Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gun Rights Affirmed!

Finally, the right of the people to keep and bear arms has been affirmed by the Supreme Court!

For those who have long argued the “well regulated militia” angle on the Second Amendment, you will find that eloquently explained in the decision of the court.

Click the image & read the
entire document from the Supreme Court

Click the image & read the entire document from the Supreme Court
Click here for all Supreme Court documents on this case.

Mercifully, the residents of Washington D.C.
are no longer required by law to be sitting ducks:


JazzSlave said...

You might remember the story of the 62 year old man who shot & killed of couple of choirboys who had just robbed his neighbor's house. The entire episode was recorded by 911; & it caused much anguish among those of the lefty persuasion.

The authorities have just administered a pat on the back & told our hero to have a nice day.

To all those who thought Mr. Horn should have been imprisoned: you're SOL.

SBVOR said...

FYI, there is absolutely, positively no question that the Texas grand jury properly decided the aforementioned case in accordance with Texas state law. Had they decided otherwise, they would have done so in direct contradiction of Texas state law.

The relevant Texas statutes are:

Penal Code, Title 2, Chapter 9, Section 9.43 (which refers back to Section 9.42).

The relevant Texas statutes can be found here. Search for “9.43”.

Note that, under 9.42, “during the nighttime” is applicable only to “theft” and “criminal mischief”. In the case of burglary, which this was (at 2PM), there is no requirement for the crime to have been committed “during the nighttime”.

The specific statues which authorized Mr. Horn to use deadly force are:

9.43.1 referring back to 9.42.1 and 9.42.2.B (in the case of burglary).

There are now two fewer criminals to terrorize law abiding Texas citizens. Good riddance.

JazzSlave said...

It's worth noting that had Gore prevailed in 2000, there'd be no Roberts or Alito, and Heller would have swung the other way.

Scalia is 70. Four of his colleagues are older (Stevens the Socialist is pushing 90).

Something to consider this fall - particularly you conservatives thinking about staying home in November because it's such an abysmal choice this year.

sp&t/not said...

Hey Jazz, Glad to see a familiar voice. Have a great day and take a kid fishing.
sbvor, I like the site already!

SBVOR said...


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