Saturday, December 27, 2008

Postponing Reality

Quoting Thomas Sowell:

“Some of us were raised to believe that reality is inescapable. But that just shows how far behind the times we are. Today, reality is optional. At the very least, it can be postponed.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Welcome to Entitlement/Bailout Nation!
What a sorry state of affairs!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Al Gores Earth - A Ball of Fire

Al Gore’s Earth - A Ball of Fire:

Al Gore is the high priest of an extremely dangerous religious cult.
Click here for a brief debunking of his religion.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dr. Will Happer Officially Joins the Climate Deniers

2/26/09 Update - Click here for the latest on Dr. Will Happer.

Quoting award winning Princeton University physicist Dr. Will Happer:

“I am convinced that the current alarm over carbon dioxide is mistaken”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here for another spot on quote from Dr. Happer:

“The earth's climate is changing now, as it always has. There is no evidence that the changes differ in any qualitative way from those of the past.”
I applaud Dr. Happer (and “at least 10 more scientists, including meteorologists from Germany, Netherlands and CNN, as well as a professors from MIT and University of Arizona”) for joining the ever growing list of so-called “Climate Deniers”!

Click here to learn more.

Climate Change Education Bearing Fruit

Quoting Angus Reid Global Monitor:
“While still high, the proportion of people in the United States who are concerned about climate change has dropped this year, according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports. 65 per cent of respondents believe global warming is a very or somewhat serious problem, down eight points since April.

In addition, 43 per cent of respondents believe global warming is primarily caused by human activity, while 43 per cent blame long term planetary trends.”

“Source: Rasmussen Reports
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,000 American adults, conducted on Dec. 13 and Dec. 14, 2008. Margin of error is 3 per cent.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Click here and here for the cited Rasmussen survey results (from December, 2008 and April, 2008).

In comparing the two surveys, the best news is found here:

1) When asked “How serious a problem is global warming?”, the number who selected the correct answer (Not at all serious) DOUBLED, in just 8 months, from 8% to 16%.

2) When asked “Is global warming caused primarily by human activity or by long term planetary trends?”, the number who selected the correct answer (long term planetary trends) increased, in just 8 months, from 34% to 43% - a 26% increase.

For those who answered incorrectly, I suggest you click here and read up on “Milankovitch Cycles”.

Obviously, there remains a LOT of work to be done. But, overcoming massive and pervasive media propaganda takes time. The good news is that every metric cited by this source shows improvements in science making progress against pure political propaganda.

The bad news is that Obama is already proving himself to be the most radical environmental nut job ever elected President. Obama is clearly a charter member of the single most dangerous religious cult ever known to humanity.

Obama appears to be possibly backing off of some of his nutty campaign rhetoric. However, it is extremely clear that he is NOT backing down from his promise to bankrupt America’s coal industry. And, it is extremely clear that, contrary to the consensus of the scientific community, Obama is going to pursue an extremely costly, damaging and unspeakably foolish attempt to micromanage climate changes which are UTTERLY beyond our control.

So, the question now becomes - Can science overcome pure political propaganda in time to avoid the looming economic catastrophe which will SURELY ensue if Obama pursues his nutty climate change agenda. Time will tell.

Click here to learn more.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

650 International Scientists - All "Climate Deniers"?

Quoting the opening paragraph of today’s Senate Minority Report:
“Over 650 dissenting scientists from around the globe challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore. This new 231-page U.S. Senate Minority Report report -- updated from 2007’s groundbreaking report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming ‘consensus’ -- features the skeptical voices of over 650 prominent international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC. This updated report includes an additional 250 (and growing) scientists and climate researchers since the initial release in December 2007. The over 650 dissenting scientists are more than 12 times the number of UN scientists (52) who authored the media-hyped IPCC 2007 Summary for Policymakers.”
Click here to read the summary (FULL of substantiating evidence against the alarmists).

Click here to read the full 231 page report.

Click here & learn about 32,000 American scientists dismissed as “Climate Deniers”.

Click here for a preview of what will eventually become my own updated debunking of any so-called “climate crisis”.

Bottom line? The climate changes ALL THE TIME. It does NOT require ANY help from humans to do so. IF humans have contributed to climate change, it is in a VERY insignificant (and, on balance, BENEFICIAL) manner.

Those who preach about a “climate crisis” are full fledged members of the single most dangerously destructive religious cult the world has EVER SEEN! Click here for a brief academic discussion of that demonstrable fact.

Friday, December 5, 2008

False Pride and The Liberal Imagination

Quoting James Lewis at American Thinker:
“Suckering libs is easy money.”
Every line in this very concise assessment of the “mind” of the so-called “Liberal” is worthy of quotation. Read the following and you will understand pretty much everything you need to know on that topic.

Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here to learn more about how
so-called “Liberals” define good and evil.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Economists Question the NBER Dating

Click here and review the latest update (dated 12/4/08) to the long standing recession post.

Click here to review that same recession post from the top.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is The NBER Objective and Transparent?

