Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leftists Obsessed With Race

Proving, once again, that so-called “Liberals”
are the ONLY people in this country obsessed with race:

Quoting P.J. Gladnick at NewsBusters:

“CNN's Rick Sanchez is absolutely incredulous over the fact that there might be some black people out there who don't support Barack Obama. In an incredible double standard, Sanchez on his League of First Time Voters show has trouble believing that a black person could not be supporting Obama yet you will never hear him express shock that a white person could decide to vote for Obama. Sanchez asks one of the men if there is ‘any source of pride’ that would cause them to vote for Obama. Of course you would never hear Sanchez ask the same thing of a white voter whether his pride would make him want to vote for John McCain. Sanchez also brings up the point as to whether the men he interviews are considered ‘sellouts.’ Watch the video and you can see that Sanchez seems to treat these men as if they were some sort of bizarre oddballs for not wanting to vote for Obama.”
For further proof, examine the racist comments of the “activist” who posted this video on You Tube (only to see it very predictably backfire on him!).

Hey! Lefties! What happened to the noble goal of being “color blind”? What happened to voting on the ISSUES rather than along racial lines? Geez!

Click here and learn why Leftists constantly obsess over race.

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