil (equivalent) as Saudi Arabia!

Including Oil Shale, we can produce
6.3 TIMES as much oil (equivalent) as Saudi Arabia!

It is time we got to work!
Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
The data used in the above chart are found in:
1) Proven Reserves - This spreadsheet downloaded from this page
2) ANWR Mean Estimate - 10.4 Billion Barrels
3) OCS Mean Estimate- 86 Billion Barrels
4) Bakken Formation - on average, 200 billion barrels Technically Recoverable
5) Oil Shale Mean Estimate - 800 Billion Barrels
6) Coal Liquefaction Mean Estimate - 535 Billion Barrels
Oil Shale technology was proven on a commercial scale at least as far back as 1924.
The largest Oil Shale facility has been in commercial operation since 1980.

Worried About Climate Change? Don’t!
Click The Image and Learn The Facts as Described by
Directly Cited Peer Reviewed Science, IPCC Scientists and More

Click The Image and Learn The Facts as Described by Directly Cited Peer Reviewed Science, IPCC Scientists and More

Worried About Air Pollution? Don’t!

It is Well Controlled and Continuing to Drop:
Click the image to enlarge it.
Click Here For the Entire Report

Click the image to enlarge it

Click here for all the posts on Coal Liquefaction.
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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you man. Coal to Liquid can save the USA from foreign energy but the damn environmentalists do everything they can to stop it.

SDR said...

Do you have any idea how much water (and energy)is needed in both oil shale extraction and coal to liquids? There is no logical or sane reason to exhaust our water resources for energy intensive and polluting energy production.

If you don't believe me, do the research. Using coal to make liquid fuel is about as moronic as corn ethanol.

We should look to to sugar cane or other cellulostic ethanol resources.

SBVOR said...


You are clearly well indoctrinated. Let’s see if you are educable.

Oil Shale technology was proven on a commercial scale at least as far back as 1924.

The environmental issues are very well described in this study.

In response to that study, the Interior Department has already drawn up the guidelines for ensuring environmental safety in developing Oil Shale in the United States.

The ONLY remaining obstacle is an utterly insane totalitarian political religious cult packed with lots of money grubbing lawyers ready to stand in the way of anything that might benefit anybody.

If you have legitimate environmental issues with Coal Liquefaction, SHOW ME THE BEEF!

There is no ethanol based solution which would not result in the exact same problems associated with the current ethanol fiasco. Furthermore, EVERY government mandated solution will be just as bad or worse.

Government will NOT provide the solutions (never has, never will)!

Anonymous said...

Sorry SBVOR but you're CTL delusions are just that. Robert Hirsch, a smart guy who has a Fusion reactor prototype named after him, headed up the Hirsch Report to the US DOE's EIA. It concluded that ALL fossil fuel alternatives to oil should have been started 20 years ago to truly enable a smooth transition to peak oil.

This is not some internet-troll but the work of a peer-reviewed author reporting to the US government. Sure you guys might have shale oil and coal and whatever, but we are talking about:
* hundreds of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure
* long energy infrastructure time frames
* TERRIBLE environmental pollution and toxic waste going into groundwater (google "Gasland" and actually WATCH the documentary for once!)
* BRINGING ON PEAK COAL EVEN FASTER than the 2015 estimates I've read
* Accelerating the very real trends in global warming (or do you deny the basic physics of the Radiative Forcing equation, which are demonstrable in any spectrometry lab in the world?)

Wouldn't it be far, far better to just build a generation of GenIV nukes like GE's S-PRISM which can burn nuclear waste? You guys already have enough nuclear waste to run America for centuries. Today's nuclear waste stockpile could run the WORLD for 500 years in clean, safe, nuclear reactors! (Unlike Fukishima, modern reactors have passive safety systems.)

But it won't happen with denialists such as yourself denying that fossil fuels pollute rivers and water catchments, cause lung and throat cancers, are RUNNING OUT, cause global warming, and are bad for energy security!

SBVOR said...

Eclipse Now,

1) I favor nuclear power, so long as it does not become a big government Crony Capitalist venture. But, that is where nuclear is headed. And, that is why a certain segment of the big government crowd likes nuclear. Get government the hell out of developing the industry and I’m onboard.

2) So, you’re saying we could have benefited if we had developed Coal Liquefaction 20 years ago. But, because we didn’t do it back then we should not do it now?

REALLY? Jay Leno addressed that (generic) stupidity as well as anybody. Click here and listen to the wit and wisdom of Jay Leno. Yeah, he’s talking about ANWR. But, you’ve making the same silly argument.

3) Gasland? Really? Now I KNOW you’re a gullible FOOL! Click here for the rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

1/ That's nothing to crow about. It just shows how ideological you are. I don't care if the nukes are built by government OR private, I just want the job done. So you immediately stink of right-wing fundamentalism that won't acknowledge any peer-reviewed data you don't agree with right from the first point.

2/ What I'm saying is you could have had a *bit* longer on the liquid fuels IF you had started 20 years ago, but nothing but nothing will allow this to continue. Hirsch is right about that, period. So you can start now if you want and spend hundreds of billions rushing from one depleting resource (oil) to anther only to watch America totally collapse when you hit peak oil, gas, AND coal all together when your coal peaks! SMART MOVE THERE EINSTEIN! (winks!)

Look up the medical evidence about what coal actually DOES to your population while you're at it.

And how are your coal stocks while we're at it? Are you even aware of the concept of the 'peak' in a resource? It's not just extraction rates but quality. Human beings ALWAYS go for the good stuff first. Once you hit peak, you move into less and less availability but also less quality. And what's happening with America's coal?

////Coal production in the United States, currently the world's second largest producer, has undergone multiple peaks and declines, but total coal energy output peak was reached in 1998 at 598 million tons of oil equivalents (Mtoe); by 2005 this had fallen to 576 Mtoe, or about 4% lower.[12][13]////

Coal poisons and kills your population, it's running out, and it causes climate change (according to the REAL scientists not your cronies!) That's game set and match. If you're a coal shill it's time to find a new job.

SBVOR said...

Eclipse Now,
I am an environmental scientist. You, clearly, are not. I do not work for any energy company and I never have. Nor do I own any stock in any energy companies. Take your tired old paranoid delusions elsewhere. automatically tossed your comment in the spam bucket. I published it anyway. But, don’t waste your time commenting here again. You have nothing to offer anybody and I will not clutter my blog any further with your counter-scientific hysteria mongering.

1) Click here and examine a more sober report on Peak Oil from the EIA.

2) Click here to debunk your anti-scientific hysteria mongering on coal.

3) Click here and here to better understand the economics of peak oil. In 2008, global demand exceeded global supply and prices rose sharply until demand dropped and the world oil balance was restored. The same will happen in 2011.

These global imbalances were created by politicians who abuse the force of law to artificially constrain global supplies by refusing to allow energy companies to develop the resources.

If and when Peak Oil really arrives, it will not be an instantaneous catastrophe. It will usher in a period of price increases and price decreases such as we’ve seen between 2008 and 2011. Consumers will gradually focus on conservation and prices will gradually increase creating an environment where alternatives will be developed (if and ONLY if government stays the hell out of the way).

4) Click here to understand the Shale Gas energy revolution current underway. Until very recently, nobody had any idea about any of these enormous energy deposits.

5) Click here to debunk the propagandist hysteria regarding Shale Gas -- the “Gasland” propaganda in particular.

6) Click here to examine just a FEW of the ENORMOUS oil resources in the USA.

7) Click here and debunk your climate change hysteria mongering.

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