Click here and review the latest update (dated 12/3/08) to the long standing recession post.

Click here to review that same recession post from the top.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Recession That Began in 2007

It is official. The NBER has declared that a recession began in December of 2007.

Click here for my expanded comments on this matter as found in my long standing recession post.

Click here to review that same recession post from the top.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Repeating The Mistakes of The Past

Words of Wisdom From Jim Rogers:

Click here for NewsBusters commentary.

Click here for additional insight into how FDR made a bad situation FAR worse and made it last FAR longer.

With the passage of the $700 billion bailout and all the subsequent bailout follies, we are already well on our way to repeating the mistakes of FDR --- whose economic follies are loved by Socialist ideologues everywhere.

Contrary to media hysteria, our current conditions are not even remotely close to the conditions of The Great Depression. And, I defy ANYONE to present ANY hard data to the contrary.

Click here and examine our current conditions against all of history SUBSEQUENT to The Great Depression.

What IS similar is that our idiot politicians are taking a bad situation and making it far, FAR worse.

Click here and here to learn how Socialist ideologues --- pursuing housing policies similar to those of FDR --- got us into this mess.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Environmentalism is the New Religion

Environmentalism is the new religion:

Note: If the video fails to load, click here and view it from the source.

Click here for the climate change alarmist theme song.
(It doubles as the theme song for all Leftist agendas.)

Return to Climate Change 101

Forecast Earth Nixed

Quoting Watts Up With That:

“It looks like TWC [The Weather Channel] has ditched their entire environmental unit, and possibly also host Heidi Cullen”
Click the image of Heidi Cullen
& read the rest:

Click the image of Heidi Cullen & read the rest


I sincerely hope Heidi Cullen is fired.

In my opinion, Ms. Cullen is nothing but a scare mongering huckster who does NOTHING to advance the understanding of the peer reviewed science surrounding climate change.

Click here to learn more.

Red Hot Lies

Quoting the inside flap of “Red Hot Lies” (I added the links):

“Liars--Al Gore, the United Nations, the New York Times. The global warming lobby, relentless in its push for bigger government, more spending, and more regulation, will use any means necessary to scare you out of your wits--as well as your tax dollars and your liberties--with threats of rising oceans, deadly droughts, and unspeakable future consequences of ‘climate change.’ In pursuing their anti-energy, anti-capitalist, and pro-government agenda, the global warming alarmists--and unscrupulous scientists who see this scare as their gravy train to federal grants and foundation money--resort to dirty tricks, smear campaigns, and outright lies, abandoning scientific standards, journalistic integrity, and the old-fashioned notions of free speech and open debate. In Red Hot Lies, bestselling author Christopher Horner--himself the target of Greenpeace dirty tricks and alarmist smears--exposes the dark underbelly of the environmental movement. Power-hungry politicians blacklist scientists who reject global warming alarmism. U.S. senators threaten companies that fund climate change dissenters. Mainstream media outlets openly reject the notion of ‘balance.’ The occasional unguarded scientist candidly admits the need to twist the facts to paint an uglier picture in order to keep the faucet of government money flowing. In the name of ‘saving the planet,’ anything goes. But why the nasty tactics? Why the cover ups, lies, and intimidation? Because Al Gore and his ilk want to use big government at the local, state, federal, and global level to run your life, and they can brook no opposition. But the actual facts, as Red Hot Lies makes clear, aren't nearly as scary as their fiction.”
Click the image & buy the book:
Click the image & buy the book
Click here to learn more.

NewsBusted Video - 11/21/08

NewsBusted Comedy Show 11/21/08:

Click here to view more NewsBusted comedy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama on Climate Change

The Messiah on Climate Change:

That is just SCARY STUPID!
Click here and here for Op-Eds.

1) Obama points to marginal increases in sea level as evidence supporting his lunatic agenda.

Click here for some “inconvenient truths” on sea levels (backed by peer reviewed science).

2) Obama points to hurricanes as evidence supporting his lunatic agenda.

Inconvenient (substantiated) facts on hurricanes:

A) Most deaths - 1900, Galveston
B) Most costly - 1926, SE Florida/Alabama
(after adjusting for Inflation, Population and Wealth Normalization)
C) Most intense - 1935, FL Keys
D) Decade with most hurricane strikes (Continental US) - 1941-1950
E) Decade with most major hurricane strikes (Continental US) - 1941-1950

Even the VERY most vocal hurricane alarmist has reconsidered his stance in the face of the FACTS.

3) Care to put current temperatures into historical context (per peer reviewed science)?

Click here for Part I.

Click here for Part II.

4) Care to put atmospheric CO2 into historical context (per peer reviewed science)?

Click here and do so.

5) Obama claims “the science [on Climate Change] is beyond dispute”.

Well, actually, it is! And, unlike ignorant, gutless politicians (such as Obama), the overwhelming majority of scientists agree that government SHOULD NOT REGULATE CO2!

