Monday, January 12, 2009

Who is Kevin Grandia?

Updated on 11/29/09

Attacking the messenger is pretty much the ONLY tactic EVER used by climate alarmists in their always feeble attempt to discredit the evidence against Man Made Global Warming. Such was the ONLY tactic employed by Kevin Grandia in this typically shameful HuffPo hit piece.

Now, I always prefer to address the science rather than engage in the politics of personal attack. But, in this case, I thought it would be both amusing and instructive to turn the tables on this Grandia slime bag. Hence, I ask (solely for the purpose of exposing the boundless hypocrisy of The Loony Left):
“Who is Kevin Grandia and what are his qualifications to evaluate the science of Climate Change?”
Answer #1:
“[Kevin Grandia] was educated at Simon Fraser University, and holds a degree in Psychology.”
Note: The substantiating link for the above fact was captured from this page on 4/8/2008 and now resides in this archive. It’s “interesting” to note that -- as of 11/29/09 -- that particular “inconvenient truth” is no longer found on Kevin’s bio.

Answer #2:
“Kevin Grandia has been trained by Al Gore as part of The Climate Project, an initiative designed to educate the public about climate change.”

If we substitute “indoctrinate” for “educate” we would get much closer to the truth about that hilarious poster child for underachievement bio!

Elsewhere, we find Kevin’s [pure political propaganda] blog. On the “Who We Are” page of that blog, we find our boy Kevin associated with such luminaries of the Climate Science world as Greenpeace USA and Rainforest Action Network. Hey! Isn’t Rainforest Action Network the outfit whose band of merry idiots voted to ban WATER? Yep! You betcha!

Side note: Click here to expose the unbridled ignorance of Kevin’s purely political mocking of clean coal.

Meantime, with the mea culpa allegedly offered by Arianna at the end of Kevin’s silly hit piece, one would suppose that Ms. Huffington has narrowly avoided excommunication from the religious cult of Man Made Global Warming. Gee! How predictable was THAT? I wonder if her fellow propagandists threatened to brand her as “not being ‘helpful’ [to the alarmist propaganda campaign].”

But, enough of exposing the boundless hypocrisy of the Loony Left. For those who prefer to examine the evidence as revealed by peer reviewed science, click here (and follow all the links) for a preview of what will eventually become my own comprehensive debunking of what is absolutely, positively, the biggest whopper ever sold to the public in the history of humankind.

Update: Click here for some basic climate change science.


Anonymous said...

Who is SBVOR?

SBVOR said...


Your irrelevant question was eminently predictable.

Who cares who SBVOR is? SBVOR has presented the substantiated evidence (in the form of both directly and indirectly cited peer reviewed science). Has our boy Kevin done the same? NO! At BEST, our boy Kevin has resorted to:

1) Personal attacks.
2) The massive folly of the appeal to authority.

The evidence is ALWAYS more relevant than the authority (real or imagined) of the person or institution presenting it!

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