Saturday, April 18, 2009

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Reaches Record High

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Reaches Record High
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Contrary to all the media propaganda, it appears to me that -- for this date (April 17th) -- the Arctic sea ice extent has reached a record high for the eight years of data currently provided by this source.

In this post, I documented that James Hansen and his Goddard Groupies tell us that man made warming is -- by far -- most evident in winter warming in the northern hemisphere. And yet, right here, we see even MORE solid evidence (pun intended) of winter cooling in the northern hemisphere!

Isn’t it tragically ironic that we have lunatic Socialist politicians proposing enormously destructive regulations during the current cooling trend and just as the Arctic sea ice extent has reached record high levels? Isn’t it even more ironic considering the latest poll shows only 34% of likely voters believe global warming is caused by human activity?

On any given day, click the similar image on the right hand sidebar and examine the current extent of the Arctic sea ice - updated every day.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think it to be a bit rash when you jump at such conclusions?

When you go back to the beginning of the year you might as well proclaim:"Arctic ice entent lowest of the century. Proof of global warming!"

One way or the other, cherry picking just one set of data from such a graph has exactly zero validity.

On the issuwe of global warming you will haver to wait until October or November before anything near hard evidence occurs.

SBVOR said...

Anonymous (posting from Germany),

For those who have made a religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming, no evidence to the contrary is ever sufficient.

In part, I am spoofing the so-called “journalists” who are so quick to proclaim any record in sight -- without ever bothering to mention over what time frame -- as evidence of a looming catastrophe. On a more serious note, I do find the current conditions to be further evidence of the current cooling trend.

During a perfectly natural, perfectly normal, interglacial warming period -- such as we are currently experiencing -- we expect Arctic ice to progressively melt. Otherwise, we would be in a glacial period -- with Arctic ice expanding and 100 foot tall glaciers slowly scraping New York City off the map.

The ice has been melting for the last 18,000 years -- ever since the last glacial maximum. But, we are currently 10 years into what all evidence suggests will be a 30 to 40 year cooling period quite similar to the cooling period from 1934 to 1979 -- the cooling period which produced the mirror image of today’s hysteria. And, the current record Arctic ice extent -- relative to the last 8 years -- is, indeed, further evidence of the current cooling trend.

When the present interglacial warming period is compared to the previous FOUR interglacial warming periods, the ONLY thing which is unusual about this one is that is has not yet produced temperatures as warm as ANY of the previous four.

Now, those who worship at the altar of the single most dangerous totalitarian political religious cult the world has ever seen will -- no doubt -- refuse to examine any evidence contrary to their religious creed. But, those who are interested in the SCIENCE of climate change can examine:

1) The current cooling trend.

2) The FACTS on climate change.

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