Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stewart-Colbert Smugapalooza

They develop their world views from comedians, earnestly believe that makes them smarter and better informed and then arrogantly display their ignorance at a Rally to Restore Sanity? I guess there was some irony on display after all.

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SNL Lowers Election Expectations

SNL Predicts a 2010 Election “Bloodbath”:

A proper election bloodbath would result in
landslide defeats of every Dim across the country.
That ain’t likely to happen -- but, it should.

A side note on the sorry state of pop music…

SNL’s “musical” guest was Rihanna. I had never seen her nor heard her before and I hope to never see her again. At first, I thought NBC had been hijacked by The Stripper Channel. But, that’s usually the case with pop “music” these days. All the cues were there -- the bad tattoos (are there any good ones?), the sleazy costume, the crotch shots, the bump and grind and even the gratuitous double handed boob grab in the middle of the “song”.

But, more than anything, the biggest disappointment was the utter lack of any apparent talent on the part of anybody on the stage. Okay, the utter lack of any talent which might be appreciated outside of any cheap strip club.

Just another SNL Saturday night (skimmed on Sunday afternoon).

What 'Sanity' Looks Like

Yesterday, two Leftist propagandists posing as “comedians” staged a rally which was ostensibly designed to “Restore Sanity” (but not freedom of the press).

Yeah, the organizers failed to keep the cameras out.
Click the image & see what Leftist “sanity” looks like:

Click the image & see what Leftist ‘sanity’ looks like
Click here for commentary.
Click here for another vision of Leftist “sanity”.

Scumbag 'journalists' caught trying to sabatoge Joe Miller

When a cell phone failed to disconnect, so-called “journalists” were recorded conspiring to smear Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller. These so-called “journalists” even cited the recent fabricated smear attempt on Rand Paul as an example they would like to emulate.

Why I despise the Lame Stream Media:

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Click here for the previous post on this senate race.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lisa, will you shut down my blog for quoting this?

Quoting Sarah Palin
commenting on the Alaska Senate race:
“Yesterday, Lisa Murkowski’s hired guns threatened radio host Dan Fagan, and more importantly, the station that airs Fagan’s show, with legal action for allegedly illegal ‘electioneering.’ The station, unlike Murkowski, who is flush with millions of dollars from vested corporate interests, does not have a budget for a legal defense. So it did what any small market station would do when threatened by Beltway lawyers charging $500 to $1000 an hour – they pulled Dan Fagan off the air.

Does all this sound heavy handed? It is. It is an interference with Dan Fagan’s constitutional right to free speech. It is also a shocking indictment against Lisa Murkowski. How low will she go to hold onto power?”
Click the image of a beltway thug
& read the rest:

Click the image of a beltway thug & read the rest

I really hope Alaskans elect anybody other than Lisa Murkowski. Okay, I really hope they elect Joe Miller. But, I would settle for any outcome which gets this Murkowski thug the hell out of power and which preferably ensures she never runs for any office ever again.

Here Come the Elitist Totalitarian Thought Police

How, outside of a totalitarian state, can one
“criminally doubt some of the [climate change] science”?

For Google’s CEO & propaganda filmmaker James Cameron,
that shocking concept just rolls right off the tongue:

1) Will these two follow precedent and apologize for their tyrannical suggestions? I doubt it. Unfortunately, these sorts of suggestions are becoming increasingly common and acceptable within the increasingly self-righteous alarmist community. We even have depictions of children (and adults) being blown up for expressing skepticism and implicit calls for children to engage in eco-terrorism.

2) Did you catch Cameron’s nod to the latest fad in Hollywood elitist eco-hysteria -- biodiversity?

3) Do either of these guys have ANY academic training in ANY branch of science? Yeah, sorry, I forgot, no such training is required even to “lead” the IPCC.

Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here & debunk climate hysteria topic by topic.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Compilation of Wild Stunts

At 1:24, the cheerleader gets nothing but net!
That (& others) could have gone so wrong in so many ways!
Actually, I think she smacked her head on the rim.
Girls -- Don’t always believe the guys when they say “it’s all good”.

How to fix the alleged biodiversity 'crisis'

If there really exists a biodiversity crisis, the fix is simple -- we need more atmospheric CO2 (LOTS more, like 22 times current levels).

Want proof? Just examine the last paragraph of this post.

Of course, this latest “crisis” has no more credibility than the Global Warming Crisis or the Global Climate Change Crisis, or the Global Weirding Crisis, or the Global Climate Disruption Crisis (or whatever the latest rebranded name might be). This latest “crisis”, just like the rest of them, has one purpose and one purpose only -- the forcible global redistribution of your wealth.

Don’t get fooled!

Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here & debunk climate hysteria topic by topic.

A VERY Scary Halloween Video - Spooky Dude

George Soros may be the biggest threat
this country has ever faced:

This is WAY more scary than last year’s Vamp Vids.

