Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama Hopes GOP Rejects his 'Jobs' Bill

As predicted, Obama’s big speech offered us nothing but more of his same failed policies - higher taxes (but only on his political enemies - those who create jobs), more class warfare (by offering more tax credits to his political allies - those who pay no income tax), more unemployment “benefits” (aka welfare checks) and $447 BILLION more in utterly counter-productive government “stimulus” spending (aka bribes paid to public sector unions, paid for by “sleight-of-hand”).

The two token bones tossed to employers (a temporary, partial payroll tax rebate & a $4,000 reward for hiring the long term unemployed) is just a quick sugar fix which even The New York Times admits will do nothing to inspire anybody to hire more workers. If Obama had any clue at all how to create jobs he would have -- just as a baby step -- suggested that we repeal ObamaCare, prevent the EPA from regulating CO2 and require the Department of the Interior to allow more drilling (given our VAST hydrocarbon resources).

But, the media are entirely missing the strategy behind the speech…
The hidden agenda inside Obama’s so-called “Jobs” bill is that he is counting on the House Republicans to (properly) reject it - that’s Obama’s only hope to win a second term.

Both Obama AND the New York Times know offering more of his same failed policies will never turn the economy around - it will only continue to make matters worse and further reduce his odds of a second term. But, if Obama were to reverse course (for the good of the nation), he would lose his base and he would lose the election. So -- being more interested in reelection than the good of the nation -- Obama has thrown a big steaming pile of red meat to his base. Obama knows full well more of the same failed “stimulus” does not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting passed into law. And, that is exactly what Obama is cynically counting on.

Obama’s “Hail Mary” election strategy is to swear that “more of the same” would have worked if only those evil Republicans would have given it a chance.

At least 40% of voters will swallow that lie hook, line and sinker. We can only hope that at least a slim majority of voters are smarter than that. Time will tell.

Obama can’t stop whipping his dead horse.
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The above is a modification of a Michael Ramirez cartoon.
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