Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eco-nuts chose all-or-nothing strategy & nothing won!

Quoting Politico:
“Environmentalists went with an all-or-nothing strategy for the 111th Congress. Nothing won…

After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) last month scrapped plans for a vote
[on Cap and Trade], the White House made clear it wasn’t impressed with the environmentalists’ effort.

‘They didn’t deliver a single Republican,’ an administration official told POLITICO just hours after Reid pulled the plug on the climate bill. ‘They spent like $100 million, and they weren’t able to get a single Republican convert on the bill.’

‘We really got our ass kicked in August during the town halls,’ EDF spokesman Tony Kreindler said.”…
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Don’t think that this is over! When the Dims cannot impose their tyranny through Constitutionally legitimate legislative means, they very often do an end run around the Constitution via the judicial branch.

In this case, the (scientifically illiterate) judicial branch has already given the overtly Socialist Carol Browner (Obama’s Czarina over both DOE and EPA) all the ammo she needs to do an end run around the Constitution and impose even WORSE results through regulatory tyranny.

But, will the overreaching tyranny backfire on the EPA? Kim Strassel thinks it might.

Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here for more on EPA tyranny.


RICH said...

"global warming is hazardous to human health…

Moonbattery! Economic destruction and tyranny are a greater hazard to human health. It is happening now and growing. Many are blind to this truth.

It's not good when CO2 exhaling citizens have a fear of its government.

Sniff, sniff. Is that a revolution that I smell?

SBVOR said...


A revolution would be in order if our form of government was flawed -- it is not. We have, in our Constitution, the best form of government ever devised by man. But, no variation on Democracy -- including our Constitutional Republic -- can survive public ignorance (our real enemy).

Unless the public at large wakes up and educates themselves, then our country is destined to collapse. They won't and we will -- it is an inevitable cycle driven by human nature.

RICH said...

"if our form of government was flawed -- it is not.

It is when activist judges force their ideology onto and against the will of the people.

"Unless the public at large wakes up and educates themselves, then our country is destined to collapse."

That's why I appreciate your site. Education is the key to success.

In reality, hidden in the shadows of ignorance, lies greed and corruption. This paves the way for political and economic decay. I pray that we can hold strong before America falls like the Roman Empire, but I fear it is inevitable.

We are surrounded by ignorant and indoctrinated moonbats. God help us.

SBVOR said...


Never confuse our form of government with the tyrants in power who often utterly ignore our Constitution.

Our form of government is as good as it gets. The massively corrupt, power crazed and tyrannical politicians (many of them in the judicial branch) who have utterly ignored our Constitution are about as bad as it gets.

But, again, only in a pure Democracy is the will of the majority always the last word (and our form of government is not a pure Democracy).

Anytime the will of the majority conflicts with the Constitution, the Constitution trumps the majority. On Prop 8, the judge just might have the Constitution on his side. We'll have to see how that plays out. It will be interesting to see the written opinion from the Supreme Court.

RICH said...

"Anytime the will of the majority conflicts with the Constitution, the Constitution trumps the majority."


"Amendments: The framers of the Constitution were aware that changes would be necessary if the Constitution was to endure as the nation grew. However, they were also conscious that such change should not be easy, lest it permit ill-conceived and hastily passed amendments. On the other hand, they also wanted to ensure that a rigid requirement of unanimity would not block action desired by the vast majority of the population. Their solution was a two-step process for proposing and ratifying new amendments."

SBVOR said...


Yes, "anytime".

Amending the Constitution, by way of the lawful procedures defined by the Constitution, does not represent a situation where "the will of the majority conflicts with the Constitution".

SBVOR said...


When it comes to utterly unconstitutional judicial activism, nothing (so far) trumps Roe v. Wade. The impact of that decision was arguably almost one order of magnitude more evil than the profoundly evil Nazi holocaust (6 million Jews vs. about 50 million of the very most innocent and defenseless of all our citizens).

Click here for the best dissenting opinion from that case.

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