Thursday, August 20, 2009

England's NHS is the third largest employer in the WORLD!

Socialist health care is NOT about providing better or even cheaper health care! It is about one thing and one thing ONLY -- dramatically expanding the Socialist voting block by dramatically expanding the number of people who are directly dependent upon the government for their so-called “employment”!

In other words, Socialist health care is nothing more and nothing less than an attempt to secure total political power -- FOREVER!

The U.K. -- quantitatively -- has the WORST health care system in ALL of Europe! But, with so many people dependent upon this wretched system for their so-called “employment”, British citizens are stuck with their lousy system!

We KNOW the Dims are angling for a single payer system -- they have been for over 50 years now. If we adopt ObamaCare, we will be one step closer to the Dim endgame. And, we’ll be one step closer to being in the same boat as the British (and the Dims KNOW IT!)

Quoting The U.K. Times Online:
“A total of 1,282,900 people in England have jobs with the NHS: 2 per cent of the 30 million people of working age.

Only the Chinese Army and the Indian State Railways are believed to employ more people — with 2.3 million and 1.5 million staff respectively — but both workforces represent a far smaller proportion of the national populations.”
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John Reid, the NHS Health Secretary alleged that:
“the ‘snapshot’ census figures exploded the myth that everyone working in the NHS was a bureaucrat, with 84 per cent of NHS staff directly involved in patient care and managers only making up 3 per cent of the total workforce.”
However, the article provides the following figures:
1,282,900 people in England have jobs with the NHS
109,000 doctors
386,400 nurses
122,100 scientists and other therapists
This leaves 665,400 or 52% employed in some “other” capacity.

Furthermore, I don’t see how non-specific “scientists” are directly involved in providing health care. Place “scientists and other therapists” in the “other” category and we are talking about 61% employed in the “other” category.

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1 comment:

SBVOR said...

It amazes me how many blindly believe (because the willfully dishonest media told them to) that life expectancy is a proper measure of the quality of a health care system.

Life expectancy is almost entirely driven by genetics and lifestyle. The quality of the health care system has very, very little to do with it.

By contrast, cancer survival rates are a very good measure of the quality of a health care system. And, by that metric, the USA ranks #1 in the world.

Socialized medicine would do nothing to improve our lifestyles or our longevity. But, it would degrade the quality of our healthcare system, create even more rationing than we have today and lower our cancer survival rates.

This comment was prompted by a particularly angry, ignorant and vulgar comment which I elected not to publish.

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