Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's Cartoon - Birds of a Feather

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Click here for an opinion piece.
Click here for insight into what Obama has in common with these thugs.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obama Says Electricity Rates to Skyrocket!

Quoting Barack Obama:
“Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”
Watch For Yourself:

Cap & Trade legislation has already passed in the House!
Click here to learn more.

NewsBusted Video - 6/26/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show For 6/26/09:

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Climate Tyrants Win Round One

Updated 6/27/09 after The Hill published another article.

Quoting The Hill:
“Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) had a few choice words about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) landmark climate-change bill after its passage Friday.

When asked why he read portions of the cap-and-trade bill on the floor Friday night, Boehner told The Hill, ‘Hey, people deserve to know what's in this pile of s--t.’

Using his privilege as leader to speak for an unlimited time on the House floor, Boehner spent an hour reading from the 1200-plus page bill that was amended 20 hours before the lower chamber voted 219-212 to approve it. [Any bets how many Dims read the bill before voting for it?]

Eight Republicans voted with Democrats to pass the bill; 44 House Democrats voted against it…

One Democrat was upset that his leaders would needlessly force vulnerable Dems to vote for a bill that will come back to haunt them. Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor (D) voted against the measure that he says will die in the Senate.

‘A lot of people walked the plank on a bill that will never become law,’ Taylor told The Hill after the gavel came down.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here for details on this lousy legislation.
Click here to learn which ignorant tyrants voted for this CRAP.
Click here to learn more.

The Climate Change Climate Change

“Steve Fielding recently asked the Obama administration to reassure him on the science of man-made global warming. When the administration proved unhelpful, Mr. Fielding decided to vote against climate-change legislation.

If you haven't heard of this politician, it's because he's a member of the Australian Senate. As the U.S. House of Representatives prepares to pass a climate-change bill, the Australian Parliament is preparing to kill its own country's carbon-emissions scheme. Why? A growing number of Australian politicians, scientists and citizens once again doubt the science of human-caused global warming.

Among the many reasons President Barack Obama and the Democratic majority are so intent on quickly jamming a cap-and-trade system through Congress is because the global warming tide is again shifting. It turns out Al Gore and the United Nations (with an assist from the media), did a little too vociferous a job smearing anyone who disagreed with them as ‘deniers.’ The backlash has brought the scientific debate roaring back to life in Australia, Europe, Japan and even, if less reported, the U.S.”
Click the image of Steve Fielding & read
the rest of this EXCELLENT exposé:

Click the image of Steve Fielding & read the rest of this EXCELLENT exposé
Click here for the CBO take on this Cap & Trade LUNACY.
Click here & read what the science says on climate change.
May anybody who votes for this CRAP rot in HELL!

Barney Frank is at it Again

Quoting The Wall Street Journal:
“Back when the housing mania was taking off, Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank famously said he wanted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to ‘roll the dice’ in the name of affordable housing. That didn't turn out so well, but Mr. Frank has since only accumulated more power. And now he is returning to the scene of the calamity -- with your money. He and New York Representative Anthony Weiner have sent a letter to the heads of Fannie and Freddie exhorting them to lower lending standards for condo buyers.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Anybody remember when Clinton mandated lower lending standards?
Click here to witness Barney’s blinders to our present mess.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Too Timid on Iran

First, the cartoon of the day.
Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it
Click here to learn about Neda Agha Soltan
(depicted in the editorial cartoon).

Today, Obama reiterated his timidity.
I have considered all views on this.
This clip convinced me Obama is being too timid:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Climate Alarmist Challenged to a Debate

James Hansen dares not debate the facts.
Does he know the facts are not on his side?
Click the image & read the report:

Click the image & read the report
Click here for the facts on climate change.

Obama Approval Index Goes Negative

Approval index = strongly approve - strongly disapprove.
Click the image to view the source data:

Click the image to view the source data
Click here for my previous post on this index.

