Friday, January 30, 2009

The Financial Crisis and Danger of Government Intervention

Quoting Gary Wolfram,
William Simon Professor of Economics
and Public Policy at Hillsdale College
(I inserted the links):
“Our current financial crisis is the result of several government interventions in the market – Fannie Mae's government sponsorship, the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, the creation of the secondary mortgage market and imposition of government accounting rules.”

“government attempted to increase home ownership beyond what the market would or could sustain”

“In a series of regulatory changes, Fannie Mae was granted certain privileges in order to expand credit into the subprime market. In 1999 The New York Times reported on the expansion of credit to minority borrowers through easing credit restrictions.”

“Unfortunately, as Mises predicted, the response to the financial meltdown has not been that the government should cease attempting to increase home ownership beyond what can be sustained in the market and should refrain from excessive increases in the credit markets. Instead, the attitude of many in the media and government has been that a crisis has occurred due to unfettered market capitalism and that government must be expanded in order to solve the crisis.”

“The security of our economic system lies in an understanding of the efficiency of the market system and its ability to provide wealth for the masses and realization of the failures of central planning and the process by which we end up there.”
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Click the image & read the rest

Congratulations Michael Steele

Quoting The Examiner:
“The Republican Party chose the first black national chairman in its history Friday, just shy of three months after the nation elected a Democrat as the first African-American president.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

If Mr. Steele had become the first African-American President, does anybody think he would have received the media adulation that Obama has? Will the so-called mainstream media cover - even in proportion - this historic event with anything even remotely approaching the Obama phenomena? If, in your wildest dreams, you think either answer could possibly be yes, then you are truly blind to the nature of so-called “journalism” today.

Congratulations Mr. Steele. From what I have seen of you, I am impressed. Lead well. Please help guide the party back to the principles of limited government. Goodness knows, after 4 years of Obama we’ll need it more than ever.

NewsBusted Video - 1/30/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show 1/30/09:

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Save The Whales!

Save The Whales!
Pray For Global Warming & Rising Seas!
Click the image & read the story :

Click the image & read the story
Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Atlas Shrugged: From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years

Watch The Video:

Click The Image & Read the Op-Ed:
Click The Image & Read the Op-Ed

Click here to prove that government programs caused the current economic mess.

Click here to prove that both Paulson and Bernanke, by insisting upon their $700 Billion Bailout were, at best, quantifiably idiots.

Click here to examine the market reaction to the Paulson bailout.

Click here to learn why Obama is, at best, both stupid and ignorant in his desire to follow in the footsteps of FDR’s [Keynesian] Folly.

Click here to learn why even the CBO knows LBJ (not President Bush) set us on the road to certain long term ruin.

Click here to learn how Obama will dramatically accelerate that process.

Government folly got us here and government folly will ensure that the ride just gets rougher for a longer period. So, hang on tight! It is going to be a rather rough ride (made all the worse by the same sorts of ignorant morons who brought us to this point in the first place). After this ride, we will, in the short term, see more prosperous days. But, in the long haul, the long term structural changes wrought by the so-called “Liberals” will kill this once great nation. If you doubt me, then you have not examined the evidence offered above.

Any questions?

Air Force One 2009 Revisited

NewsBusted Video - 1/20/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show 1/20/09:

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Who is Kevin Grandia?

Updated on 11/29/09

Attacking the messenger is pretty much the ONLY tactic EVER used by climate alarmists in their always feeble attempt to discredit the evidence against Man Made Global Warming. Such was the ONLY tactic employed by Kevin Grandia in this typically shameful HuffPo hit piece.

Now, I always prefer to address the science rather than engage in the politics of personal attack. But, in this case, I thought it would be both amusing and instructive to turn the tables on this Grandia slime bag. Hence, I ask (solely for the purpose of exposing the boundless hypocrisy of The Loony Left):
“Who is Kevin Grandia and what are his qualifications to evaluate the science of Climate Change?”
Answer #1:
“[Kevin Grandia] was educated at Simon Fraser University, and holds a degree in Psychology.”
Note: The substantiating link for the above fact was captured from this page on 4/8/2008 and now resides in this archive. It’s “interesting” to note that -- as of 11/29/09 -- that particular “inconvenient truth” is no longer found on Kevin’s bio.