Unfortunately, blatant propagandists masquerading as so-called “journalists” LIE to the public about this (and everything else) 24x7x365!

And, that is precisely how this soon to be Bozo-in-Chief got elected.

6) Obama previously promised to bankrupt the coal industry and his “cap and trade” system will do just that.

But, coal generates 48.5% of the electricity for this nation and Obama will have grossly insufficient capacity to replace that base load generation from coal!

Get ready to do without electricity! What a shock that will be to all those ignorant kiddies who elected Obama. Poor kiddies! No more I-Pods!

Air Force One 2009

The Crappiest Generation of Spoiled Idiots

The Crappiest Generation of Spoiled Idiots:

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule.
Click here for an op-ed based on this clip.

Hat Tip to Dr. Perry at Carpe Diem.

How to End Piracy

Background Information:

Click here for more background information.

Quoting HotAir:

“Navies in the region have to start blowing pirates out of the water when intercepted. At present, the risk/reward ratio has become distorted — which is why piracy has gotten out of control. The pirates see little risk and accrue great rewards, mostly through hostaging the crews of the boats they seize.”
Click the image & read the rest:
 Click the image & read the rest

Since Yahoo news links seem to disappear over time, I will note that the referenced AP article can also be found here.

Although I cannot, at the moment, find substantiating evidence; I seem to recall that, in another example of Political Correctness run amuck, International law now forbids merchant vessels from using firearms to defend themselves.

There is a very simple solution to this problem. Strategically mount a few .50 caliber machine guns on every merchant ship. Anybody who approaches within some specified distance gets a warning shot across the bow. Approach any closer and they get blown out of the water (without expectation of rescue).

If machine guns are not enough of a deterrent, increase the firepower until the vessels are capable of self defense.

That would end piracy completely and immediately. It would also cause the PC crowd --- who do not believe in the principle of self-defense --- to go apoplectic (two birds with one stone --- win/win).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Media Malpractice - How Obama Got Elected

Some of the most breathtakingly ignorant and ill-informed voters in history elected our new messiah.

Had a veto prone Republican President been able to moderate the Socialist impulses of the Reid/Pelosi Congress, our country might have survived the most extremely Leftist Congress in our entire history.

Our country has been heavily burdened by past examples where Democrats wielded similar power over the entire federal government. Absent major reforms, those past structural changes alone would be enough to destroy this nation.

Under Obama/Reid/Pelosi, not only will we not get the necessary reforms, we WILL see even larger structural changes from which we will NEVER recover. In short, I am utterly convinced the American Dream is over.

What killed the American Dream? Media malpractice, plain, pure and simple. This journalist (and Democrat) knows it and this journalist even more forcefully asserts the point. Hell, even Dan Rather knows it. Even the FAR Left Editor of our FAR Left local paper knows it.

Doubt me? Just recall this post and/or this collection of posts before watching the following video:

Click here to learn more.
Heads need to ROLL! Seriously!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Waltzing on The Titanic

A frequent theme in my postings is the notion that Socialists never learn from their mistakes or their failures. They always believe the most recent failure to achieve their Socialist utopia was just a bad implementation of a great ideology.

That theme appeared recently in a post from my local blog. Today, our local Socialists have proven me correct yet again. They can no longer deny what has been obvious for years. They now admit that the Socialist housing utopia which they have promoted for many, many years is yet another miserable failure in a tragically long line of Socialist housing utopia failures.

And, true to form, they fail, yet again, to understand that their ideology is fundamentally and fatally flawed. They remain convinced that their Socialist housing utopia is just around the corner and, by gum, THIS TIME they’re gonna get it right.

No they won’t! They never have, they never will and they NEVER LEARN!

You see, only the terminally naïve and the hopelessly gullible are capable of embracing Socialism in the first place. Therefore, it is no surprise that they never understand Socialism’s fatal flaws. Nor is it any surprise that young people embrace Socialism in FAR greater numbers than us older and wiser folks.

All of which brings to mind an excellent article from American Thinker. I’ve been there, seen that and had the exact same conversations with the same sorts of people.

Quoting Larrey Anderson at American Thinker:

“America's young people helped elect Barack Obama. Way to go kids! This article is for you. Let's take a look at your future.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

What a pity that too few in this country have any interest in learning from the history of other countries.

Say goodbye to the American Dream. It was nice while it lasted.

Click here to learn more.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cartoon of the Day - 11/14/08

Yes, the media did run a nearly flawless race.
What a shame that the voters didn’t see through it.
Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
Click here for more cartoons.

Score One for Counter Scientific Ignorance

Quoting Wired Magazine:

“Building an alt[ernative] energy power plant is risky and expensive, but thanks to a new ruling by an Environmental Protection Agency panel, building a coal plant may become riskier and more expensive.”
Click the image (of Goebbels)
and read the rest:

 Click the image (of Goebbels) and read the rest:

Click here for some REAL science on Climate Change.

Click here for a primer on why coal is by FAR our best option for producing electricity.

