Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Global Warming go Poof!

Global warming go poof!

Is that language which the alarmists can understand?

I suppose NOAA is still evaluating the December data before issuing their final report. But, the data currently available for charting (which includes December) show 2008, for the Continental United States, to be a whopping 0.17F above the average temperature from 1895 to 2008.

The same data show a cooling trend since 1998 of 0.78F per decade.

Click the image to enlarge:

To reproduce this graph and this data, click here and select the following:
Period: “Annual”
First Year to Display: 1998
Last Year to Display : 2008
Base Period, BegYr: 1895
Base Period, EndYr: 2008
Click: “Submit”

And, as always, meteorologist Anthony Watts might have a thing or two to say about how reliable the temperature measuring stations are. For now, we’ll just take NOAA at face value.

Now, given the overwhelming evidence against this nonsense (click here for just a few highlights), tell me again why we are supposed to commit mass suicide in an absolutely futile and astonishingly misguided attempt to micromanage “climate change”?

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