Cartoon of the Day - 6/21/09

Click the image for more cartoons:
Click the image for more cartoons
Click here for the rest of the story.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

NewsBusted Video - 6/19/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show For 6/19/09:

Click here to view more NewsBusted comedy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yampa Valley Sustain­ability Council - aka The Green Police

This post primarily explores the (deeply ironic) fear of “change” on the part of today’s environmental extremists.

Click here for the article in our local paper alleging that the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council has described itself as “the green police”. That scary title is probably prophetic.

You see, these are members of the single most dangerous religious cult ever known to mankind. And, as we well know, these cult members never limit their “green police” activities to encouraging voluntary compliance with their religious creed.

After the Green cult got DDT banned, tens of millions of Africans died needlessly from Malaria as a direct result and there was essentially zero benefit to the environment. With that one example alone, one could argue that this Green cult is far more evil than The Third Reich.

The following quote (from the first link) is instructive:
“Especially as we’re introducing that zero impact initiative, it’s a great reminder to be friendly to the environment”
That quote is telling because the Green religion is all about the fantasy of homo sapiens having zero impact on the planet and its ecology. But, all living things always have an impact on the planet and its ecology. In fact, all inanimate things always have an impact on the planet and its ecology. The planet and its ecology are always evolving and always changing.

The Green cultists would like to see all eco-systems restored to -- as they imagine it -- some Garden of Eden perfect moment prior to the arrival of homo sapiens. They would then like to freeze that moment in time for all of eternity. They are pursuing an utterly unachievable pipedream. You see, change is the only constant in the entire (ever changing) universe.

About 2.4 billion years ago, this planet experienced something often described as the “Oxygen Catastrophe” (aka “The Great Oxidation”). This so-called “catastrophe” was created when “evolving lifeforms [sic] developed oxyphotosynthesis”. That new oxygen producing capability initially produced limited quantities of oxygen. But with time “this oxygen accumulated and eventually caused an ecological crisis to the biodiversity of the time, as oxygen was toxic to the microscopic anaerobic organisms dominant then.”.

Oxygen -- previously a mere trace element -- now makes up about 21% of our atmosphere (and, CO2 accounts for less than 0.04%). I suppose we are fortunate in that those organisms which caused such “catastrophic” changes to our atmosphere did not possess the “intelligence” (or lack thereof) to create a movement hell bent on eliminating their impact on the environment.

The current concentration of CO2 is near an all time record low for the last 600 million years. Present CO2 concentrations have been accurately described as a CO2 famine. The public is coming to understand that man made CO2 does not represent any credible threat of creating any meaningful -- much less catastrophic -- climate change. And, that is precisely why the so-called “Green” cultists are turning their attention to Methane.

Of course, science will probably determine that man made Methane hysteria is also unwarranted. But, only after riding another $50 billion gravy train (or more) to that station. At that point, the so-called “Green” cultists will -- no doubt -- identify some new boogie man to scare everybody with.

Isn’t it ironic that the very people who voted for “Change” are the same people who -- with a religious fanaticism -- fear any and all environmental change (even beneficial change) as though it were the devil itself?

Click here to learn more about climate change.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Socialist Health Care
Be Careful What You Ask For

Updated 6/22/09 to include more data on Canadian wait times.

Our Democrat dominated Congress, with the backing of an overtly Socialist President Obama, is currently hammering out the next step in their agenda to impose Socialist health care on the American people.

America’s so-called “Progressives” most often point to Canada’s single payer government monopoly as a model for what they would like to perpetrate on Americans. After the abject failure of HillaryCare, the Dims adopted a strategy of getting to HillaryCare incrementally -- by “boiling the frog slowly”, if you will.

No matter what the nature of the legislation that gets passed, know that it will be just one more step toward their end game -- a total government monopoly over health care. If we allow the Dims to fully emulate the Canadian model, why should we expect our government tyrants to behave any better than Canada’s government tyrants?