Meanwhile, back at National Progressive Radio

Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it
Click here for the Soros story.
Click here for the Juan Williams story.
Click here for the psychiatrist couch story.
Click here for the NPR funding shell game.
Click here for more dirt on NPR.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Democrats' Final Recourse - Massive Vote Fraud

Dims know they are facing massive defeats.
Their only hope this year is massive vote fraud.
And, by all appearances, it is well underway.

Click the image & read all about it:
Click the image & read all about it

A Backlash Against the Food Nazis?

Even the name -- Double Down -- implies a backlash against the Food Nazis.

Now, after being on sale for less than two weeks in Canada, the Double Down is KFC Canada’s most successful menu item EVER!

Click the image & read all about it:
Click the image & read all about it

I support any campaign promoting healthy eating habits which relies entirely upon individual free will.

But, when certain Food Nazis rely upon the coercive power of government, my hackles rise right along with my blood pressure. My guess is that aside from tasting great, some portion of the success of this product is probably due to a backlash against the Food Nazis.

I say, enjoy this product in moderation. I also say, eat as much of it as you like -- just don’t hold a gun to my head and force me to pay for your health care bills.

Freedom for all -- across the board!

The Dumbest Ad Campaign EVER

Dude! You’re trying to sell a car by creating an ad wherein -- in order to save the planet -- nobody drives the car? Are you freaking NUTS?

Sorry, that was a rhetorical question:

Click here and explore the religious cult of CAGW.
Click here and explore the “sustainability” fraud.
Click here and examine the cost/benefit ratio of Kyoto.
Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here & debunk climate hysteria topic by topic.

Sea Surface Temps Dropping Like a Rock

Dr. Roy W. Spencer reports
sea surface temperatures dropping like a rock.

Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
Click here to examine the source.
Click here for more on the implications.
Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here & debunk climate hysteria topic by topic.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An image is worth a thousand words

Thanks, Obama.
Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
Actually, it’s worse than that.
The money was not spent, but wasted.
And, wasted only to make matters WORSE!
Click here for 2 images depicting the facts.

The NPR Shell Game With Tax Payer Money

Updated on 6/20/11 to reflect fiscal year 2009 data

NPR is still reeling in the aftermath of their utterly unjustified and totally hypocritical firing of Juan Williams. Senator Jim DeMint has promised to introduce legislation calling for an end to taxpayer funding of NPR. Predictably, NPR is not entirely honest in admitting their taxpayer funding.

Expect a delay before this video starts.
NPR CEO Vivian Schiller
dancing around taxpayer funding:

Click here to exhaustively expose the shell game NPR plays in what could be described as a money laundering scheme involving CPB.

Technical Note: The above embedded video clip is the same clip presented in the above link. In the above link, the embedded video clip may not function properly (might not start). To get around this, right click over the video, then click on “Play/Pause”.

Here’s my abbreviated version
describing the NPR shell game:

First, note that CPB is entirely funded by money stolen from the taxpayers.

Money stolen from taxpayers flows to CPB, then to the NPR affiliate stations and then to NPR. Over the last 5 years, 40% of NPR revenues came from “Station Programming Fees” provided by their affiliate stations. Now, let’s examine where these affiliate stations get their money.

From NPR’s own web site
Click the image to view the source:

Click the image to view the source

These are the sources of the 30.7% of NPR radio station funds stolen from taxpayers in fiscal year 2009:

1) 5.8% directly from federal, state, and local governments.

2) 10.6% from CPB (which gets all it’s funding from taxpayers)

3) 14.3% from Universities - These are universities which host NPR member stations and pay a licensing fee to NPR. You can bet your life that these are all state universities and that the funding for their NPR radio stations comes exclusively from the taxpayers.

That brings us to 30.7% of NPR radio station funding stolen from taxpayers. Of course, one can only wonder what portion of the 6.6% listed as “Other” was also stolen from taxpayers.

Head Stomped Activist Deliberately Provoked Security Concerns

(Emphasis mine & I inserted the link):
“Let us begin with what should be obvious and unnecessary to discuss: don’t stomp on anyone’s head. There are no mitigating circumstances to be presented in this article or video. You don’t stomp on a person’s head. Tim Profitt was wrong and should not have resorted to violence…

As you can see in the video, Valle reached in the candidate’s window with her ‘RepubliCorp’ sign and shoved it in his face. Several supporters in Paul shirts have her surrounded at that point, and a man in a suit is the first person to actually intervene physically. It’s hard to tell from the video, but it could be that the man in the suit was with Paul’s security staff.

