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Locally published climate change propaganda

8/11/10 Update:
Yesterday, I sent Steamboat Magazine an e-mail. I alerted them to the factual inaccuracies and omissions described below and requested retractions and/or corrections. I advised them to respond by posting a comment on this blog. Thus far, no response. But, hey, nobody expects integrity from “journalists” these days anyway.

Original post follows:
Steamboat Magazine has published a climate change propaganda piece written by local freelancer Jennie Lay.

The article is so over the top ridiculous that it’s hardly worth noting. But, I’ll debunk it anyway (and demand retractions and/or corrections from Steamboat Magazine).

As a starting point, click here for a semi-comprehensive examination of the single most expensive fraud ever perpetrated on the human race.

Below, I will iteratively quote the article and then debunk the quote:

1) “Many of the world’s leading climate scientists (including NASA’s James Hansen, who first warned us about global warming two decades ago) say 350 parts per million is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.”

Short rebuttal - I can’t find ANY other scientists who support Hansen’s 350 ppm lunacy.

James Hansen has fully (and repeatedly) discredited himself. Hansen’s utterly absurd diatribe on 350 ppm of CO2 is yet another example demonstrating why so few people take him seriously.

Let’s start by putting current CO2 levels into proper perspective (details and citation links found here).

Jennie suggested that “[m]any of the world’s leading climate scientists” agree with this 350 ppm nonsense. So, I went looking for just ONE -- I did not find ANY!

The 350.org “Our Team” page does not describe ANYBODY with ANY science credentials. Nor could I find any list of scientists backing their agenda. They did (rather inaccurately) claim that “Rajendra Pachauri, the U.N's top climate scientist, said in an interview today that 350 was the bottom line for the planet.” However, not only is Pachauri NOT a climate scientist, Pachauri has NO academic background in ANY branch of science!

The bio for the co-founder of 350.org only mentions that he “was president of the Harvard Crimson newspaper in college”. There is not even any suggestion that he ever earned any sort of college degree, much less any science degree.

Who the other co-founder of 350.org is seems to be a secret. Could it be James Hansen? How about Al Gore? Why the secrecy?

The Wikipedia page for 350.org also lists only non-scientist Pachauri as the closest thing to a second scientist endorsing Hansen’s 350 ppm nonsense!

Did Jennie Lay knowingly lie? You tell me.

2) “We’re already at close to 390 parts per million – approaching what experts call a ‘tipping point’ where impacts like melting glaciers, drought, spreading disease and rising sea levels are irreversible.”

So, Jennie, WHO are these unnamed “experts”? And, when you say “approaching”, do you mean we’re really, really close to apocalypse?

I found ONE article from an extremely biased source claiming that a whopping 13 scientists worldwide give this “tipping point” more than a 50:50 chance (but, ONLY when discussing the absolute worst case scenario projected by the utterly discredited IPCC and ONLY if we’re projecting current trends out to the year 2200).

Sorry folks, current trends would probably have us burn through all hydrocarbon resources prior to 2100, much less 2200. So, what we have here is pure, unadulterated FANTASY projected out 190 years from now producing slightly more than a 50:50 chance of a “tipping point” in the minds of 13 cherry picked scientists.

We now return you to reality…
Click here to put that IPCC worst case scenario into proper perspective (details and data sources found here).

Click here to further debunk this “tipping point” nonsense.

Click here and here and here to debunk ice melt hysteria mongering.

Click here and here to debunk “spreading disease” hysteria mongering.

Click here to debunk sea level hysteria mongering.

3) “The Rockies are headed for warmer temperatures, smaller snowpacks, earlier melt-off”

Well, at least Jennie did not attempt to say any of this is currently happening. It’s almost as if she is actually aware of the facts (I seriously doubt it).

Even the temperature data which peer reviewed science documents as having “an estimated warm bias of about 30%” demonstrates that (contrary to AGW dogma) there is been NO WINTER WARMING in the United States over the last 23 years (details & data links found here).

As for that “earlier melt-off” claim…
That same warm biased data show a 24 year USA year cooling trend for March and April and a 25 year USA cooling trend for May (details & data links found here and here).

4) Dr. Haller is quoted to say “If you look at the International Panel on Climate Change, that’s the longest uncertainty in climate change models – the impact of particles and clouds”

My guess is that Dr. Haller actually said “largest uncertainty”, not “longest uncertainty”, but…
Dr. Haller is absolutely correct. Jennie would have been well advised to inform her readers on the topic of the water vapor assumptions built into the IPCC computer models and how the most recent research is increasingly proving those linchpin assumptions on water vapor to be not merely incorrect, but entirely upside down.

Is anybody surprised that Jennie failed to mention this? I’m not.

5) Jennie devotes the rest of her propaganda to addressing policy responses predicated upon junk science. All I can say is “follow the money”.

Professor Carter estimated (years ago) that a $50 billion gravy train had already been made available to those scientists who were willing to tell worldwide governments what they wanted to hear.

But, $50 billion is chump change compared to what the real hucksters (like Al Gore) stand to make off of this fraud. The IEA estimates the world will waste about $45 TRILLION in pursuing policy follies. Count on that figure being low by at least a full order of magnitude.

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