Saturday, April 18, 2009

Updated - CNN Reporting on Tea Parties

Check out the second video added to the post titled:
CNN Reporting on Tea Parties

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Sentiment - Between Yellow and Red Alert

These levels of compliance were never very good for the market. We are already extreme levels. I believe a short term top is supported also on indicators of current sentiment. At this level I say we are between a yellow and red alert.
Only three graphics to explain better.

SPX - Daily. Beatiful Wedge.

We should be very close of top. Mybe monday a high residual above the last friday.
If no break in the closing 885 this is an area of Top.
Below 885 should expect a visit to 780 mybe 750.
835 important to break the pattern of recent weeks.
Forming a rising wedge (bearish) in recent weeks confirming loss of momentum.

Close above 885 next level 905-920.
Close above 945 (MM200) should see a visit to 985-1010.
In the graph are represented the major area of resistance for the next sessions.

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