Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time - Fight Climate Change via a Different Set of Lies

Bryan Walsh, writing for the ever laughable Time Magazine, proposes a different set of lies through which to fight Climate Change. What follows are quotes from his propaganda followed by the substantiated evidence refuting the false assertions:

1) “Climate change advocates haven't had much to celebrate recently”

A) Who are these “advocates” FOR climate change? Send this clown back to grade school!

B) The climate hysteria mongers must be at least marginally happy that the tyrants purporting to govern Australia are imposing a Carbon Tax (after getting elected on a pledge NOT to do so).

C) The climate tyrants must be absolutely ecstatic over the abject tyranny imposed by the unelected and unaccountable EPA bureaucrats. Click here for more on EPA tyranny.

2) “He [Michael Bloomberg] saw coal pollution first and foremost as a public health issue, one that is directly hurting Americans through higher rates of asthma and heart disease.”

The EPA reports that coal related pollutants are all below national standards and are all dropping like a rock. So, are these two clowns suggesting that FEWER pollutants are causing MORE health problems? Yeah, that’s a typical argument from eco-nuts.

3) “Over the past several years… the scientific case on manmade climate change has gotten stronger”

REALLY? What alternative universe do you live in?

A) Click here and examine dozens of examples documenting the utter, total and complete meltdown of the last shreds of any phony credibility the IPCC ever pretended to have.

B) Click here and see how the AMO killed the CAGW cult.

4) “See photos of giant vanishing ice.”

Click here and here and here to debunk ice melt hysteria.

5) “Nationally and internationally, climate politics are deadlocked, even as carbon emissions keep rising and the most of the U.S. sweats through a summer that feels like a trailer for global warming to come.”

A) NYC (the author’s home) may be experiencing a hot summer. But, NOAA reports that about half of the nation is experiencing a cooler than average summer.

Click here for the source of the previous link.

B) Click here and put the latest USA NOAA data for this summer into perspective against the last 25 years.

C) AGW theory posits that AGW is most evident in warmer WINTERS (not warmer summers). Click here and examine the severe USA winter cooling trend.

These are just some of the most obvious and glaring inaccuracies in this pathetic propaganda piece.

It is WAY past time that governments STOP:
Pretending they can micromanage climate change.
Centrally planning the energy sector (to the detriment of ALL).

Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here to debunk the hysteria topic by topic.

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