Here are a few “inconvenient truths” about Canadian health care tyranny which the lying bastards in the so-called “Mainstream Media” will NEVER TELL YOU:

1) In Canada -- according to the Canadian Medical Association, via our own National Institutes of Health -- all 10 provinces effectively made it illegal to even offer private insurance. Six banned it directly and four effectively banned it indirectly.

Click here for the source.

2) According to the National Center for Policy Analysis:

“For women, the average survival rate for all cancers is 61 percent in the United States, compared to 58 percent in Canada.”

“For men, the average survival rate for all cancers is 57 percent in the United States, compared to 53 percent in Canada.”

Click here for the source.
Note: The NCPA cited this NBER study as their source.

3) According to our National Bureau of Economic Research:

“Canada has no more abolished the tendency for health status to improve with income than have other countries. Indeed, the health-income gradient is slightly steeper in Canada than it is in the U.S.”

Click here for the source.

3) Additional facts -- all from the previous NBER link:

A) “We find a somewhat higher incidence of chronic health conditions in the U.S. than in Canada but somewhat greater U.S. access to treatment for these conditions.”

B) “a significantly higher percentage of U.S. women and men are screened for major forms of cancer”

C) “mortality/incidence ratios for various cancers tend to be higher in Canada”

D) “The need to ration resources in Canada, where care is delivered ‘free’, ultimately leads to long waits”

For more on wait times under Canadian tyranny:
Click here for an overview of a June, 2009 report.
Click here for the full report.
Click here for the “about” page from the organization which published the report.

Worse still, quoting The Hill:

“The 10-year cost of [counter productive tyranny posing as] reform could approach $2 trillion if the projections are made from the date that proposals are fully implemented. While the projected cost for a new system may reach $1.5 trillion for 2010-2019, it could run significantly higher for 2013-2022, as healthcare costs rise steadily each year.”

And, according to the CBO (via the Minneapolis Star Tribune), the proposed legislation will only reduce the ranks of the uninsured by one third (16 million).

Doing the math:
$2 trillion / 16 million / 10 years / 12 months per year = $1,042 per person per month.

Or, for a family of four: $4,167 per month.

Does THAT sound like a bargain to you?

The Dims are already bankrupting the nation! We simply cannot afford this lunacy. More to the point, WHY would we pay $2 TRILLION in just 10 years in order to tyrannically impose -- through force of law -- a system which is demonstrably and quantifiably WORSE than what we have now?

Oh, by the way, according to the U.K. Telegraph, the USA has higher cancer survival rates than ANY Euro-Socialist state AND Euro-Socialist England -- with their National Healthcare Service:

1) Has the lowest cancer survival rate in all of Europe
2) “is on a par with Poland despite the NHS spending three times more on health care”

Click the image & examine the A.M.A. opposition
to Socialist health care tyranny:

Click the image & examine the A.M.A. opposition to Socialist health care tyranny
Click here for more commentary.
Click here for proof that entitlements are already killing our nation.

Burning Down The New York Times - Act II

Click here and watch Act II (and Act I) of Burning Down The New York Times.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where is Summer?

Who are you gonna believe?
So-called “journalists” or your lying eyes?

In the continental United States, that so-called cooling “snapshot” which our so-called “journalist” described has been going on for 11 years now. In the “mind” of a “journalist”, exactly WHEN does a “snapshot” become a trend?

Click here for commentary.
Click here for the latest hysterical propaganda.
Click here & examine what the science has to say.

Fire David Letterman

First, the background
(prior to the second so-called “apology”):

Remember, 18 year old Bristol Palin
did NOT attend the game!

Regarding the second -- still grossly inadequate -- “apology”,
quoting Brent Bozell at
“Letterman's ‘apology' is slippery and Clintonian. He talked about the ‘perception' of his joke three times in his statement. He then goes on to say twice that he was ‘misunderstood.'