Toward the end of the video, you see several Paul supporters asking a police officer to come intervene. It was Paul supporters who told Profitt to back off. It was Paul supporters who brought the police. Contrary to the growing narrative on the left, this video clearly shows that Valle was not the victim of a conspiracy to ‘take her out.’ ”
Here’s the video MSNBC will never show:

Update: At 0:54 in the embedded video we can, contrary to one of the assertions in the original RedState article, see the activist (Lauren Valle) -- still wearing her blond wig -- run in front of the vehicle. Contrary to Valle’s assertions, we cannot see anyone chasing her. What is clear is that -- after her first assault was thwarted -- she is now rushing Rand Paul from behind in a vigorous effort to mount a second attempted assault. It appears as though she was intercepted at the door of the vehicle. Presumably, that is when she was more forcefully taken down and the police were summoned.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Declare war on Wikileaks

Quoting The Washington Times Editorial Board:
“The government… should be waging war on the Wikileaks Web presence. There are a variety of means whereby technicians could render inoperable the sites distributing the classified information. Wikileaks could respond by using alternate sites, but those could be targeted as soon as they came online. Wikileaks has a small staff and limited resources. Relentless attacks on the servers and sites dispensing this classified information would have a debilitating effect on the leakers' morale and help widen the fissures that already have appeared in the group. This battle could offer some practical experience to American cyberwarriors who one day will face even greater threats from state-sponsored Web war.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Personally, I would very much like to see Julian Assange eat a Hellfire missile for breakfast. There is no question in my mind that Assange is a full fledged enemy combatant deserving the same treatment as any other enemy combatant.

ObamaCare is already driving costs higher

Quoting The Opinion Journal:
“ObamaCare's once and future harms have been well chronicled, but the major effects so far are less obvious and arguably more important: A wave of consolidation is washing over the health markets, and the result is going to be higher costs.

The turn toward consolidation among insurance companies is not new, and neither is it among doctors, hospitals and other providers. Yet the health bill has accelerated these trends, as all sides race to anticipate and manage political risk and regulatory uncertainty. This dynamic is leading to much larger hospital systems and physician groups, and fewer insurers dominated by a handful of national conglomerates. ObamaCare was sold using the language of choice and competition, but it is actually reducing both.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here and here to understand the real issues.
Click here for more on ObamaCare.

Obama to GOP - Sit in the back of the bus

Quoting Barack Hussein Obama:
“We don't mind the Republicans joining us.
They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”
Hey! Barry!
You should choose your imagery more carefully!

Click the image & read the rest:

Click the image & read the rest

Monday, October 25, 2010

French (and USA) Entitlement Insanity

French Entitlement Babies violently reject retirement at 62:
H/T to Chris at Boulder is a Stoopid Place.

I submit that -- if FDR were alive today -- he would set the retirement age at somewhere ABOVE age 84. Here’s why:

FDR signed Social Security into law in 1935. At that time, Social Security “benefits” were set to begin at the age of 65. In 1930 (five years before Social Security was signed into law), the average life expectancy was 59.2.

In 2003 (seven years ago), the average life expectancy was 77.5. So, the most likely retirement age which FDR might support today would be something HIGHER than age 84 (do the math).

Click here for source data on life expectancy.

The data suggest that even the uber-Socialist FDR would not support the current incredibly extreme (and outright suicidal) level of entitlement expectations in the USA, much less France.

Is it now illegal to seek a Christian roommate?

Quoting Fox News:
“A civil rights complaint has been filed against a woman in Grand Rapids, Mich., who posted an advertisement at her church last July seeking a Christian roommate…

Depending on the outcome of the case… the woman could face several hundreds of dollars in fines and ‘fair housing training so it doesn’t happen again.’ ”
Are you freaking kidding me?
We are officially living under tyranny!
Click the image & read the rest:

Click the image & read the rest
Click here for commentary & analysis.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why "Progressive" Lies Make my Blood Boil

Updated on 12/4/2012
to include most recent CBO data

So-called “Progressive” Marxists are waging class warfare.
They claim that, for decades, incomes have declined for all but the wealthiest.
Click here or here for typical examples.

This is, not surprisingly, just another so-called “Progressive” bald faced lie!
Now, examine the following inflation adjusted charts for objective data.

Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it

Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it
Click here for the CBO source data.
Click here for commentary.

In a free market system, the rich become rich not only by creating jobs, but -- as a direct result of the profit incentive -- by improving the quality and duration of life for all.

So-called “Progressives” would have us believe that robbing these job creators (at gunpoint) will benefit those whom the “Progressives” portray as the victims of free markets. What few crumbs from this theft might befall these “victims” only serves to corrupt and enslave them within a hideously corrupt political patronage system.

Meantime, once enough of the profit incentive is eliminated, the engines of innovation shutdown and all of human progress stagnates and dies. Even the status quo begins to crumble. Sound familiar? It should. We’ve seen that story play out in every Socialist Utopia throughout all of human history.