Answer #2:
“Kevin Grandia has been trained by Al Gore as part of The Climate Project, an initiative designed to educate the public about climate change.”

If we substitute “indoctrinate” for “educate” we would get much closer to the truth about that hilarious poster child for underachievement bio!

Elsewhere, we find Kevin’s [pure political propaganda] blog. On the “Who We Are” page of that blog, we find our boy Kevin associated with such luminaries of the Climate Science world as Greenpeace USA and Rainforest Action Network. Hey! Isn’t Rainforest Action Network the outfit whose band of merry idiots voted to ban WATER? Yep! You betcha!

Side note: Click here to expose the unbridled ignorance of Kevin’s purely political mocking of clean coal.

Meantime, with the mea culpa allegedly offered by Arianna at the end of Kevin’s silly hit piece, one would suppose that Ms. Huffington has narrowly avoided excommunication from the religious cult of Man Made Global Warming. Gee! How predictable was THAT? I wonder if her fellow propagandists threatened to brand her as “not being ‘helpful’ [to the alarmist propaganda campaign].”

But, enough of exposing the boundless hypocrisy of the Loony Left. For those who prefer to examine the evidence as revealed by peer reviewed science, click here (and follow all the links) for a preview of what will eventually become my own comprehensive debunking of what is absolutely, positively, the biggest whopper ever sold to the public in the history of humankind.

Update: Click here for some basic climate change science.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Update to Carol Browner Post

Please note that this post (dealing with certifiable extremist Carol Browner having been selected as Obama’s Energy and Climate czar) has been updated and expanded again today.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Update to Carol Browner Post

Please note that this post (dealing with certifiable extremist Carol Browner having been selected as Obama’s Energy and Climate czar) has been updated to include a new citation.

Remember Them?

Remember Them?
Please Do - Every Day:

Thank you, each and every one!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama's Energy Czar, Socialist International and Liberal Fascism

Updated on 1/12/09.

Quoting The DC Examiner:
“Conservatives are often accused of scaremongering when they claim left-wing environmentalists are actually socialists hiding behind green disguises. But with Carol Browner, incoming President Barack Obama’s freshly appointed Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change – the so-called White House ‘Climate Czar’ - there is no question about the socialism.

Browner is a member of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society (CSWS), which is a formal organ of the Socialist International.”
On 1/5/09, Google cached a version of this page which, as of 1/5/09, listed Carol M. Browner, “Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton”, as a prominent member of Socialist International. That cached page was superseded on or before 1/12/09 and is no longer available. However, we will still have this screenshot and this (overlapping) screenshot to remember it by. I have also saved the HTML code for the entire page.

Meantime, for now, other direct evidence still remains:

Click here (while you still can) to view that image of Carol Browner on the Socialist International site.

Click here for another page from Socialist International which, as of 1/10/09, still bears Browner’s name. Click here for more Socialist International pages which may still bear her name.

I am not surprised to see that Obama has selected a certifiable extremist (Carol M. Browner) as his “energy and climate czar”. Nor am I surprised to see an English major turned lawyer selected to do the job of a scientist.

Click here for a USA Today article which only hinted at just how radical Ms. Browner really is.

Anybody who is well informed knows that most of today’s so-called “Environmentalists” are far more interested in World Socialism than in saving the environment (watch the entire video and you will understand my point). Ms. Browner is just further proof of that undeniable fact.

Click here for further proof that the environmental front is where Obama plans to most aggressively advance his overtly Socialist agenda.

