Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Too Timid on Iran

First, the cartoon of the day.
Click the image to enlarge it:
Click the image to enlarge it
Click here to learn about Neda Agha Soltan
(depicted in the editorial cartoon).

Today, Obama reiterated his timidity.
I have considered all views on this.
This clip convinced me Obama is being too timid:


thomas said...

Can our government send a message to these people when we arrested more protesters than Iran has arrested so far in one protest ?

I hope I got that html code right....

I wonder if Obama is thinking of our own past handling of protests and is reluctant to sound hypocritical or self righteous.

I agree with the opinion that we should stay out of it and let them run their course, if they are ready they will succeed, but they must do it on their own..

SBVOR said...


Before we begin this discussion, please read The Myth of Moral Equivalence and consider how that applies to these particular assertions of “moral equivalence”.

In brief, I will note:

1) There is no moral equivalence between our government and the Iranian government. Not yet anyway.

2) There is no moral equivalence between the arrests of protestors in this country vis-à-vis the wanton murder of Neda Agha Soltan.

3) Some have asserted a moral equivalence between the murder of Neda and the tragedy at Kent State. For those making that assertion, I suggest this read.

4) It is unclear whether current events in Iran will result in:

A) The sort of sea change we saw when The Berlin Wall came tumbling down.


B) Continued tyranny such as we saw after the brutal massacre in Tiananmen Square.


C) Something else all together.

Never the less, it behooves our President to speak out FAR more forcefully in support of the potential for Iranians to liberate themselves from their present tyranny. It behooves this particular “Great Communicator” to give a speech which would rival Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech.

Unless, of course, this President is more fond of tyranny than liberty (as I know he is).

thomas said...

I have it bookmarked and I am reading it. It looks like some re-reading will be necessary. I will try to get back to you soon.. What about Bush SR in 1989? I read a comment that referenced the eastern Europe uprisings in 1989 when people wanted him to speak out more forcefully in support of those people. Just a quick thought. I will be more on subject next comment...

SBVOR said...


Are you referring to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall?

I don’t recall the controversy regarding Bush Sr.

But, if you think I only criticize Democrats, check out this post. I don’t think I have ever been more critical of anybody than I have been with Henry Paulson -- and, rightly so.

thomas said...

I simply wanted your opinion. I have seen your criticism of republicans, and I wasn't in any way trying to bait. Um, let me see if I can find what I am trying to refer to... sorry to not have more solid reference.

SBVOR said...


Sorry, my bad.

thomas said...

Here is one link and I have read some stuff on what was going on in eastern Europe, but not specifically any criticism of Bush SR. In 89 there was a lot of talk between the US and Russia with other countries on the situation there. Germany was finally reunited and so many other situations, but China may have been what the blogger was referring to in the comment I was thinking of.

I have copied the article you suggested and was able to read it last night, so I see where you are coming from with the points that you listed. I have to run to work right now. Hopefully, I will have time to give you better conversation this evening. Very interesting.

SBVOR said...


I had forgotten that the tearing down of the Berlin wall and the massacre at Tiananmen Square both happened in 1989. That was certainly a tumultuous year.

Your link offers what seems like reasonable criticism of Bush Sr. while simultaneously criticizing Obama for making a similar mistake.

I tend to agree -- on both counts.

Thanks for the link.

thomas said...

After reading your links especially The Myth Of Moral Equivalence; I would concede that he should have started out with a much firmer speech, if for no other reason than his political health. And, he should have put much more time into the whole statement and made it more inspirational for all of the world. But, I don't see how much it would have done for the Iranians (it still needed to be done maybe more for us).

I have enjoyed reading the links (some not in depth). And, I am very much into The Virtue Of Selfishness at this time. I may be preoccupied for a while with that..

I enjoy reading your posts and comments here and on RR's blog. I am learning a lot. Please, add to this conversation if you wish or I will catch you on another topic.

SBVOR said...


Don’t underestimate the power of the spoken word of the President of the United States -- especially one as eloquent as this President.

I think it is arguable that Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech had a significant impact on crucial events in history.

Does that mean Obama missed a golden opportunity to dramatically change the course of history in the Middle East? I guess now we will never know. But, I consider it possible.

Again, best wishes as you continue your journey of discovery. You are clearly one who loves to learn. That can serve you (and society) well.

Best Wishes,

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