Now, if you want to know where the least deserving among the top 1% reside, look to the fat cats on Wall Street (located in the Leftist bastion of NYC). These guys have gotten in bed with the Federal government to ensure that their rewards are privatized and their risks are socialized (through government bailouts). Many blame Bush 43 for these bailouts. Bush shares the blame. But…

1) It was a Democratic majority in Congress which created the mess.

2) It was a Democratic majority in Congress which, in defiance of at least 165 leading economists, hastily signed the bailout checks (as they have done many times in the last 15 years).

3) It was a Democratic majority in Congress which more recently passed so-called “Finance Reform” (which did NOTHING to address the real root of the problem and did NOTHING to ensure another bailout would not be in our future).

Without these bailouts, that top 1% -- by virtue of accepting the consequences of the risks they took -- would have been taken down a great many notches. So, if the so-called “Progressives” really want to reduce the “income inequality” (without killing the Golden Goose in the process), they should advocate LESS government intervention in the marketplace, not more. But, doing so would take millions from the pockets of their fellow Democrats (and, in turn, themselves).

Click here for more on wealth creation
(as opposed to Dim-style theft through Crony Capitalism).

What Have Climate Activists Learned?

Quoting Bjørn Lomborg
(I inserted the links):
“Advocates of drastic cuts in carbon-dioxide emissions now speak a lot less than they once did about climate change. Climate campaigners changed their approach after the collapse of the Copenhagen climate-change summit last December and the revelation of mistakes in the United Nations climate panel’s work – as well as in response to growing public skepticism and declining interest….

They no longer dwell on impending climate doom, but on the economic windfall that will result from embracing the ‘green’ economy.”
Yeah, because centrally planned economies have such a wonderful historical track record to date -- as Mr. Lomborg alludes to next:
“Germany led the world in putting up solar panels, funded by €47 billion in subsidies. The lasting legacy is a massive bill, and lots of inefficient solar technology sitting on rooftops throughout a fairly cloudy country, delivering a trivial 0.1% of its total energy supply.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here to quantify abundant domestic hydrocarbons.
Click here to examine the abject folly of wind power.
Click here to examine the abject folly of ethanol.
Click here to learn why France went nuclear.

Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here & debunk climate hysteria topic by topic.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's time to call Senator Boxer Ma'am again!

Quoting just a snippet from
Bridget Johnson at
“A well-known Hollywood producer and director has cut an ad against Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) riffing on when the senator chided an Army brigadier general last year for calling her ‘ma'am.’

David Zucker, the director of the 1980 comedy classic ‘Airplane!’ who has worked on myriad films including the ‘Naked Gun’ and ‘Scary Movie’ franchises, directed the ‘Call Me Senator’ spot”
If Boxer has lost Hollywood, has she lost California?

Click here for another take on Boxer.

GOP Momentum Builds in Battle for the House

GOP momentum continues to build in the battle for the House.
The GOP could now lose every “toss up” race and still control the House.
In the top image, the vertical hash mark denotes the majority boundary.
In the bottom two images, the horizontal dashed line denotes the same.

Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
Click here for current polling data from the source.
Similar data do not yet suggest the GOP will control the Senate.

Krauthammer vs. Totenberg on NPR's brazen hypocrisy

Krauthammer vs. Toetenberg on NPR’s brazen hypocrisy
(in the entirely unjustified firing of Juan Williams):

Click here for commentary & damning exposés on Totenberg.
Click here for a video on Nina Totenberg’s personal hypocrisy.
If Nina had ANY integrity, she would vigorously defend Juan.
Obviously, Nina Totenberg (like NPR) has NO INTEGRITY!
Click here for all my posts on the national disgrace of NPR.

Fighting the Progressive Takeover of State Courts

Quoting Matt Arnold
at Human Events:
“As more and more citizens have come to understand that ‘progressive’ courts and judges have aided and abetted the growth of government power and the erosion of individual rights, they are pursuing the opportunity — and the right—to hold our judicial officeholders accountable at the ballot box.

In several states—most prominently, in Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado—the normally sleepy judicial elections are turning into some of the hottest issues on the ballot in this already critical election year.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here for two basic 2010 election issues.

What We Believe - Wealth Creation

The story of how wealth is created:

Click here for commentary.
Click here for more videos from Bill Whittle.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Night Music

Time to put the headphones on.

Big Love

“I’ve been lookin’ out for love, in the night so still”

Because the Night
“Try and understand the way I feel under your command”

“Dreams unwind, love’s a state of mind”

Gold Dust Woman
“[Did she] make you break down, shatter your illusions of love?”

NPR - Juan Williams Firing Necessitated by Fox News Bias

Click here for more insight into the fantasy world inhabited by NPR management.
Here’s a teaser -- The following is deemed to uphold NPR journalistic standards”.

Nina Totenberg on God Giving Jesse Helms Aids:

Click here for the previous post
on this national disgrace.

