Monday, September 19, 2011

Fail to hire the unemployed and get sued

From the White House to the Congress, Dims seem to be on a mission to make sure nobody ever hires anybody ever again.

The latest proposals from Congressional Dims give the unemployed the right to sue if they believe a potential employer failed to hire them based upon their status as being currently unemployed.

If this is passed into law, it will ONLY serve to make every potential employer think twice about even bothering to consider hiring anybody. Only the truly desperate -- those willing to hire anybody with a heartbeat -- will bother to interview anybody.

Both bills are nothing but yet another payoff to the trial lawyers -- the biggest donors (by FAR) to the Democrats.

What the WaPo article cited below will not tell you is that the House bill was introduced by Democrat Rosa L.DeLauro and the Senate bill was introduced by Democrat Richard Blumenthal -- both representing Connecticut.

Quoting The Washington Post:
“the House and the Senate recently proposed near-identical versions of the Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011 to prohibit discrimination based on a job applicant’s unemployment status.

Despite ostensibly good intentions, Congress’s proposal has raised eyebrows for affording remarkably expansive rights and protections to job applicants and employees that go above and beyond any federal or state law or proposed law to date. If passed, the potential for substantial government intrusion in the private sector’s hiring process looms large, with several negative consequences for the workplace likely to follow.”
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Image credit to The People’s Cube.

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