Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spent Fuel Rods at Plant Pose Big Risk?

The Wall Street Journal has published what amounts to a new wrinkle on the Japanese nuclear incident -- a wrinkle not seen in previous nuclear power plant incidents. I’m referring to the (apparently ill-conceived) storage of spent fuel rods.

First, let me note that:

1) A UCLA study has quantified the fact that -- other than the WSJ opinion page -- the WSJ is even MORE biased to the Left than the New York Times.

2) Proving the above point, a primary source for this story -- the Union of Concerned Scientists -- is more concerned with politics than science and is about as Far Left as they get. The Associated Press also had a hand in this and they are extremely biased to the Left.

All I am saying is take this reporting with a grain of salt (preferably NOT Potassium Iodide). Just like Three Mile Island and just like Chernobyl, it will take DECADES to quantify the scientific facts regarding this Japanese incident.

Click here to put both Three Mile Island and Chernobyl into proper perspective. My guess -- at this moment -- is that this Japanese incident may turn out to have been somewhat worse than Three Mile Island (where NOBODY was killed, injured or harmed in ANY way) and considerably less harmful than Chernobyl (where 30 people died).

Click here & examine the WSJ report.
Click here for the previous post on this topic.

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