There's no perception, no misunderstanding. The public understood exactly what he said - joking about statutory rape - and was outraged. It was David Letterman who misunderstood who was in the audience, as if making a degrading joke about an 18-year-old girl is much more acceptable than taking the cheap shot at her 14-year-old sister.

It's noteworthy that Mr. Letterman didn't take the opportunity to apologize for describing Governor Palin as looking like a ‘slutty flight attendant.' That kind of insult apparently continues to be acceptable in his world.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

If -- even on the second attempt -- this creep had offered a sincere apology wherein he actually took responsibility for his so-called “joke” about raping a 14 year old child, I might have been inclined to let it go. But, it is now crystal clear that Letterman sees himself as a “misunderstood” victim -- a victim who only fully understood his victimhood when not even PBS would defend his indefensible “joke”.

If any regular guy in any regular workplace made a comment like that, he would have been fired immediately. And -- for joking about raping a 14 year old child -- it would have been entirely justified.

This pervert needs to go -- NOW!
Click here & sign the petition to fire David Letterman.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

NewsBusted Video - 6/12/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show For 6/12/09:

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

6/11/09 Update to Big Spending Dems

Click here to view today’s update to the post titled “Big Spending Dems”.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NewsBusted Video - 6/9/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show For 6/9/09:

Click here to view more NewsBusted comedy.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rush Limbaugh v. Powell and Sotomayor

Part II of Rush Limbaugh on Hannity.
Click here for Part I (and my commentary).

Click here for more on Sotomayor.

Rush Limbaugh v. Obama

Quoting Rush Limbaugh:
“If Al Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they'd better hurry because Obama's beating them to it.”

Need more proof that Obama is beating al Qaeda to the punch?
Click here & hear Obama describe the need to “break free from” the U.S. Constitution.
Click here & witness Obama’s (under the radar) Socialist revolution.
Click here, watch the PBS series & know that Obama is
taking command of the “Commanding Heights” of our economy.

Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!
Totalitarians are taking over.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Burning Down The New York Times

Updated 6/18/09 to include Act II.

Watch Act I of III and understand why
PJTV is now entry #1 on my widget page:

Click here for commentary from Roger L. Simon.
Click here for a preview of Act II, starring Walter Duranty.

Act II of Burning Down The New York Times:

Sotomayor - Typical Racist and Typical Dim

Let’s review the usual racism from the usual Dims.
Specifically, let’s examine SCOTUS nominee Sotomayor.
Before the meat of the matter, we’ll review the satire:

Click here to review -- from the NYT -- Sotomayor’s racism and judicial activism.
Click here to understand why racism is the very core of the Dim strategy.
Click here for the most egregious act of Dim judicial activism yet.
Truthfully, that was just the opening salvo.

The job of a Supreme Court justice is to ensure that the supreme law of the land - The United States Constitution -- is strictly adhered to. But, Dims have long seen The United States Constitution as little more than an impediment to achieving their utterly unconstitutional political goals. For example, Obama is on record as having said that we need to “break free from” the Constitution in order to facilitate the redistribution of wealth.

Does anybody need anymore reason why Sotomayor must NOT be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court?

NewsBusted Video - 6/5/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show For 6/5/09:

Click here to view more NewsBusted comedy.

Al Gore becoming extremely wealthy through gullibility?
Gore certainly does not practice what he preaches.
So, just how willfully gullible are his followers?
Click here for the science on climate change.
Click here for inconvenient truths on wind power.
Silly Leftists! They are such ignorant cultists!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Krugman, Reagan and Clinton

Lately, Leftists are giddy over Paul Krugman disingenuously blaming Reagan for the current housing debacle.

But, even the Huffington Post knows Krugman is full of purely partisan crap.

My observation is that Robert Scheer -- author of that Huffington Post piece -- correctly blames Clinton, but for the wrong reasons.