Bye, Bye Barney Frank

Supporters of Sean Bielat, running against Barney Frank
have produced the best political ad of the season:

Click here for insight into the theme of the ad.
Click here and spread the word.

NPR Listeners - Just as intolerant as NPR management?

Personally, based upon the almost uniform outrage I have witnessed from devoted NPR listeners in response to the utterly unjustifiable firing of Juan Williams, I suspect the alleged intolerance of the NPR audience is more a figment of the NPR management’s imagination. That said, here are some insights into that very disturbing imagination:

Among the many phony excuses offered by NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard, this one stands out as an insight into her perception of the intolerance of NPR listeners:
“In 2008, I received 378 emails complaining about remarks Williams made on Fox – but I heard very little about his comments on NPR. My February 2009 blog post on the Stokely Carmichael incident drew 216 comments – many asking why NPR put up with Williams' dual role.

In fact, since I became Ombudsman in October 2007, no other NPR employee has generated as much controversy as Williams.”
First, I know the NPR audience is tiny; but, unless they had less than 757 listeners (throughout all of 2008), Ms. Shepard was basing her impressions of her audience upon a rather tiny fraction of (like minded) totalitarian extremists among that audience.

There is no evidence that any significant portion of the Fox News audience had any problems with Juan’s dual role at NPR. Or, (lacking any evidence to this effect) even if there was any significant objection, the management of Fox News -- unlike the management of NPR -- had the courage to stand up for the principle of Free Speech and open debate.

Also “interesting” is the following blatant contradiction (typical of the ever vacuous Ms. Shepard) between what she said yesterday vs. what she said in February of 2009.

Yesterday, trying to rationalize the firing of Juan Williams, Shepard said (emphasis mine):
“Many have been troubled over the years by the dual role that Williams has played: balanced news analyst on NPR; more opinionated pundit on Fox.”
In February of 2009, Shepard said (emphasis mine):
“Last spring, NPR's management put him [Juan Williams] on contract with the title ‘news analyst’ largely to give him more latitude about what he says. He's now paid to give his opinion
Okay, Ms. Shepard, which was the real role of Juan Williams at NPR? Or, do you just make it up as you go according to the purely political needs of the moment?

Click here for the previous post
on this national disgrace.

NPR Lashes Juan Williams

Quoting E.W. Jackson Sr.
at American Thinker:
“When escaped slaves were caught, they were lashed into submission. This was intended not only as a warning to that particular slave, but to the entire plantation of black servants to stay in their place. Liberals do the psychological equivalent of this to any black person who dares to leave the plantation of liberal orthodoxy. After working over a decade for liberal National Public Radio, Juan Williams was summarily fired, publically ridiculed and told to see a psychiatrist. Liberals have a proprietary attitude toward blacks and other minorities. When anyone one of us dares contradict leftist thought, they try to punish us severely….

I have been saying and writing for years that elitist liberals do not like black people or other minorities. They only like the ‘good’ ones whom they control. They like the ones who bow to the god of liberalism. Any black person or other minority can test this thesis by expressing a pro-life view, opposition to same sex relationships or doubts about global warming. They will find the liberal welcome mat unceremoniously yanked just as Juan Williams did. How ironic that the people who are always demanding tolerance have none. Maybe they are the ones who really need to see a psychiatrist.

I don't agree with Juan Williams about much, but I am glad that conservative Roger Ailes gave the liberal Juan Williams a new contract with FOX where freedom of thought is honored. NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting may no longer receive public funding as a result of this debacle. They will still be free to run an intellectual plantation, but not at taxpayer expense. Somebody needs to tell liberals that slavery ended a long time ago.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
According to Juan Williams,
he “was the only black male on the air” at NPR.
Now, the Leftists at NPR have NO black males on the air.
Coincidence? You decide.

Click here for the previous post
on this national disgrace.

DeMint - Time to End Taxpayer Funding of NPR, PBS

Quoting a press release from Senator Jim DeMint:
“Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a member of the Senate Commerce Committee which oversees the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), announced he will introduce legislation to stop taxpayer subsidies of public radio and television. CPB-funded television and radio programs are distributed through National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

‘Once again we find the only free speech liberals support is the speech with which they agree. The incident with Mr. Williams shows that NPR is not concerned about providing the listening public with an honest debate of today’s issues, but rather with promoting a one-sided liberal agenda,’ said Senator DeMint.

‘Since 2001, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds programming for National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service, has received nearly $4 billion in taxpayer money,’ said DeMint.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
CPB gets ALL their funding from our taxes.
Defunding all of this is long, long, LONG overdue!
But, a Dim controlled Congress would never pass this.
So, there we have one more reason to vote the Dims out!

Click here for the previous post
on this national disgrace.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR Ombudsman on Juan Williams catastrophe

In my first post on this NPR catastrophe I noted:
“NPR Ombudsman promises commentary to come.
Given the nature of her past commentary, this should be ‘interesting’.”
As expected, Alicia Shepard did not disappoint.

