Monday, February 23, 2009

Climate Change Smackdown - Schlesinger vs. Christy

Quoting Dr. Roy Cordato:
“I encourage everyone to watch the video of last night’s debate between Dr. John Christy, noted climate scientist and Alabama State Climatologist, and Dr. William Schlesinger, President of the Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies and former dean of Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment. What I thought was particularly interesting is that right after making a few opening remarks about how nearly ‘all scientists agree’ and that it's time to stop discussion and get on with making dramatic changes to curtail CO2 emissions and change our lifestyles, Schlesinger said that he was not going to discuss the science. He then went directly to rattling off scary scenarios about the future. So about two thirds of his talk was scare mongering with no actual defense of the hypothesis that human induced catastrophic global warming is in the process of occurring.”
Click here to read the rest of Dr. Cordato’s comments.

I would note that Columbia Journalism Review is advocating the exact same strategy employed by Dr. Schlesinger. This strategy is best paraphrased as “skip the science - move on to selling, via fear mongering, the political agenda”.

One has to wonder which tail is wagging which dog - and why. Which group is framing the strategy for selling this snake oil - the “journalists” or the “scientists”? It appears to me that all the alarmists in both camps know that they cannot win the science debate so they had better hurry up and sell their political agenda.

I believe Dr. Christy won this smackdown hands down. Watch all 8 video segments and decide for yourself.

Climate Change Smack Down
Dr. Schlesinger (Alarmist) vs. Dr. Christy (Realist)
Part 1 of 8:

Click here to view parts 2 through 8.
Click here to learn more.


mfranks said...

I have to say that I very much enjoy your blog. I think I read it almost every day... Very much enjoy the material.

SBVOR said...


You are very kind - a scholar, an athlete and more.

Keep up the good work!


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