Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama: Lipstick on a Pig? Seriously?

Is Obama stupid, clumsy, thoughtless and sexist or just
every bit as petty, hateful and vicious as the worst of the Far Left bloggers?

You decide:

It is REALLY safe to assume that Obama was aware of this
statement made by Governor Palin in her acceptance speech:

Palin delivered her acceptance speech, complete with her lipstick remark, on 9/3/08.

A mere six days later, Obama delivered his lipstick gaffe on 9/9/08.

Quoting that prior link:
“ Obama aide Anita Dunn responds to [their allegation of] the McCain campaign's claim that Obama compared Palin to a pig:

Enough is enough. The McCain campaign’s attack tonight is a pathetic attempt to play the gender card about the use of a common analogy – the same analogy that Senator McCain himself used about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health care plan just last year. This phony lecture on gender sensitivity is the height of cynicism and lays bare the increasingly dishonorable campaign John McCain has chosen to run.”
Seriously? Is THAT the response? Come on! Anybody with half a brain and an ounce of class would have known that the VERY oft repeated lipstick quote from Governor Palin rendered the “lipstick on a pig” analogy out of bounds for AT LEAST the duration of the Fall campaign!

Is Obama sooo lacking in his communication skills that he could not come up with SOMETHING other than the lipstick on a pig analogy? Is Obama SO clueless that he REALLY did not understand how this analogy would be received at this moment in time?

Is Obama so out of touch that he does not understand the ONLY way out of this is a very public and very humble Mea Culpa?

What a MORON (at BEST)! Oh well, it’s too late now to apologize. Besides, apology seems to be beyond his character. Obama is now stubbornly stuck with arrogantly and indignantly trying to defend the utterly indefensible. Better yet, the clueless MSM buffoons are screeching the same off key tune even louder. None of them has a CLUE how to stop digging themselves deeper in the hole.

This guy is REALLY falling apart at the seams. Or, put another way, the American voters are FINALLY getting a glimpse into the REAL Obama! And, here we all thought Biden was going to be the gaffe machine. Give it time, we’ll get an even better one from Biden.

It appears to me that this is just MORE evidence of Obama’s bumbling instincts (and boundless hypocrisy) so accurately described by Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers. I would have to say the Dems have, once again (very predictably), nominated a REAL LOSER!

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SBVOR said...


1) Eliminate the obscenity and I will publish your comment.

2) My point was that this gaffe proved Obama to be (at BEST) a hopeless idiot (anyway you slice it).

SBVOR said...

JazzSlave asked me to edit his comment to remove the obscenity. The edited version follows:

Sound and fury signifying nothing, and I am more disappointed with the McCain campaign than I am with Obama’s.

The Gov’s an assault rifle toting frontierswoman, and she needs to be apologized to? Please. The faux outrage makes McCain look like a whiny *****, IMHO.

I also saw nothing malicious about the Obama remark. I thought it was an attempt – a la Bill Clinton’s appropriation of Bob Dole’s ‘bridge to the past’ metaphor – to execute a sort of judo maneuver and turn an opponent’s move against him. Unfortunately, The One is not as facile as der Shlickmiester, and all he did was highlight how clumsy he can be when he’s not hitched to a teleprompter.

This is beyond silly. For both sides.

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