A tiny fraction of her commentary sheds light on the fact that NPR is getting hammered just as hard and just as uniformly by Leftists and NPR loyalists as anybody else:
“Thursday was a day like none I’ve experienced since coming to NPR in October 2007. Office phone lines rang non-stop like an alarm bell with no off button. We’ve received more than 8,000 emails, a record with nothing a close second….

At noon, the deluge of email crashed NPR’s ‘Contact Us’ form on the web site.

The overwhelming majority are angry, furious, outraged. They want NPR to hire him back immediately. If NPR doesn't, they want all public funding of public radio to stop. They promise to never donate again. They are as mad as hell, and want everyone to know it. It was daunting to answer the phone and hear so much unrestrained anger.”
The rest of Alicia’s typically excessively verbose nonsense was the usual, predictable, far left propagandistic claptrap which NPR and their Ombudsman are both famous for. When Leftists are cornered -- especially when cornered by virtue of their own insanity -- they always resort to the logical fallacy of the tired old moral equivalence pseudo-argument. In this case, Ms. Shepard wondered out loud:
“I can only imagine how Williams, who has chronicled and championed the Civil Rights movement, would have reacted if another prominent journalist had said:

‘But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see an African American male in Dashiki with a big Afro, I get worried. I get nervous.’ ”
Gee, Alicia, I don’t know. But, if African American males -- using airplanes as guided missles -- ever perpetrate anything even remotely as murderously evil as 9/11, I’ll get back to you on that -- ya’ blind as a bat blond headed BIMBO!

Click here for the previous post
on this national disgrace.

Elections Have Consequences

How’s that hopey changey thing working for you so far?

Click here for the 2010 election issues.

JUAN WILLIAMS - I Was Fired for Telling the Truth

Quoting Juan Williams:
“Yesterday NPR fired me for telling the truth…

To say the least this is a chilling assault on free speech….

my comments on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ are being distorted by the self-righteous ideological, left-wing leadership at NPR…

They loathe the fact that I appear on Fox News…

This is an outrageous violation of journalistic standards and ethics by management that has no use for a diversity of opinion, ideas or a diversity of staff (I was the only black male on the air). This is evidence of one-party rule and one sided thinking at NPR that leads to enforced ideology, speech and writing. It leads to people, especially journalists, being sent to the gulag for raising the wrong questions and displaying independence of thought.

Daniel Schorr, my fellow NPR commentator who died earlier this year, used to talk about the initial shock of finding himself on President Nixon’s enemies list. I can only imagine Dan’s revulsion to realize that today NPR treats a journalist who has worked for them for ten years with less regard, less respect for the value of independence of thought and embrace of real debate across political lines, than Nixon ever displayed.”
You heard it straight from Juan.
FNC is fair and balanced and NPR is not.
Click the image & read the rest:

Click the image & read the rest
Click here for the previous post
on this national disgrace.

Andrew Klavan - The Extremists are Coming!

Americans hate what the Dim Congress has done.
So, obviously, Dims cannot run on their record.
Dims can only portray their opponents as “extreme”.
Have you seen ANY Dim TV ads this season?
Andrew Klavan explains this as only he can:

Click here for the real issues.
Click here for more on the 2010 elections.

Wean NPR From the Government Teat

NPR Contact Page is overloaded
NPR Ombudsman promises commentary to come.
Given the nature of her past commentary, this should be “interesting”.

Quoting Fox News:
“National Public Radio fired Fox News contributor Juan Williams on Wednesday after a Monday night appearance on Fox News' ‘The O'Reilly Factor’ in which Williams said that it makes him nervous to fly on airplanes with devoutly-clad Muslims.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here for Juan’s comments on his firing.
Click here for more commentary.

It is way beyond high time that NPR was weaned from their government teat! No media outlet should ever receive government funding, least of all a media outlet as brazenly propagandistic as NPR (or PBS, or CPB).

Williams is one of the most reliably Leftist voices on Fox News. But, for NPR, the simple fact that Williams appears on Fox News brands him as a traitor to their lunatic cause. I believe that -- simply because Juan was also employed at FNC -- NPR has long been looking for an excuse to get rid of Williams. NPR found that excuse in the poisoned well of Political Correctness run amuck.

Click here for more on NPR.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is GreenPeace Inciting Eco-Terrorism?

