Monday, November 30, 2009

Comrades! Give up Your Decadent Ice Water!

You must give up your decadent ice water!
You must do so for the good of the planet!
An IPCC Industrial Engineer decrees it!

Think I’m kidding?
Click the image & read the story:

Click the image & read the rest
Does the IPCC expect anybody to take them seriously?

It is sadly amusing to see The Guardian describe this IPCC political hack as “the world's leading climate scientist”.

The fact is that Pachauri has NO academic background in ANY branch of science! This political hack was educated in Industrial Engineering!

But, that’s the norm among the climate change tyrants. Carol Browner -- Obama’s Energy and Climate Czar -- is an English major turned lawyer turned member of Socialist International turned climate “expert”. And, once the Senate (properly) declines to pass Cap and Tax legislation, Obama WILL turn to Browner in order to impose the latest example of judicial tyranny from the so-called “Progressives”!

And, that is precisely why I -- long ago -- named Carol Browner as “the most dangerous politician in America”.

Click here and here and here for more questions about Pachauri.
Click here for more evidence of IPCC incompetence.
Click here for some basic climate change science.


madistan said...

Industrial engineering is a science. When did you determine it is not s science? BTW, do you care to share your academic credentials?

SBVOR said...


Engineering uses the principles of science in the practical application of the profession. Some may use that as a rationale to include engineering as a branch of science. I don’t.

Technically, all branches of Engineering fall under Applied Science, not under Science. Applied Science is not a branch of Science. They are merely related fields. To attempt to describe Industrial Engineering as a branch of science is an even bigger stretch.

I would expect the purported “leader” of the IPCC to have an academic background in the Physical Sciences.

If any skeptic of AGW hysteria had an academic background identical to Dr. Pachauri’s, how much credibility do you suppose he/she would be granted in the AGW hysteria community?

And, no, I will not reveal my academic credentials. If I wanted to drop bread crumbs leading to my identity, I would not describe myself as “an anonymous blogger”.

SBVOR said...

P.S.) There is only ONE circumstance under which an Industrial Engineer would be qualified to “lead” the IPCC.

IF the mandate of the IPCC was to “engineer” political (Socialist) “solutions” to a “problem” which was pre-determined before the IPCC even BEGAN to examine the science, THEN an Industrial Engineer would be well suited to “lead” that totalitarian political organization.


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