Hat Tip to Tom Nelson.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How The Voters Bought Into Obama

Quoting Lauri B. Regan at American Thinker:

“I expect that the citizens of this country that voted for Obama based on the blissfulness of empty rhetoric and the dreams of hope and change will very soon be saying, ‘My god!...what have I done?’ We'll see.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Lauri - I feel your pain and shared your experiences (even through my blog).

Click here to learn more.

P.S.) Lauri’s musical reference:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Liberal Fascists Attacking an Elderly Woman

Liberal Fascists Attacking an Elderly Woman
The primary assault occurs 2:27 into the video:

Click here and here for more examples of similar behavior.
Click here to examine media bias on this topic.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Economic Update - 11/11/08

Please click here and review today’s updates to my long running post examining the state of the economy and refuting those who alleged that we were in a recession during the first half of 2008.

I remain convinced that we were not in a recession during the first half of 2008. I remain convinced that, had the media not so aggressively promoted a recession, it could have been avoided. I do, however, now think it likely (but not yet proven) that we are presently in a relatively minor recession which the NBER will probably eventually conclude started in September, 2008 (plus or minus one month).

As this journalist and this journalist know all too well, the present economic difficulties were absolutely, positively caused by Democrats.

Click here and follow each and every link to better understand exactly how this mess developed and how the American people were deceived by the media into blaming Republicans and handing even more power to the very people who created this mess.

If you read nothing else from the previous link, at least watch the videos then read this link and this link and note the publication dates of each substantiating document.

Click here for an excellent documentary on the same issue (who caused the housing mess).

Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's Cartoon - 11/10/08

Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it
Click here for more cartoons.

Click here and here to learn more.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama, The Tyrant, Already Defies The People

Quoting STEPHEN OHLEMACHER, Associated Press Writer:

“President-elect Obama's transition chief said Sunday the incoming administration is looking to reverse President Bush's executive orders on… oil and gas drilling”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Poll after poll (even after the BP spill) has proven that the American people want us to “Drill Here and Drill NOW”.

Quantitative data from the Paris based IEA verifies that ANWR alone could have prevented the GLOBAL price spikes of 2008.

Those who oppose drilling in ANWR have been very badly misinformed by flatly dishonest propagandists. Click here and learn the facts on ANWR!

ANWR alone could boost our proven reserves by a MEAN estimate of 48%! But, just take a look at the REST of our domestic resources which Obama, the tyrant, plans to place off limits!

Those who believe that CO2 is a significant driver of climate change have been very badly misled by flatly dishonest propagandists. If you still believe the AGW myth, click here to begin the deprogramming process.

Obama has not even taken the oath of office and already his tyrannical approach is OBVIOUS! Look, in 2007, Obama was quantitatively the most Liberal of ALL his peers in the Senate. Obama was to the Left of Bernie Sanders, a self-described Socialist! If anybody was naïve enough to believe that, once Obama took the most powerful job in the entire world, he would suddenly become a Centrist; this move should put that fantasy to rest. It is now abundantly CLEAR that Obama will pander to the very most extreme and the very most destructive elements of the far, far, FAR Left.

Hang on folks! We’re in for a VERY ROUGH RIDE at the hands of an arrogant and ignorant TYRANT!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Death of The American Idea

Quoting Mark Steyn at NRO
(I inserted the link):

“If you went back to the end of the 19th century and suggested to, say, William McKinley that one day Americans would find themselves choosing between a candidate promising to guarantee your mortgage and a candidate promising to give ‘tax cuts’ to millions of people who pay no taxes he would scoff at you for concocting some patently absurd H G Wells dystopian fantasy. Yet it happened. Slowly, remorselessly, government metastasized to the point where it now seems entirely normal for Peggy Joseph of Sarasota, Florida to vote for Obama because ‘I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage.’

While few electorates consciously choose to leap left, a couple more steps every election and eventually societies reach a tipping point. In much of the west, it's government health care. It changes the relationship between state and citizen into something closer to pusher and junkie. Henceforth, elections are fought over which party is proposing the shiniest government bauble”

“I disagree with my fellow conservatives who think the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Frank liberal behemoth will so obviously screw up that they'll be routed in two or four years' time. The President-elect's so-called ‘tax cut’ will absolve 48 per cent of Americans from paying any federal income tax at all, while those that are left will pay more. Just under half the population will be, as Daniel Henninger pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, on the dole. By 2012, it will be more than half, and this will be an electorate where the majority of the electorate will be able to vote itself more lollipops from the minority of their compatriots still dumb enough to prioritize self-reliance, dynamism, and innovation over the sedating cocoon of the nanny state. That is the death of the American idea… For how do you tell an electorate living high off the entitlement hog that it's unsustainable and you've got to give some of it back?”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Newsflash: It is not only the bottom half of the country which is bringing about the death of the American dream!