Click here for more on Carol Browner.
Click here & examine Browner’s motive for regulating CO2.
Click here & examine EPA tyranny under Carol Browner.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to Stay Warm in Belgium

Click the image & read the report
from Anthony Watts:

Click the image & read the report from Anthony Watts
Speaking of Anthony Watts, click here and vote for your favorite science blog.
Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Global Warming go Poof!

Global warming go poof!

Is that language which the alarmists can understand?

I suppose NOAA is still evaluating the December data before issuing their final report. But, the data currently available for charting (which includes December) show 2008, for the Continental United States, to be a whopping 0.17F above the average temperature from 1895 to 2008.

The same data show a cooling trend since 1998 of 0.78F per decade.

Click the image to enlarge:

To reproduce this graph and this data, click here and select the following:
Period: “Annual”
First Year to Display: 1998
Last Year to Display : 2008
Base Period, BegYr: 1895
Base Period, EndYr: 2008
Click: “Submit”

And, as always, meteorologist Anthony Watts might have a thing or two to say about how reliable the temperature measuring stations are. For now, we’ll just take NOAA at face value.

Now, given the overwhelming evidence against this nonsense (click here for just a few highlights), tell me again why we are supposed to commit mass suicide in an absolutely futile and astonishingly misguided attempt to micromanage “climate change”?

Click here to learn more.

NewsBusted Video For 1/6/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show 1/6/09:

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Revisions to Previous Post

Note: As explained in that post, I have completely rewritten the previous post.

Job Loss Deceptions

Note: I rewrote this post after locating the video and reviewing exactly what Obama claimed.

Today, 34 seconds into this video, Obama claimed:
“we will have lost in 2008, uh, more jobs than at any time since, uh, World War II.”
In absolute numbers, that MAY turn out to be true. However, after adjusting for population growth (as any HONEST politician or reporter would), it is not likely to be accurate. The TRUTH is that, based on current guesstimates, 1982 will have been worse than 2008 where job losses are concerned.

These are the facts, with the data sources listed below:

In 1945, more than 1.538% of Americans lost their jobs.

In 1982, 0.913% of Americans lost their jobs.

Preliminary guesstimates suggest that in 2008, 0.788% of Americans will have lost their jobs.

Data sources:

Jobs lost (for each year cited): BLS data, plus this reported estimate of 500,000 jobs lost in December, 2008.

1945 population data: 1950 census data (resulting in an under calculation of the percentage of job losses).

1982 population data: The November data for 1982.

2008 population data: The November data for 2008 (the most recent data currently available).

This is just one of many, many, many reasons why the percent of Americans who are unemployed is a FAR better metric for comparison than absolute numbers of job losses.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

You know, I'm not really entitled, you know

CK sez “you know” 30 times in 2 min., 13 sec.
And, THIS could be our next Senator?
Are you, you know, like, totally freaking kidding me?

Click here for the rest of the story.
Hat Tip to Dr. Perry at Carpe Diem

Bad Santa

Click the image to learn more:
Click the image to learn more
Click here for more Chuck Asay cartoons.

More Government Will Not Save You

For those who think more government is always the answer,
click the image & read the rest:

Click the image & read the rest
Click here to learn more.
Click here for more Chuck Asay cartoons.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mr. Gore - Apology Accepted

Quoting Harold Ambler
at The Huffington Post:
“You are probably wondering whether President-elect Obama owes the world an apology for his actions regarding global warming. The answer is, not yet. There is one person, however, who does. You have probably guessed his name: Al Gore.

Mr. Gore has stated, regarding climate change, that "the science is in." Well, he is absolutely right about that, except for one tiny thing. It is the biggest whopper ever sold to the public in the history of humankind.”
Click the image & read the rest
(from a fella who voted for Obama):

Click the image & read the rest
Click here to learn more
and to substantiate many of the assertions in this article.

Friday, January 2, 2009

World Oil Balance Update

Don’t miss the 1/2/09 updates to this post
(which is a subset of this post).

Drill Baby, DRILL!
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