Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rolling Thunder - One Marine's Vigil

A belated Memorial Day post.
One Marine stands vigil in the middle of Rolling Thunder:

This is but a small token of
my gratitude to America’s best and bravest.


SSgt Tim Chambers, USMC said...

Thank you for your kind words

I would like to briefly share with you some of the amazing things this salute has brought out of people. A few dozen Vietnam Veterans have told me the salute made it their duty to make to the wall and pay homage to their brothers and sisters (this was even after they drove hundreds if not thousands of miles to be in DC and still could not make it to the Mall). I have also been told the salute gave them the courage to make a phone call they should of made thirty years ago they promised their dying brother they would make to the fallen service members family and some even promised to take care of the warriors family, but when they returned home they could not even take care of themselves. Last year I took a weapon with me across country and did name readings honoring the fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan I broke bread with over 400 families and consoled them from all over the country, I also presented flags to the families and told them this flag is not presented on the behalf of your sons honorable service but to your sacrifice of your own blood in the defense of others and the freedoms of the World. I then put the weapon in front of me during the Rolling Thunder Procession and people laid roses at the boots, then a young girl came up to me thanked me for my service, and told me she lost her dad five days ago in Iraq. I took her to the middle of the street showed her the roses and told her they were laid down in honor of your father out of love from people all over the country, and he is a hero he saved lives and what he left behind will continue to save lives, now it is up to you and I to honor his sacrifice and reach for the stars in what ever we do, when we grow up.

If you go to youtube not "x" tube, and you search these words "tim chambers speeches " and you will find four speeches I gave across country and one in particular explains the reason for the salute.

I have included some links of blogs/news articles of my other passions that are not as painful as holding the salute but just as fulfilling in my heart and soul.
I promise this is not forwarded crap you get from friends and family this is worth reading and they are short reads with pictures "Marine Proof" :)

SBVOR said...

Sgt. Chambers,

WOW! What an honor to hear from you!

I never expected the marine in the video would be so kind as to stop by, let alone leave such a wonderful comment.

Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do for all of us. You make me proud(er) to be an American!

Anonymous said...

check out SSgt Chambers new website

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