Greenpeace uploaded this video in February of 2007.
Leftists never tire of indoctrinating & exploiting children.
Leftists have depicted skeptical children being blown up.
Does this video seek to recruit children as Eco-Terrorists?
You decide:

H/T to Vulcan’s Hammer.
Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here & debunk climate hysteria topic by topic.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obama Has Now Borrowed $3 Trillion

Quoting CNSNews:
“It's official: The Obama administration has now borrowed $3 trillion, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

It took from 1776, when the United States became an independent country, until 1990, the year after the Berlin Wall fell signaling victory in the Cold War, for the federal government to accumulate a total of $3 trillion in debt, according to the Treasury Department. It only took from Jan. 20, 2009, the day President Barack Obama was inaugurated, until Oct. 15, 2010, for the Obama administration to add $3 trillion to the federal debt.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here to enlarge the image.
Click here for citations & details on the image.
Click here for worse news on future spending.
Click here for 2010 election issues.

The Latest Ignorance Based Assault on Christine O'Donnell

Disclaimer -- I am a lifelong agnostic who believes in the THEORY of evolution. Unlike Chris Coons, I am NOT a totalitarian Marxist who would dictate which theories may and may not be taught (or even discussed) in government run schools.

In her latest debate, Christine O’Donnell had the temerity to ask her Marxist opponent:
Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?
On queue, the breathtakingly ignorant and fully indoctrinated audience laughed at what they clearly regarded as the latest gotcha moment reaffirming the utterly dishonest media created meme of just how ignorant this Tea Party rube is. The media, of course, are piling on in support of their own utterly dishonest meme.

What was missing -- both at the debate and in the media propaganda -- was ANY legitimate answer to her very legitimate question. Why? Because there is no legitimate answer to her question. Religion is mentioned once and ONLY once in the entire Constitution -- in the First Amendment. But, the First Amendment provides ONLY for freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
If anybody was demonstrated to be ignorant of the Constitution, it was Coons. Not only does he fail to understand the extremely clear and extremely limited meaning of the First Amendment, he even misquoted the amendment -- substituting the word “government” for the word “Congress”.

Now, click here to start this clip at the beginning and listen to Christine’s defense of intellectual freedom where the question of the origin of life is concerned.

As for the various constitutional amendments Christine was asked to comment on…
First, did you notice the so-called “moderator” gave Coons the advantage of requiring Christine to recall off the top of her head what each of these three amendments provided for? Second, click here for some insight into what is arguably the most destructive of all Constitutional amendments perpetrated by so-called “Progressives” (back when they actually bothered to pay any attention at all to the supreme law of the land).

Did I mention that -- for very good reason -- I really despise almost all so-called “journalists”?

Click here for more on Christine O’Donnell.

2010 Election Distilled into Two Images

The 2010 election distilled down to two images.

First, deficit spending.
Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
Click here for citations & details.

Second, jobs.
Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
Click here for citations & details.

Click here for one more critical detail.

On 11/2/2010, vote to take our country back!

Gallup reaffirms sharp rise in unemployment

Quoting Gallup
(I inserted the link):
“Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, is at 10.0% in mid-October -- essentially the same as the 10.1% at the end of September but up sharply from 9.4% in mid-September and 9.3% at the end of August. This mid-month measurement confirms the late September surge in joblessness that should be reflected in the government's Nov. 5 unemployment report…

In this regard, Gallup modeling suggests the government's unemployment rate report for October will be in the 9.7% to 9.9% range when it is released Nov. 5. The government's last report showed the U.S. unemployment rate at 9.6% in September”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here & further explore Obama’s epic failure.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Theme From Mad Men Meets Nature Boy

Theme from Mad Men Melded with Nature Boy
I think the two were made for each other:

This was filmed live in one take.
No cuts, dubbing, lip-syncing or auto-tuning.
Click here & read the text associated with the clip.
Click here for the long version of the Mad Men theme.

Nature Boy as performed by Nat King Cole:

H/T to Jill at Pundit & Pundette.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The only thing 'shovel ready' was Obama's BS

Quoting Jonah Goldberg
(I inserted the link):
“Back in early 2009, President-elect Barack Obama was asked on Meet the Press how quickly he could create jobs. Oh, very fast, he said. He'd already consulted with a gaggle of governors, and ‘all of them have projects that are shovel-ready’...

In the current issue of The New York Times Magazine, Obama admits that there's ‘no such thing as shovel-ready’ when it comes to public works.”
Worse still…
Obama admitted this (supposedly, off the record) one year ago!

Academic indoctrination notwithstanding,
these are the entirely predictable facts:
1) FDR extended & exacerbated the Great Depression.
2) Obama, emulating FDR, extended & exacerbated this recession.
On 11/2/10, remember that steaming pile of BS,
the generations to come who will pay for it
and every Dim who voted for it
in the House and the Senate:

Click here to learn more.

Christine O'Donnell Drives the Liberals Nuts

Law professor Ann Althouse comments on
the latest assault on Christine O’Donnell:
“Does this really work as an attack? I mean, as an attack on O'Donnell? Is it not instead or also an attack on the gaggle of liberals who gang up on and mock her? Maher brings on one woman — undoubtedly partly because she's pretty — and makes a punching bag out of her. They are so cocksure of themselves — both of their politics and of their funniness. It's really rather creepy and embarrassing for them.”
Click the image, watch the clip, read the rest:
Click the image, watch the clip, read the rest
Click here & examine the results of the assault on Palin.
Will Delaware suffer a similar fate?

