Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Should the Seventeenth Amendment be Repealed?

The previous post highlighted the Dim appeal to ignorance regarding Article 1, Section 3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the original United States Constitution and the Seventeenth Amendment (which fundamentally altered the intent of the original Constitution).

This post will highlight a strong argument in favor of repealing the Seventeenth Amendment -- or, perhaps more accurately, why it should have never been ratified in the first place.

I’m not yet certain where I stand on this issue. But, my gut instinct is to trust the Founding Fathers over the so-called “Progressives” of the Woodrow Wilson era and their “modern” counterparts.

It would appear that the Seventeenth Amendment has brought about exactly what the Founding Fathers sought to prevent!

Quoting Ross Kaminsky
at The American Spectator
(I inserted the links):
“The 17th Amendment is a direct attack on federalism and one of the greatest transfers of power from the states to the federal government, and particularly to Democrat senators, in our nation's history….

Following the passage of the 17th Amendment, ‘… the state governments have more and more been downgraded from independent policy-making bodies to mere instrumentalities of the federal government’…

the sad history of the past several decades in which the federal government peddled its opiate of ‘block grants’ and ‘highway funds’ other ‘free’ money to the now-addicted states is something that will require a rather potent budget-methadone treatment that many citizens -- and most politicians -- might not be able to handle…

When the Constitution becomes a topic for public debate, it forces Democrats and Progressives to explain why they routinely ignore, dismiss, or attack the Constitution with their ultra-expensive Nanny State policies

when our Constitution takes center stage in political discussion, particularly when it can be shown that we ignore it at our own peril, America takes a baby step toward relearning the value of our Founding documents and principles.”
Please, Please, PLEASE
click the image & read the rest:

Click the image & read the rest

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