Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chris Christie For President

Quoting Andrew B. Wilson at American Spectator
(I inserted the links):
“According to a recent Pew / National Journal poll, nearly two-thirds of the American people think that ‘Barack Obama's economic policies’ have failed. That includes 29% who think the president's policies have led to worse results and another 35% who think they have had little or no effect.

The poll numbers on Obamacare are worse still. A Rasmussen poll shows that a 2-to-1 majority of voters are in favor of repealing the president's landmark health care bill. That includes a stunning 46% who ‘strongly’ favor repeal, against just 25% who ‘strongly’ oppose repeal…

There is a giant con game going on here. The Republican Party needs a leader who is onto it and who is capable of attacking it in no uncertain terms. And more than someone who can criticize the wrong policies, it needs someone who can lead the country in an entirely different direction…

In her column in last weekend's Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan pointed to the outspoken New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the one Republican leader who is not afraid to talk hard sense about real issues and who does so in an exceptionally forceful and compelling manner… I, for one, am more than happy to second the motion that Christie could be the Republicans' man of the hour. He is nothing less than outstanding when it comes to punching holes in the bad arguments and policies advanced by the other party, and he also has the capacity for inspiring people with clarity of his own vision.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Noonan may not yet embrace (and, may not yet even comprehend) the enormity of what must be done if we are to save our Republic. But, her wisdom in suggesting a practical first baby step (in the form of a President Chris Christie) cannot be denied.

The majority of the country (regrettably) does not yet understand just how poisonous the big three entitlements are. And, anybody who touches that third rail in the next two election cycles will be absolutely slaughtered by Dim propaganda presenting the big three entitlements as not merely wonderful and necessary, but downright sacrosanct.

Sharron Angle gingerly touched that third rail. And, subsequently, the utterly dishonest Dim propaganda machine has actually brought the most hated man in Congress (Harry Reid) back into contention for keeping (and further abusing) his power.

There is broad support for repealing ObamaCare. THAT should be the focus for now.

With Harry Reid now polling ahead of the Tea Party endorsed Sharron Angle, the Tea Party might want to -- for now -- seriously consider the wisdom of Noonan’s more pragmatic baby step approach.

Never sacrifice the good in the name of the perfect.

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