Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best Solution to the Debt Crisis

Quoting Steven Nelson
at The Daily Caller:
“Gary Johnson is an unusual politician. Contrarian but constructive, Johnson hopes to move the Republican Party in the direction of being a socially ‘tolerant’ party that emphasizes limited government above all else…

An advocate of fiscal conservatism, Johnson said that he opposes raising the debt ceiling. Many Americans would be hurt immediately by the decision, he said, but it’s far preferable to a future economic calamity caused by the over-printing of money.

The only conceivable way he would support raising the debt ceiling would be along with a balanced budget amendment that would take effect immediately. (RELATED: Gary Johnson has his own plan for balancing budget)
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Actually, the best solution to the debt crisis would be to immediately and completely eliminate Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid (along with anything else that so much as smells like government “charity”). That would immediately create a surplus for this year and every year to come and would cut the scope and scale of the federal government by at least 60%. The stock market would soar, the economy would take off like a rocket, unemployment would be a thing of the past, the most generous people in the history of humanity (Americans) would take care of those truly in need FAR better than a pack of worthless and utterly corrupt federal bureaucrats. We would ALL be MUCH better off (immediately AND in the long term).

Well, okay…
The mafia would suffer. But, that’s a good thing. Yes, and, a large cadre of grossly over-paid, counter-productive bureaucrats in Washington D.C. would suffer (until such time as they found something MUCH more productive to do with their lives). But, that too is a good thing.

Alternatively, John Stossel has his own detailed and quantified plan whereby an immediate surplus could be easily achieved. The best idea would be to combine his plan with mine.

For those who labor under the Democrat created delusion that eliminating Medicare would leave granny starving in the streets without any health care -- click here and get a dose of reality.

For those who labor under the Democrat created fantasy that they are not to blame for the MASSIVELY accelerated increase in our national debt, click here and get a dose of reality.

Finally, if you want the gay marriage issue to go away, simply eliminate the discriminatory financial advantages currently provided to married couples. The gay marriage issue (like virtually every other issue) is ALL about money! Get government the HELL out of marriage! Click here to expand upon my views on government and marriage.


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