Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama - Not Acceptable as Commander-in-Chief

How could any thoughtful American
even CONSIDER voting for Obama?

Hat tip to Porcupine Rim.


brando said...

Right... And I should trust John neocon war-on-the-brain McCain who said he's comfortable with keeping troops in Iraq for 100 years, who uses his POW past to his political advantage unscrupulously like a jackass, why? The guy who supports the disastrous and unnecessary war in Iraq? Of course, Obama's not all that different from Bush now that he's been commander-in-chief for almost a year and a half. He reauthorized the Patriot Act. Escalated Afghanistan. STILL has not taken all our troops out of Iraq.

He keeps sending Congress all these silly "we're still in a state of national emergency" memos, even about tiny North Korea, which is NEVER gonna be a threat to us, and we know it.

Face it, BOTH sides do not know how best to secure this nation. Libertarians do. We support a noninterventionist foreign policy that DOES NOT police the world and create more blowback. We do not support getting involved in the internal affairs of other nations and creating yet MORE terrorism in the future. We're about protecting THIS country first and foremost. The only way to truly protect America is to get out of ridiculous alliances and bring ALL the troops home, not just in Iraq or Afghanistan but ALL 700 or 900 (or how many there are exactly) bases in 135 nations!

Let's arm America and build up our defenses AT HOME instead of getting involved in conflicts we have no business being in and making things worse. Let's secure the borders and protect AMERICA, not every other nation on the planet that may be under threat, including Israel. Israel has been getting billions in aid for decades from us. They have hundreds of nukes! They can handle themselves.

The TRULY conservative position is America First, second and last. Interventionism is what is hurting America, NOT keeping our noses in our own business only. Who cares what f*cking Iran does in the Middle East? Let's focus on our own country here at home and forget that region. Let them blow themselves up for all I care. We don't have to care about the entire WORLD just to be a strong and powerful nation. Let's fix things at home before we try to fix things everywhere else.

Lord knows we've screwed up trying to police the world so many times before. Korea and Vietnam, anyone?

SBVOR said...


The isolationist wing of the Libertarian party is dangerously short sighted.

Iraq was a "pay me now or pay me a whole lot more later" proposition. Had the Israelis not -- long ago -- taken out Saddam's nuclear facilities, we would have faced the prospect of invading a nuclear armed Iraq.

Iranian "leaders" are hell bent on wiping Israel off the map (and have said so publicly). A nuclear armed Iran will do just that. If you think the USA should turn it's back on our best ally in the Middle East, then I suppose Barack Hussein Obama is your guy. But, again, you are dangerously short sighted and ignorant to boot.

You further display your ignorance by asserting (without substantiation) that Israel has "hundreds of nukes". Nobody outside of Israel can say for certain that they have even one nuke, much less "hundreds". You are indulging multiple fantasies which you have been indoctrinated to take as proven fact.

I was no fan of McCain. He was Obama-Lite. But, Obama is -- pedal to the metal -- racing down the road to ruin. We might have had a chance at survival with McCain. Now, we're done for. We'll never recover from the devastation wrought by Obama and his fellow Dims.

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