Monday, May 7, 2012

Obama can't even choose a winning slogan!

With the unmitigated failures of the last three years, it was a slam dunk certainty Obama would not revive his “Hope & Change” theme in his bid for reelection.

But, choosing “Forward” was his biggest slogan blunder since “Winning the Future” (aka WTF).

First, we have to beg the questions…

Did Obama plagiarize MSNBC’s slogan?

Or, did Obama borrow the slogan from various Euro-Marxist organizations?

Should we blame Obama for setting off yet another epic Wikipedia editing war?

Or, should we simply note how this slogan relates to our future if Obama wins a second term?

Seriously folks, does Obama really think the American people are stupid enough to give a second term to a President who cannot even competently select a campaign slogan?



John said...

Obama does not expect to be given a second term. He means to steal it.

RICH said...

Not that it will be easy for me as I near retirement (still 20 years away) but I feel bad for the children who'll have no idea just how great America was, because they'll be paying for Obama's liberal failures one way or the other.

So glad we didn't have kids.

SBVOR said...


As usual, I'm with you.

But, I am becoming slightly guardedly optimistic that there might be a small chance the American voters will turn this around before we lose it all. Time will tell.

DudeinDenver said...

If SBVOR is, "becoming slightly guardedly optimistic that there might be a small chance..." I can't help but take that as a VERY good sign for optimism!

SBVOR said...


Good one! :-)

DudeinDenver said...

But, as you say, "Time will tell..." As we stare over the precipice that our beloved country faces, is is difficult to not have some (or lots of) anxiety. An existential crisis will do that to you. My hope is that the "perfect storm" that elected Obummer will be reacted to with a "perfect backlash" by conservatives in Nov. But, time will tell.

SBVOR said...


Dick Morris has an interesting take on the polling data. He just might be correct on this one. He's changed the way I'm looking at the (once depressing) polling data. He's largely responsible for my very guarded optimism:

DudeinDenver said...

Wow! I LIKE what Morris has to say, especially about prospects for the senate. So politically, things certainly look up.

But, If the Whitehouse's internal polling shows a pending election disaster, I am concerned that President SockPuppet may react like a cornered rat. Will he Wag the Dog in Iran (the jet fighters are already in place), or create a banking holiday crisis (wouldn't take much to do that, would it)?

I don't think there is much he wouldn't do to stay in office. So Guarded Optimism does certainly seem appropriate.

I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for all the work that goes into it!

SBVOR said...


Thanks. That's always good to hear.

SBVOR said...

P.S.) Yes, no doubt, Obama and his fellow Dims will do ANYTHING in their effort to hang onto power. Their propaganda arm -- the Lame Stream Media -- will also pull out all the stops. HighSchoolGate has already proven this.

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