Saturday, September 25, 2010

Michael Bennet is a deceptive scumbag

Michael Bennet (Dim Senator from Colorado)
personally endorsed the following deception:

Click here for the facts (as presented by Dims).

1) This controversy stems from Buck having previously endorsed the proposed Colorado “Personhood Amendment” (an amendment which I fully support).

2) Regrettably, Buck has already backed away from support for that amendment. So, by running the ad, Bennet is willfully engaging in a bald faced lie!

3) In the Denver Post article, the deliberately deceptive phrase “birth control pills that can reduce the chances of implantation for a fertilized egg” refers ONLY to what is commonly known as “The Morning After Pill” (which, when the egg has already been fertilized, is nothing more than an abortion in pill form).

4) Notice the repeated use of the deliberately ambiguous phrase “commonly used”? Bennet is such a scumbag that he won’t even be honest about the FACT that each of these “commonly used” techniques involves the willful, knowing destruction of one or more human beings! Birth control does NOT require the willful destruction of a human life! And, the “common” birth control pill does NOT destroy human life! Try being HONEST Mr. Bennet! Not capable? Thought so!

5) Sorry, all you feminazis -- you are NOT allowed to play God -- at least you shouldn’t be! You do NOT have the right -- in the case of abortion on demand -- to knowingly and willfully murder your unborn children merely for the sake of convenience. And, you do NOT have the right -- in the case of fertility treatments -- to create multiple human lives and then destroy all but the one you wanted for the sake of your own narcissistic desires.

Michael Bennet -- SHAME ON YOU! You are a COWARD, a DECEIVER, a BALD FACED LIAR, a SCUMBAG and an advocate for infanticide! No wonder you are behind in the polls!

Click here for the previous exposé on the Bennet campaign.
Click here for more facts on abortion.


Anonymous said...

How much time fif you spend writing this? It's hilarious. Ever wonder why no one responded or why you never recieved any comments??? Good Lord, you are in Colorado - NOT OKLAHOMA! If you really thought Ken Buck's stance on abortion wouldn't cost him the race, you are a moron.

God help us if people like you EVER control our government or the legislative process. Your ambitions are that the United State devolve into nothing more than a theocracy, which leads to the exact same types of oppression that we are fighting in the Middle East (Afghanistan/Taliban).

SBVOR said...


1) I am a lifelong agnostic. So, there goes your theocracy silliness.

2) You equate opposition to casual infanticide with a Taliban style theocracy? REALLY?

3) Since you are so enlightened, I assume you are aware that the overwhelming majority of homicides committed upon the unborn are done for no higher purpose than personal convenience.

And, you find that acceptable? Is it any wonder then that a party as extreme and as evil as yours is even losing your ultimate stronghold (New York City)?

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