Here in the ski resort paradise of Steamboat Springs, I regularly rub elbows with my wealthier (and more Leftist) friends and routinely listen to them discuss how to game the Medicare system for their next elective (ultra expensive) surgery. My misguided friends myopically embrace their bondage for the sake of a shiny new bionic hip (at Sonny’s expense) and the greatest country ever slips one step closer to death.

My friends could easily pay for their own various elective surgeries. But, they might have to settle for a $1,000,000 home rather than a $1,100,000 home. Goodness knows, THAT would be FAR too punitive a burden for these poor victims --- better to kill the goose and let the next generation find their own golden eggs.

The ONLY ray of hope is that Democrats may not get the supermajority they hoped for in the Senate. IF a few Republicans grow enough of a spine to filibuster the ultra Socialist agenda from the Left, we MIGHT be able to fend off the next nail in the coffin --- the completion of the nationalizing of our healthcare system (1/6th of the economy and growing).

Socialist Entitlements are killing this country!

Click here to understand the cause of and the ONLY cure for deficit spending.

Click here to understand how previous Democratic supermajorities have brought us to this point in history.

Personally, I would rather we completely eliminate all Entitlements at every level of government. Government should NEVER engage in charity! Not only is charity NOT a proper role of government, government is the WORST possible way to deliver charity (or any other goods or services).

For now, I would settle for this roadmap as a baby step in keeping the patient on life support just long enough to deliver a real cure for what ails us.

Enough of this “Socialist-Lite” alternative to hardcore Marxism! “Give me liberty or give me death” should be the new rallying cry of the Republican Party. If the party dies and our great nation sinks into the spineless Euro-Socialist sewer (soon to be overrun by Islamo-Fascism), at least the party will have died an honorable death (along with the not so honorable death of the American Dream and the rest of Western Civilization).

Does Nero ring a bell?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saving Our Economy - What's Next

The following is an excellent analysis
of how this housing mess evolved:

The DVD can be purchased here.

Also check out this video series.

Click here for additional insight into how FDR made a bad situation FAR worse and made it last FAR longer. Let’s hope we do NOT repeat that dreadful mistake! Unfortunately, with the passage of the $700 billion bailout, we are already well on our way to doing so.

Click here to learn more.

The Blue Cancer

Thanks to the so-called “profession” of so-called “journalism”, the blue cancer spread this year.

But, at the county level, it remains a red country.

As for the future, click here and decide if you will walk on four legs or two. Decide whether to fight the blue cancer or allow it to kill the patient.

The Era of Peggy The Moocher

With the election over, I can finally confess. I did not support McCain so much as oppose Obama. As usual, I supported the lesser of two evils (more so than ever before).

But for their short-sighted approach to the Iraq war, I would probably support the Libertarians. Instead, I remain a GDI (gosh darn Independent) simply looking for those politicians which will do the least harm (as the ever ignorant masses swoon (in sync with their “journalist” puppet masters) over those who will surely do the most harm).

Michelle Malkin at IBD Editorials pretty well sums up my view.

Click the image & read the analysis:
Click the image & read the analysis
Click here for a few related posts.

Click here and decide if you will walk on four legs or two.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama, Reid, Pelosi - Welcome the Three Headed Monster

Welcome the arrival of the 3 headed monster.
Click the image to enlarge it:

Click the image to enlarge it
Rest assured, the harm done by this monster
will be blamed on Bush.

But, just click here and witness one tiny example
of the harm already done by Reid and Pelosi.

Click here for more cartoons
from The Ryskind Sketchbook.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NewsBusted Video - 11/4/08

NewsBusted Comedy Show 11/4/08:

Jody wasn’t kidding about vetting Joe,
the plumber, rather than Barack Obama.

Today, on CNN:

I wonder if Rick Sanchez has any idea
who ALREADY pays the taxes.
What a sorry excuse for a “journalist”!

Click here to view more NewsBusted comedy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama, Shaman

Here, I ask the reader to weave the following commentary together with this post and this commentary.

Our primary expectation of our leaders should be that they preserve our liberties. If our primary expectation becomes that our leaders should ease all our pains and lift all our burdens, we will lose all our liberties and heap upon ourselves unbearable pains and burdens.

How do we know this? Only because all of human history proves it so.

Be careful what you ask for on November 4th!

Quoting Michael Knox Beran:

“Rather than acknowledge the limitations of our condition, the liberal continually contrives [counterproductive] panaceas that will [purportedly] enable us to transcend it.”
But, these panaceas always make matters worse.

Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Bonus points for anyone who can correlate
the following song with this post:

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Doubts Persist About Obama's Birth Certificate

Quoting WorldNetDaily:

“If an original Hawaii-doctor-generated and Hawaii-hospital-released Obama birth certificate exists, why wouldn't the senator and his campaign simply order the document released and end the controversy?

That Obama has not ordered Hawaii officials to release the document leaves doubts as to whether an authentic Hawaii birth certificate exists for Obama.

