Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kiss The Dems Goodbye!

Okay, I’m going to make a prediction here.

Drill Here, Drill Now” is THE single issue which WILL defeat Obama. And, I predict the predicted gains for Dems in Congress will turn into losses.

The Dems are seriously out of touch on this issue. And, in the age of the internet, their monopoly over the MSM cannot save them.

Quoting IBD:
“It seems Americans are well aware that members of Congress, not the oil executives they've demonized for decades, are to blame for the punitive prices we are having to pay at the gas pump. They want lawmakers to do something about it.

But as long as Democrats remain in the congressional majority, it's unlikely that prices will fall even modestly. The solutions the party is offering are, at best, useless. Actually, we're being overly generous, because the Democrats' answers to the oil issue are childish responses that would do more harm than good.”

Be sure to read the rest of that obituary for the 2008 Dems!

Get ready Dems! You might as well sing goodbye to your candidate(s) now. You’re fixin’ to shoot yourselves in the foot AGAIN! You just can’t help yourselves, can you?

What I really love about them lyrics (in the previous link) is:

“He might be thrillin’ baby, but my love’s so dog gone willin’ [to be drillin’]”

Buh Bye Bama [and pals]!

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