Monday, July 19, 2010

Why has this USDA racist not been fired?

Update #4: It appears that in updates 2 & 3 I gave Sherrod too much (faint) credit (by suggesting she converted from Cultural Marxism to Classical Marxism). Although she MAY have done so in her “professional” life, she clearly has not done so when making shamelessly false and defamatory comments about that great enemy of the Socialist peoples -- Fox News.

First we have the White House imagining they have some crystal ball capable of predicting what Glenn Beck will or will not comment on (and when and how). Then, we have the inconvenient truth that Fox made NO COMMENT about Sherrod until AFTER she was forced to resign. ONLY Bill O’Reilly called for her resignation -- HOURS AFTER she had already resigned!

Note: In my original post (below) I never called for her to be fired. I merely asked for an explanation why she should not be fired. Did I get one? That’s debatable -- see update #3.

Update #3: Should Sherrod have been forced to resign? Like most, my initial impression was that Sherrod discriminated by race in her current USDA job. But, Sherrod claims she was describing a 1986 incident at a previous job. Is that, alone, enough for a reasonable person to demand her resignation? It depends. Personally, I believe every employer has every right to fire anybody for any reason or no reason at all. Nobody has a “right” to a job. That’s just one more bogus entitlement invented by Socialists. So, if her employer felt embarrassed by her very public confession of having consciously discriminated by race in the performance of her job; then I would say a reasonable person would be justified in wanting to eliminate that embarrassment -- even if the incident took place decades ago while employed elsewhere.

There is also the question of a double standard. If a white male admitted to having discriminated against a black female in similar manner, he would have been fired on the spot -- not four months after the public confession (as was the case with Sherrod).

Then, there is the question of whether Sherrod’s conversion from race based Cultural Marxism to the economic based Classical Marxism (see Update #2) makes her somehow more fit to work for the federal government. Since most federal government employees are one or the other, that’s pretty much a moot question (except, of course, when it comes to the question of why we desperately need to dramatically reduce the scope and scale of government at every level).

Update #2: Now, Sherrod claims her remarks were taken out of context and that she was promoting racial unity. Ultimately, Sherrod is claiming that she converted from a race based Cultural Marxism to the economic based Classical Marxism. In her own words, she now says it’s about poor verses those who have. But, not even the USDA believes that conversion cleanses her overtly racist past. After all, in attempting to demonstrate her concept of racial tolerance, Ms. Sherrod spoke of showing compassion for her white farmer by referring him to one of his own kind (a white lawyer). Even if Sherrod now renounces race based Cultural Marxism in favor of Economic Marxism, she’s still a despicable Marxist.

Update: Sherrod has resigned. Will her next job be an Obama cabinet position? Maybe personal assistant to Rev. Wright? A leadership position in the NAACP? PR person for the New Black Panthers? Stay tuned! Just like ACORN, Sherrod is not going away, she will resurface and she will probably have even more power to abuse and even more tax payer money to waste.

The original post follows:

Can anybody explain to me why the overtly racist Shirley Sherrod has not been fired?

Never mind…
We all know why.

A big thank you to Andrew Breitbart and for documenting the overt racism at the USDA and the NAACP.

Oh, and…
Don’t expect the hideously hypocritical NAACP to denounce her obvious racism. They are far too busy pimping for racism where it does not exist.

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