Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V as Pop Culture Propaganda

ABC owes the WORLD a VERY PUBLIC apology!

The most recent episode of the TV show V is titled “Concordia”. About half way through that episode, fabricated anti-American propaganda is presented as incontrovertible fact. I am referring to the smallpox blankets propaganda fabricated by the infamous former CU Boulder “professor” Ward Churchill and documented in the link below.

Virtually all forms of pop culture entertainment today are rife with brazenly false anti-American propaganda. V generally contains less than most. But, not even V is immune. Using popular entertainment as a propaganda vehicle is nothing new -- it’s as old as human culture. George Bernard Shaw and other Fabian Socialists exploited pop culture to “great” effect. American Socialists today are continuing that tradition.

The question is…
Do we blame ABC and the producers of V for spreading Ward Churchill’s lies? How about the “news” media for uncritically promoting his lies? Or do we blame academia for allowing a bald faced liar such as Ward Churchill to poison not only our children, but our entire culture -- nay, the perceptions of the entire world? The truth is that blame lies with all of the above (and more).

Quoting Thomas Brown,
Assistant Professor of Sociology at Lamar University:
“In this analysis of the genocide rhetoric employed over the years by Ward Churchill, an ethnic studies professor at the University of Colorado, a ‘distressing’ conclusion is reached: Churchill has habitually committed multiple counts of research misconduct--specifically, fabrication and falsification.

While acknowledging the ‘politicization’ of the topic and evidence of other outrages committed against Native American tribes in times past, this study examines the different versions of the ‘smallpox blankets’ episode published by Churchill between 1994 and 2003. The ‘preponderance of evidence’ standard of proof strongly indicates that Churchill fabricated events that never occurred--namely the U.S. Army's alleged distribution of smallpox infested blankets to the Mandan Indians in 1837. The analysis additionally reveals that Churchill falsified sources to support his fabricated version of events, and also concealed evidence in his cited sources that actually disconfirms, rather than substantiates, his allegations of genocide.”
Click the image of Ward Churchill
& read the rest:

Click the image of Ward Churchill & read the rest

In the course of human conflict, atrocities are always committed on all sides. Our country is no more immune to that inevitability than any other. But, any objective reading of history demonstrates that the United States of America has consistently been the LEAST prone to committing such atrocities and the MOST prone to righting our wrongs and seeking justice when atrocities are committed.

Ward Churchill is pure, unadulterated SCUM with NO redeeming value! EVERYBODY at ABC should be ashamed to have had their organization repeat his bald faced LIES!

ABC owes the WORLD a VERY PUBLIC apology!

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