Rather, the failure to release the document fuels the theory – true or not – that the Obama family, shortly after Obama's birth overseas, returned to Hawaii and registered at the Hawaii Department of Health the original Obama birth certificate that had been issued by the doctor and hospital that delivered Obama in Kenya.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here to learn more.

Obama - Not Acceptable as Commander-in-Chief

How could any thoughtful American
even CONSIDER voting for Obama?

Hat tip to Porcupine Rim.

Propagandists Prefer Democrats - Anybody Surprised?

Quoting NewsBusters:

“Of those who say they voted for major party candidates, the proportion of leading journalists who supported the Democratic candidate never drops below 80 percent.”
Click the image (of Goebbels)
and read the rest:

 Click the image (of Goebbels) and read the rest:

Anybody who finds this even remotely surprising must have spent their entire life in Manhattan or some other equally provincial cave.

Hell, even SNL knows the media have been in the tank for Obama from the very beginning:

IF Obama wins this election, it will have been entirely due to the UTTER lack of ANY integrity from those blatant propagandists who have the audacity to call themselves “journalists”.

To quote that rarest of all breeds, an honest journalist:

“ The traditional media is playing a very, very dangerous game. With its readers, with the Constitution, and with its own fate.”
Click here to learn more.

Change You Can Count On

Change You Can Count On:

But, when Obama is through with you,
will YOU have any change (in your pocket)?

Obama Promises to Bankrupt the Coal Industry

If you vote for Obama, you deserve what’s coming to you. And, what is coming is an economic nightmare.

Democrats caused the current economic woes. Voters don’t understand that because, with only VERY rare exceptions, we no longer have journalists, only propagandists (serving the Democrats).

Democrats will take the current economic woes and make them far, FAR worse (as they have already done with the Federal deficit). The following YouTube clip is just one MORE example of how that will be done.

Mind you, the economic devastation promised in this clip will be done in the name of the single greatest hoax EVER perpetrated on the human race! And, again, it was the propagandists in the media who perpetrated the hoax.

Listen to Obama Promise Economic Ruin:

Click here and verify where your electricity comes from.
Click here and examine the cost of viable alternative fuels.
Click here to learn more about America’s coal resources.

Click the image & read about the usual
spin from the usual propagandists:

 Click the image (of Goebbels) and read about the usual spin from the usual propagandists:

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Future Under King Obama

Quoting The Washington Times:

“Reporter Christina Bellantoni of The Washington Times will be kicked off of Barack Obama's campaign plane starting Nov. 2, making it much more difficult to cover the candidate during the critical final days of the election. The Obama campaign insists that politics had nothing to do with it. We note that all three newspapers that had reporters booted from the plane — The Times, the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News — endorsed John McCain. An Obama spokesman insists it is just a coincidence.”
And, if you believe that Obama line, I have some fraudulent ACORN voter registrations to sell you!

Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Welcome to a glimpse of the future under King Obama.
Maybe these three were tardy with their tithing.

British Sanity

Quoting the U.K. TimesOnline:

“A wave of public support for the Armed Forces has swelled recruitment and contributions to military charities such as the Poppy Appeal.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Even as Americans toy with the idea of electing a candidate who promises to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq, the Brits offer up a refreshing dose of sanity.

If Obama is elected, maybe the Brits can keep the world safe until Americans regain their sanity (assuming Obama does not prove to be another Hugo Chavez, leaving us no opportunity to regain our sanity).

Click here to learn more.

For Halloween - Go as a Journalist

Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it
Click here for more cartoons from The Ryskind Sketchbook.

An Obama Win Will Be More Than Historic

Quoting Thomas Sowell:
“Some elections are routine, some are important and some are historic. If Sen. John McCain wins this election, it will probably go down in history as routine. But if Sen. Barack Obama wins, it is more likely to be historic — and catastrophic.

Once the election is over, the glittering generalities of rhetoric and style will mean nothing. Everything will depend on performance in facing huge challenges, domestic and foreign.

Performance is where Barack Obama has nothing to show for his political career, either in Illinois or in Washington.

Policies that he proposes under the banner of ‘change’ are almost all policies that have been tried repeatedly in other countries — and failed repeatedly in other countries.”
Click the image & read the rest:

Click the image & read the rest

As disturbing as this assessment is, it only skims the surface of the catastrophe that would result from an Obama-Reid-Pelosi regime.

This is not unreasoned fear mongering from the black helicopter crowd. These are sober assessments from those who are capable of applying critical thinking skills against an understanding of history.

I fear for our country and our world in a way that I have NEVER feared before. It is a well reasoned fear.

Click here & examine more evidence on Obama.

Spreading the Wealth and Killing the Goose

Quoting Gregory V. Helvering (a pseudonym) at American Thinker
(I inserted the link):

“John McCain put his finger on an important point: we currently have an extraordinarily progressive income tax, which requires the wealthy (and the relatively wealthy) to bear virtually the entire burden of the income tax. Obama wants to spread the wealth not because the wealthy do not currently bear their fair share of supporting the government. He wants to spread the wealth because he views the wealth itself as unfair.”