The media are doing to O’Donnell EXACTLY what they did to Palin. Why? Because the media have spent decades indoctrinating Americans to believe that American women are all pro-abortion lovers of big government. In particular, the Cultural Marxists in the media want American women to believe that -- if they do not blindly support the utterly unconstitutional tyranny of Roe v. Wade and the national horror of abortion on demand -- then they are traitors to their gender. Pro-life Conservative women like Palin and O’Donnell are an existential threat to the very core of the Leftist propaganda machine. In the “minds” of the media, such women MUST be destroyed at ANY cost!
Click here for more on O’Donnell.
Click here & learn why I strongly support O’Donnell.

Obama is Trying to Kill MORE Jobs!

Quoting Lame Stream Media Propagandists:
“End tax breaks that reward some U.S. companies with overseas subsidiaries and encourage those businesses to create jobs in other countries, President Barack Obama is telling Congress.

Yet it's an idea that has raised concerns even among some lawmakers in the president's own party.”
Here’s a better idea
rooted in data the media will NEVER present:
Lower our corporate tax rates!
USA corporations pay the highest federal rates in the OECD - 35%.
France is second highest at 34.43%.
German corporations pay 15.83%.
The OECD average is 24.2%.
Click the image & examine the source data:
Click the image & examine the source data
Click here to enlarge the image.
Click here for more on Obama’s assault on jobs.

Click here for the OECD spreadsheet.
That spreadsheet is the root source for all the data.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Move Over, Jaco Pastorius

Watch out Jaco Pastorius (wherever you are).
A new kid is nipping at your heels:

Environmentally Correct Cars Eaten by Rabbits

Rabbits are eating environmentally correct cars?

Seriously, this is NOT a joke!

Click here and read all about it.

The religious cult of eco-insanity strikes again!

Click here and examine just a FEW of the abundant domestic hydrocarbon resources which Dim politicians will not allow us to develop.

Wikipedia's Climate Doctor Unanimously Dethroned

Anthony Watts notes the ban is temporary and possibly ineffectual.

Quoting Lawrence Soloman at The Financial Post:
“William Connolley, arguably the world’s most influential global warming advocate after Al Gore, has lost his bully pulpit…

Through his position, Connolley for years kept dissenting views on global warming out of Wikipedia, allowing only those that promoted the view that global warming represented a threat to mankind. As a result, Wikipedia became a leading source of global warming propaganda, with Connolley its chief propagandist.

His career as a global warming propagandist has now been stopped, following a unanimous verdict that came down today through an arbitration proceeding conducted by Wikipedia.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Congratulations Wikipedia!
Click here for the background on this story.
Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here & debunk climate hysteria topic by topic.

Stop Bashing Business, Mr. President

Quoting Ken Lagone in an open letter to Obama:
“If we tried to start Home Depot today, under the kind of onerous regulatory controls that you have advocated, it's a stone cold certainty that our business would never get off the ground, much less thrive.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here for a snapshot of the impact of Obama’s approach.
Click here for the latest on Obama’s epic failure.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is Chris Coons a Marxist?

Christine O’Donnell’s Democratic opponent in the Delaware Senate race is described as a “Bearded Marxist”.

Click here for the controversial 1985 opinion piece which won Chris that title.

In that article, Chris never openly describes himself as a Marxist. Rather, Chris speaks of how his friends suggested that his semester spent in Kenya (the homeland of Obama’s overtly socialist father) changed his personality. Chris, in interpreting the reaction of his friends, suggested that “Africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean-shaven, clear thinking Americans and sends back bearded Marxists.”

Chris then goes on to speak glowingly of “a bright and eloquent Marxist professor” whom he studied under at the University of Nairobi. More to the point, the entire article oozes Marxist rhetoric and the Marxist concept of the oppression of the poor by the Capitalist system. Most importantly, to this day, Chris Coons still espouses rhetoric slathered with Marxist ideology.

Just because a duck does not profess to be a duck does not make it any less of a duck. And, just because Chris Coons does not openly profess to be a Marxist does not make him any less of a Marxist.

Don’t we already have too many Marxists in Washington D.C.? Haven’t they done enough harm already? Wouldn’t Christine O’Donnell be a much needed breath of fresh air on the Senate floor?

Baby snatched for dad's politics back with parents

Click here for an update to a previous post.

I have to wonder…
Did the government ever have ANY rationale for snatching this child other than an alleged affiliation with “Oath Keepers”?

Watch this video and see what the
Constitution hating “Progressives” find to be so threatening:

Click here & examine “Oath Keepers” principles.
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