Monday, August 15, 2011

Rick Perry - Time to Get America Working Again

Click here & examine the Dem spending spree.
Click here & examine what that spending spree bought us.


DudeinDenver said...

I take it you like this guy.

I do too. And maybe Backmann as VP so she can get the experience she needs to follow him in office.

I wonder if the criminal accounting trick of "federal baseline budgeting" will be addressed in anyone's campaign.

SBVOR said...


Yeah, I like Perry, Bachmann, Ryan, Christie, maybe Huntsman.

The candidate I could really get excited about is one who would promise to immediately and completely eliminate the big three entitlements along with anything else that even remotely smelled like government "charity" (and then, make good on that promise).

We both know that will never happen. But, that would be the best medicine for this country and this world.

SBVOR said...

P.S.) Utterly, totally and completely eliminating at least 75% of all Federal bureaucracies would be another good measure.

We could start with the IRS. A flat tax with no deductions for anything would get that one done.

DudeinDenver said...

I like the way you think!

Would you be willing to Chair the Bureaucracy and Taxation Reduction and Elimination Committee?

Speaking of taxes, I've often thought that not only should we get rid of the Earned Income Tax Credit, but that there should be a minimum tax of at least $100 for every person fortunate enought to be working in this remarkable country.

SBVOR said...


I would happily chair such a committee. But, if it is a democratically elected post, I would never be nominated, much less elected -- the reason why dovetails into your next thought.

Yes, everybody (working or not) should be required to pay SOMETHING in taxes, even if only a token amount. But, I fear we have passed a tipping point of no return. A near majority pays no income tax at all -- a solid majority pays next to nothing. It has long been said that -- under such circumstances -- the majority who pay little to nothing will endlessly steal more and more from the minority whom they can legally rob.

That is how the entitlement mentality has hopelessly corrupted the large majority of all of Western Civilization. Virtually nobody is willing to forgo their own entitlements. They all want somebody else to give up their entitlements.

And so, I fear this entitlement mentality will completely destroy all of Western Civilization within the next 3 to 20 years. The prologue to the final chaos is already upon us (in Spain, Greece, London, Philadelphia and beyond).

2012 is our last hope. The Paul Ryan plan is the absolute bare bones minimum of what would be required to maybe just barely ensure the survival of the USA -- Europe may already be doomed. If the 2012 elections do not result in the adoption of at least that bare bones minimum of reform, we too are doomed.

Fingers crossed for 2012. The very large majority of so-called “journalists” will do everything in their power to (knowingly or not) ensure our demise. Overcoming their influence will be a David and Goliath struggle of far more epic proportions.

Honestly, I do not give our odds of our survival very high odds. The majority of voters in this country (never mind the entire populous) have been to deeply indoctrinated and too deeply corrupted to even begin to understand what is in their own self-interest and -- more importantly -- the interest of their children.

I sincerely hope my countrymen prove in 2012 that I have underestimated their character.

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