Friday, February 6, 2009

Propaganda From Financial Journalists

Updated at 4:08PM MST, 2/6/09
Quoting Tom Blumer at
“Have you ever wondered how the geniuses who report business news know why the stock market opens or closes up or down on any given day -- especially when they venture into political explanations?

I received this e-mail from CNN just after the markets opened:

Gosh, those e-mail drafters at CNN are smart. Who knew that the markets want the stimulus package so bad?

Can't you hear, senators? The markets want their stimulus and they want it now!

Give me a break. There is no hard evidence of CNN's assertion.”
Click the image (of Goebbels) & read the rest:
Click the image (of Goebbels) & read the rest

At least this pair of “journalists” cited a quote from one who agreed with them. But, anybody who has read Bernie Goldberg’s book knows that a typical “journalist” goes to great lengths to find any equally biased source they can which will prop up their propaganda.

Now, let’s review some examples of (probably far more credible) cause and effect speculation which I can promise you will NEVER see from ANY AP “journalist” or any other so-called mainstream “journalist”:

1) The Dow’s worst inauguration day EVER signaled the deep lack of confidence in Obama among investors all around the world.

2) The worst January stock market performance in history was further confirmation of the deep lack of confidence in Obama among investors around the world.

3) A sharp spike in army suicides signaled the deep despair felt by our soldiers over the inauguration of Obama.

Personally, if I had done several tours fighting Islamo-Fascism only to find our new Commander-in-Chief orchestrating the dropping of charges against the chief suspect in the Cole bombing, I might be driven to suicide as well.

Hats off to Gary and Deborah Swenchonis for declining the invitation to meet with Obama regarding the dismissal of charges in the Cole case. It is my opinion that Obama only intended to cynically exploit these families for propaganda value.

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