Friday, May 22, 2009

The Quagmire of Waging War With Lawyers

Imagine if FDR had attempted to defeat the Axis powers by affording every enemy combatant every right afforded American citizens and by prosecuting every enemy combatant in a Federal court of law. What would have happened if the Axis powers were fighting a war and the Allied powers were attempting to prosecute each and every individual enemy combatant as if he was merely a criminal? We would all now be speaking German!

But, although al Qaeda declared war against the United States in 1998, what I described above is EXACTLY what lunatics such as Rachel Maddow and others at MSNBC propose -- nay, demand!

Naturally, candidate Obama told these nuts precisely what they wanted to hear. Today, President Obama -- the one who NOW receives the “President’s Daily Brief” is obviously coming to understand exactly how insane, self-destructive and utterly unworkable this approach really is.

But, President Obama does not have the spine required to admit his foolishness and openly reverse this particular position. Oh, no! President Obama -- as he so often does -- is attempting to have it both ways. In doing so, President Obama is wading directly into the bottomless quagmire of waging war with lawyers on the front lines. In doing so, he is guaranteed to take heavy fire from ALL sides. As evidence, examine the beating the great Messiah took tonight from some of the nuttiest of the nutty on the far, FAR Left:

Click here to view the speeches
from Cheney & Obama (and more).

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