“For 2006 (the latest year for which statistics are available), the share of the federal income tax paid by the top 1 percent of tax returns reached an all-time high -- 40% of all federal income taxes. The top 50% paid 97% of the tax. The bottom 50% paid only 3% of it.”

“For progressives, the goal is not ultimately to create more tax revenue for the government, but to equalize the income of the citizenry. So increased taxes from the rich are not a solution if they mean the rich made more money compared to others. In fact, even if the tax cuts end up making the tax system more progressive, that simply exacerbates the problem: the ‘gap’ between rich and poor.”

“Obama believes the main thing is to make the capital gains tax ‘fair,’ regardless of what history shows about the relationship between rates and revenue. He does not appreciate that tax incentives for investing increases the amount of investing, which in turn expands business, creates more jobs and produces more income - and thus more tax.

The JFK tax cuts proved it; the Reagan tax cuts proved it; the capital gains tax cut that a Republican Congress forced on Bill Clinton proved it; and the Bush tax cuts proved it again. It is not a theoretical argument. The latest cold, dry IRS statistics demonstrate it once again.

If Obama is elected next week, we will all be treated to another history lesson about why societies that sought ‘fairness’ by taking massive amounts of money from one part of society to give to another (not simply to fulfill a governmental duty of providing a safety net, but for the affirmative purpose of ‘redistributive change’), not only did not create ‘fairness,’ but in fact made matters significantly worse for everyone.”
Note: Unfortunately, a large number of Americans seem to prefer learning the hard way rather than taking a lesson from history. How frustrating!

Click the image & read the rest
of this excellent article:

Click the image & read the rest of this excellent article
Click here to learn more.

Click here and discover that the United States, compared to the rest of the WORLD, already “has the most progressive tax system and collects the largest share of taxes from the richest 10% of the population.”

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Corporate Taxes - Emotional Satisfaction vs. Reality

Here is a heads up to everybody who is voting for Obama or anybody else who advocates for higher business taxes.

Obama’s rhetoric is inspiring. It’s a completely boneheaded, counterproductive fantasy. But, it certainly sounds good, it’s well delivered and it is, for some, very emotionally satisfying.

Just remember, the following video shows you what you’re really voting for. I sure hope the fantasy based emotional satisfaction is worth it. Because, in the real world, if the tax and spend Liberals win, we all lose (every time).

Hat Tip to Ivin at the Green Cool-Aid blog.

Click here to learn the truth about Obama & his policies.

Today's (Indescribably Tragic) Cartoon - 10/30/08

Click the cartoon to enlarge it:
Click the cartoon to enlarge it
Click here to view more cartoons.

Click here and here to better understand the cartoon.

Click here to learn the truth about Obama & his policies.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bam The Driller

Quoting The People’s Cube (a spot on satire site):

“Meet Bam the Driller as he dances to the rhythm of his trusty jackhammer, making holes in your wallets, border fences, talk radio microphones, school vouchers, prison cells, babies' heads, and US military.

Cameo appearances of Wright, Chavez, Farrakhan, Marx, Mumia, Raines, and others.”

Click here to visit The People’s Cube.

Seriously, click here to learn why we MUST defeat Obama!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Updated Post

Please note that the post titled “ Is Obama a Socialist? - You BETCHA!” has been updated to include point #4.

This opinion piece was also included in that post.

Makers and Takers - Spread The Wealth

Quoting Scott Johnson:

“The Democratic leaders have been going through their playbook and have decided that class warfare is the way to go. Take advantage of the open sewer of economic ignorance that flows through America’s consciousness (thanks to generations of government education) and cast this as a grand battle between the evil rich and the glorious poor.

Does class warfare work? Does a hog love slop? There is an underlying current of animosity – even hatred – for those who are perceived as being rich that is far more intense than you might expect.”
Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it
This is essential reading!
Click here for the entire Op-Ed.

Click here and here and here for additional reading.

This ploy is politically effective, but enormously destructive (for ALL).
Do NOT play the fool! Do NOT fall for it!

Click here and learn why we MUST defeat Obama!

Compare McCain to Obama


Click here to learn more.

Defining Problems With Socialism For The Post-Cold War Generation

Quoting IBD Editorials
(I inserted the links):

“John McCain has finally called Barack Obama's agenda by its proper name. But if he assumes voters understand what he means when he uses the word ‘socialism,’ he assumes too much.

To slap a label on it isn't enough. Sadly, most people under 60 in this country went to schools and universities where socialism isn't considered a bad thing.

McCain has to educate them about what socialists believe and how they want to rebuild ‘the world as it should be,’ as Obama quotes his socialist hero, Saul Alinsky.”

“According to Marxist theory, socialism is the stage between capitalism and communism where private wealth is distributed for the benefit of all. It's a romantic notion because hardly anyone is willing to share their wealth with strangers.