What Scheer describes as “derivatives scams” were more of a symptom than a cause. The single biggest cause of this mess was when Clinton dictated -- in 1999 -- that lending standards (not just down payments) must be lowered. Without that dictate, the “derivatives scams” would have lacked both the volume and the inherent risk required to produce the fiasco we now see.

The “derivatives scams” were merely a perverse response to Clinton’s perverse dictate. They were nothing but a way to make a fast buck off of a perversity created by Clinton. When idiotic politicians create perverse incentives, perverse responses will ALWAYS FOLLOW!

Side Note: Krugman falsely asserts that Reagan “broke with longstanding rules of fiscal prudence”. Click here and here to belie that particular Leftist myth.

Click here to read the primary post on this topic (and all the rest).
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Tiller The Killer as Martyr

As recently as yesterday, 6/2/09, even CNN is still unable to ascribe a motive in the 5/31/09 murder of Tiller the Killer. That said, there is some reason to believe the murder could have been politically motivated.

Whatever the motive, I am very, very sorry to see Tiller murdered. Why? Because the utterly dishonest propagandists on the Far Left now have another martyr -- just like the four kids which the SDS setup to be killed at Kent State. Prior to this murder, it had been a very long time since any act of violence had been perpetrated against one of the domestic practitioners of mass murder. Now, the mass murder advocates will use this as propaganda for years to come.

We now see the phony moralists on the Far Left -- and their propagandists in the media -- crying their immeasurably hypocritical crocodile tears over Tiller. But, they have not a single tear for the 50 MILLION slaughtered babies in this country alone -- just since the judicial fraud that was Roe v. Wade.

In the Leftist fantasy world, every baby slaughtered was a noble act perpetrated to save the life of some desperate mother. And, in that same fantasy, people like Tiller are the noble saviors of these desperate mothers. The utterly undeniable reality is that the overwhelming majority of slaughtered babies were murdered for no nobler purpose than utterly narcissistic convenience. Click here for a very typical example of the REAL motivation behind the mass murder of the very most innocent and defenseless members of our society.

Abortion is undeniably homicide. And, just like every other form of homicide, there are a very tiny few cases where it amounts to justifiable homicide. Examples where the mother’s life is truly in significant danger qualify. However, mere convenience does not qualify.

The Third Reich murdered about 6 million Jews. With about 50 million babies slaughtered (mostly for mere convenience), the so-called “Progressives” can be quantified -- on this basis alone -- to be about 1 order of magnitude more evil than the Third Reich.

Worldwide, the median estimate of the democide carried out in the name of Communism is about 110 million. By merely adding the approximately 50 million Africans who died needlessly at the hands of the eco-imperialists, we can quantify the so-called American “Progressives” to be almost as evil as the entire world history of the entire Communist ideology (an ideology which the New York Times famously propagandized for).

But, let’s ignore all these “inconvenient truths”! Oh no! Instead, let’s shed our immeasurably hypocritical crocodile tears for the death of a single practitioner of mass murder!

Does anybody wonder why so-called “Liberalism” is often described as a “mental disorder”? Geez!

Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NewsBusted Video - 6/2/09

NewsBusted Comedy Show For 6/2/09:

Click here to view more NewsBusted comedy.

Having previously commented on The Goode Family, I had to look up the NYT commentary on it. When I got to the following quote it became quite obvious that it really is “the New York Times’ job to make Liberals look foolish”:
“the show feels aggressively off-kilter with the current mood, as if it had been incubated in the early to mid-’90s, when it was possible to find global-warming skeptics among even the reasonable and informed. Who really thinks of wind power — an allusion to which is a running visual gag in the show — as mindless, left-wing nonsense anymore?”
Click here for the science on climate change.
Click here for inconvenient truths on wind power.
Silly Leftists! They are such insular cultists!

Obama Man Can

Sometimes you just have to laugh
(to keep from crying):

Click here to learn more.
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