Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback to 1976 - Crazy on You

It was 1976.
It was sleazy and cheesy.
The fashions were embarrassing.

It was also fun:

H/T to The Real Revo.
He posted a whole lot more from 1976.

BTW, today it’s sleazier and cheesier.
The fashions are even more embarrassing.
And, what passes for music is unbearably mediocre.
What to make of that?


DudeinDenver said...

Those WERE fun times, and good tunes. Esp. like the bluesy riff at the start. Thanks for posting.

SBVOR said...


My pleasure - glad you liked it.

You might like this one too:

Studio version (with lyrics posted) here:

DudeinDenver said...

Good is a bit better on the second one. Hey, can you recommend any decent blogs for discussions of AGW, since Accuweather's has become useless? (Followed you here from there.) Or have they all devolved into senseless name calling? Thanks.

SBVOR said...


Two that I have recently participated in are:

Both are excellent blogs. Sometimes conversations/debates develop between commenters -- sometimes not.

Another blog I like is this one:

There is very little commenting done there. And, the blog is usually just a link to the latest climate change news from a skeptical point of view. But, I find it very informative.

As you must know, all of the so-called "Progressive" True Believer climate change blogs are a complete waste of time. They are all heavily censored and manipulated.

ChrisA said...

They still make the kind of beer I drank back then, I just don't drink it anymore!

SBVOR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SBVOR said...

Beer? You could afford beer back then? I'm envious! ;-)

(typo from my previous comment now corrected)

ChrisA said...

Starting in my Sophomore year I was a cooperative education engineering student, so I spent a quarter at school and a quarter at Kennedy Space Center (technically Cape Canaveral Air Force Base) in FL. That job allowed me to have some "beer" money.

SBVOR said...


That sounds like a good gig. I'm not -- of course -- envious. I applaud your hard work and diligent studies. I wish I saw more of that from the current batch of students.

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