So to get from theory to practice, force must be used. Wealth must be taken by the state — and not by a faceless bureaucratic machine, but rather by flawed humans with their own selfish ambitions and ulterior motives. They decide who gets what, taking cuts for themselves and their cronies in the process.

Think ex-Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines and ACORN.

Socialism is centralized power. That's why socialist movements, which often begin as cults of personality, usually end in fascism. Witness Stalinism, Maoism, Castroism — and, yes, Nazism, which, as Hayek noted, stands for ‘National Socialism.’ ”

“The left wrongly asserts that unregulated capitalism caused the financial crisis; in fact, government overregulation of banks distorted market incentives and corrupted capitalism.

Wielding a socialist-inspired cudgel called the Community Reinvestment Act, government forced banks to make loans to uncreditworthy minorities who couldn't repay them.”

“Obama denies having socialist designs. But it's no coincidence he virtually always votes with socialist pal Bernie Sanders, as the two most liberal members of the Senate.

Nor is it a coincidence that nearly all of Obama's mentors and close advisers supported Marxism, including: James Cone, Dwight Hopkins, Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, Jim Wallis, John McKnight, Cornel West and William Ayers.

It's also no coincidence that Obama devoted his first memoir to the memory of his late father, a communist, who proposed massive taxes and redistribution of income in Kenya.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here to learn more.

NeverFindOut - Nice Try Senator

Nice Try Senator Obama:

Click here to explore in depth Obama’s
closest associations spanning DECADES!

Obama - Part of the Problem:

Click here to explore the substantiated
facts on what caused the housing mess.

Middle Class Reality:

More on Middle Class Jobs:

You’ve heard Obama’s eloquently pitched fantasy.
Now, click here for some economic reality.

Listen to Obama describe his social, political
and economic plans in his own words:

Is Obama a Socialist? Examine some more evidence.
Isn’t nationalizing healthcare a Socialist agenda?
Does anybody believe that would improve our healthcare system?

Senator Obama: If you DO slip this one past the American voters,
be sure to thank your pals in the media.

Please! Vote McCain/Palin!

LetFreedomRingUSA - Listen to Mike

Mike won’t vote for Obama
and neither should you:

Click here to visit

Click here to learn more.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't DARE Question Obama, the Messiah

Click the image and witness the reaction to those
who dare to question Obama, the great messiah:

Click the image and witness the reaction to those who dare to question Obama, the great messiah
Click here to learn more about Obama, the Socialist.

Click here to learn more about Obama’s REAL campaign team.

Click here and learn your new national anthem.

Voter Profiles

Based upon the IBD/TIPP Poll for 10/27/08, the following is the profile of the person most likely to vote for each candidate:

1) Obama

Northeast, urban dwelling, Liberal Democrat, 18-24 years old, single, female, atheist, with children, high school education, making under $30,000 per year, no investments, from a union household which does not display the flag.

2) McCain

Southern, rural, Conservative Republican, 65 or more years of age, male, Protestant, with children, college degree or more, making over $50,000 per year, with investments, from a non-union household which does display the flag.

Between these two voter profiles, which would you expect to make the wiser choice in selecting the next leader of the relatively free (for now) world?

If you think the Obama voter will be better off under Obama, think again! Under Obama, she might get a brand new welfare check in the guise of a “tax cut” (even though she does not currently pay any income tax).

But, EVERY school of economic thought KNOWS that this new welfare check WILL come with an increased risk that she will lose her job. Somehow, I doubt her new welfare check will make up for having lost her job.

In June of 1980, under Jimmy Carter,
the “misery index” reached an all time high of 21.98:

The “misery index” as of September, 2008 was 11.04 (and dropping!).

If you think the economy is bad now, elect Obama and give him a supermajority of Democrats in the Senate (just as Jimmy Carter had) and see how much worse the economy can get!

Guess what? That old geezer who’s voting for McCain remembers the Jimmy Carter era! And, SO DO I!

Please! Listen to your elders! If you want to help the middle class and the lower class, help them KEEP THEIR JOBS! Vote McCain/Palin!

Click here and learn more.

Media Ignore Biden's Prediction of International Crisis

Biden tells the world:
Elect Obama and get an international crisis!
What do the media report on?
Palin’s wardrobe!!!

The (Balanced) Fox News Watch Panel Discusses:

Read what this journalist (and Democrat)
has to say about media bias!

Read what another journalist has to say!

Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Video

This video has been around a while.
And, it appeared in a previous post.
It is an excellent 10 minute summary
of how the housing mess developed:

Click here to review sources for almost
every assertion made in the above video.

Note: The above link will open a new browser instance so you
can pause the video and go check that page for substantiations.

Click here for a more comprehensive
examination of this issue.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama, the Constitution and the Redistribution of Wealth

The following clip has been added to this post,
which is a subset of this post.

Click here to refute the Leftist spin on this clip.

Also see:

Even Chuckie Gibson KNOWS higher taxes mean LOWER revenues!
But, Obama prefers the emotional satisfaction of “soaking the rich”!
THAT is how Socialists “think”!

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