Sunday, February 5, 2012

Planned Parenthood does NOT provide mammograms!

The primary reason cited by Susan G. Komen’s CEO for redirecting their funding away from Planned Parenthood was to “directly fund mammograms” (because Planned Parenthood “only provide[s] mammogram referrals.”

According to the CDC, "Mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early". Hence, redirecting these grants would have more effectively and more efficiently served the needs of women. But, as always, the abortion activists were FAR more interested in making sure their bloated sacred cow (Planned Parenthood) remained VERY well fed.

Knowing that they have lobbied AGAINST the interests of women (and, bullied Komen into submission), abortion activists -- all across the internet -- are now desperately claiming that Planned Parenthood actually does provide mammograms. Previously, even Planned Parenthood’s President implied this was the case. But, in fact, this is a bald faced lie and PP’s own web site proves it.

Click here and find the means to locate EVERY PP facility in the entire nation. Once a given facility is located, click on it. Next (if it appears) click on “Women’s Health Care”. In EVERY case, if ANYTHING is listed related to mammography, the ONLY thing listed is “mammogram referrals”.

Doubt me? Let’s look at the two biggest hot beds of Leftist Lunacy -- New York City and San Francisco:

New York City has one PP facility. At that facility, they offer ONLY “mammogram referrals”.

Similarly, San Francicso has one PP facility. At that facility, they offer ONLY “mammogram referrals”.

Well, SURELY some PP facility in Washington D.C. offers mammograms, right? After all, tax payers provide 46% of PP funding! Yeah, sorry, not the case (here, there or ANYWHERE):

Washington D.C. has two PP facilities. At the first facility, they offer ONLY “mammogram referrals” and at the second facility, they offer ONLY “mammogram referrals”.

I challenge ANY PP advocate to find any PP location ANYWHERE in the ENTIRE country which provides mammograms. Here’s a clue -- THERE ARE NONE!


mfranks said...

Thank you for this post! There is so much bad information out there.

SBVOR said...


You're most welcome!

It's like I always say:
"The entire 'Progressive' ideology is pure mythology."

I suppose there must be at least one element of truth in all their dogma -- I just haven't found it yet.

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