Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Discovery Channel Manifesto

Update #2 (6/24/11):
The original manifesto page has been taken down (probably quite some time ago).

Update #1:
The (now deceased) perp is identified as James J. Lee. MSNBC reports that Lee “experienced an ‘awakening’ when he watched former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ ”

We have reports of a hostage situation at the Discovery Channel building.

Normally, this is not a news event covered on this blog.

But, we also have speculation (now seemingly confirmed) that this manifesto (now removed from the net) was written by the hostage taker. Expecting that page would disappear, I reproduced it here.

That manifesto falls within the scope of this blog. It is a particularly extreme and nutty example of the nature worshipping religious cult whose mainstream represents the most dangerous and destructive religious cult ever.

Most of the manifesto focuses on pollution and population in general. Demand #6 mentions Global Warming and oil. In that regard:

Click here for some basic climate change science.

Click here to debunk the hysteria topic by topic.

Was the author of the manifesto mentally ill? Or, was he merely particularly well indoctrinated into the nature worshiping religious cult? Both? You decide.


RICH said...

Rumor has it...

If this eco-terrorist had lived, Obama was gonna give him a full pardon and hire him to run our energy department. JK.

Too soon?

SBVOR said...

Too soon? Nah.
The innocents survived the ordeal.

SBVOR said...


By the way...
One of my biggest reasons for having previously used comment moderation was to ensure that I had a chance to view each comment and respond if I wanted to.

I recently discovered a (relatively new?) feature which allows me to do that without enabling moderation. Combine that with having created a spam filter and I saw no more reason to use comment moderation.

I hope you find the change agreeable.

RICH said...

This is more proof that the fear of global warming is the real danger.

This one minute video is about moonbats cut from the same cloth as James Jay Lee.

RICH said...

I was gonna ask no more moderation? I like it.

SBVOR said...


I’m sure we both agree that we will be far better off resolving to adapt to climate change rather than attempting (in vain) to prevent it.

The abysmal failures of Kyoto demonstrate the enormously expensive folly of attempting to prevent it -- especially considering that we have no control over the large majority of climate change anyway.

Now, the alarmists want us to dedicate $45 TRILLION for more of the same insanity!

As an example of how little control we have over climate change:

1) The purely political and entirely extremist IPCC estimates that sea levels will -- owing to human activity -- rise between 7” and 23” in the next 100 years. For a variety of reasons, that is almost certainly grossly exaggerated.

(See Table 3.1 on page 45 from this rather large and slow loading IPCC PDF file.)

2) But, we know -- for a fact -- that Mother Nature, during the previous interglacial warming period, rose sea levels 4 to 5 METERS (13 to 16 feet) above current levels.

So, the first lesson in adaptation is to NEVER build ANYTHING less than 20 feet (or more) above current sea levels (and scuttle everything that is below that level).

SBVOR said...


I am happy to hear you are pleased with the elimination of moderation. Thanks for the feedback!

RICH said...

Yes - we agree.

Considering that the average sea level rise is 1 - 3 millimeters per year, when it comes to AGW, humanity should grab a Snickers bar.

"Not going anywhere for a while."

SBVOR said...


On the subject of sea levels, you might find this post of interest:

RICH said...

Thanks for the link. Good stuff.

SBVOR said...

RICH - You're welcome...

aron@israel said...

i just love the fact that obama belive that climate change will bring world to violence and his opinion is not based on research but on opinion of american generals.

SBVOR said...

Aron@Israel (Sep 14, 2010 5:43:00 AM),

Generals (American and otherwise) are paid to create contingency plans for as many scenarios as the mind can imagine.

Perfectly natural climate change could very well create conditions which would precipitate war. It's not likely to happen in the next 50,000 years. But, given the natural history of climate change, it is not outside the realm of possibility.

The folly comes in believing that political policy is capable of altering the course of climate change in any meaningful way.

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