Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tiller The Killer as Martyr

As recently as yesterday, 6/2/09, even CNN is still unable to ascribe a motive in the 5/31/09 murder of Tiller the Killer. That said, there is some reason to believe the murder could have been politically motivated.

Whatever the motive, I am very, very sorry to see Tiller murdered. Why? Because the utterly dishonest propagandists on the Far Left now have another martyr -- just like the four kids which the SDS setup to be killed at Kent State. Prior to this murder, it had been a very long time since any act of violence had been perpetrated against one of the domestic practitioners of mass murder. Now, the mass murder advocates will use this as propaganda for years to come.

We now see the phony moralists on the Far Left -- and their propagandists in the media -- crying their immeasurably hypocritical crocodile tears over Tiller. But, they have not a single tear for the 50 MILLION slaughtered babies in this country alone -- just since the judicial fraud that was Roe v. Wade.

In the Leftist fantasy world, every baby slaughtered was a noble act perpetrated to save the life of some desperate mother. And, in that same fantasy, people like Tiller are the noble saviors of these desperate mothers. The utterly undeniable reality is that the overwhelming majority of slaughtered babies were murdered for no nobler purpose than utterly narcissistic convenience. Click here for a very typical example of the REAL motivation behind the mass murder of the very most innocent and defenseless members of our society.

Abortion is undeniably homicide. And, just like every other form of homicide, there are a very tiny few cases where it amounts to justifiable homicide. Examples where the mother’s life is truly in significant danger qualify. However, mere convenience does not qualify.

The Third Reich murdered about 6 million Jews. With about 50 million babies slaughtered (mostly for mere convenience), the so-called “Progressives” can be quantified -- on this basis alone -- to be about 1 order of magnitude more evil than the Third Reich.

Worldwide, the median estimate of the democide carried out in the name of Communism is about 110 million. By merely adding the approximately 50 million Africans who died needlessly at the hands of the eco-imperialists, we can quantify the so-called American “Progressives” to be almost as evil as the entire world history of the entire Communist ideology (an ideology which the New York Times famously propagandized for).

But, let’s ignore all these “inconvenient truths”! Oh no! Instead, let’s shed our immeasurably hypocritical crocodile tears for the death of a single practitioner of mass murder!

Does anybody wonder why so-called “Liberalism” is often described as a “mental disorder”? Geez!

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