Saturday, August 9, 2008

Propagandists Guarding The Gates

“our CJR [Columbia Journalism Review] author appears to believe that the green consensus, the anthropogenic theory of global warming, has some special need to be protected from doubters and dissenters, and that reporters who don't do their job to insulate it are not being ‘helpful.’ When faced with dissent from the sacrosanct green consensus, the author, as we'll see, argues that the ‘helpful’ reporter must always show the dissenters are wrong if they are to be given any attention at all”

“The problem is, as Freeman Dyson, one of the great scientists of our age, put it in a recent issue of the New York Review of Books, environmentalism can become a religion, and religions always seek to silence or marginalize heretics. CJR has been an invaluable voice in defending that aspect of the First Amendment dealing with the freedom of the press; it should be vigilant about the other aspect that forbids the establishment of a religion.”

Click the Image (of Goebbels)
and Read the Rest:

Click the Image (of Goebbels) and Read the Rest
When sees a problem with so-called “Liberals”
propagandizing on behalf of a political religion, you’ve got to
know that it is a big, BIG, BIG problem!

I take issue with the author’s implication that there exists a consensus which is, in any way, consistent with the propaganda from so-called “journalists”. There does exist a consensus. But, that consensus is CLEARLY on the side of skepticism. And, that skeptical consensus is growing by the day. That said, I DO agree with the author’s suggestion that scientific consensus can be meaningless and is often overturned. It is FAR more important to argue the science!

The real problem is that so-called “journalists” skipped the entire debate phase of this critical issue. Increasingly, they no longer even attempt to make the scientific case. They are done with that stage of their propaganda and, as the CJR essay clearly proves, they have now moved on to selling the (DISASTROUS) policy goals.

Kyoto was bad enough. Kyoto, by all admissions, was terribly costly and accomplished NOTHING! The next phase will be FAR MORE costly and will STILL accomplish NOTHING (IF we’re LUCKY!)

And, it will ALL have been predicated on Junk Science peddled by overt propagandists masquerading as so-called “journalists”.

Hat Tip to Althouse.

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