Friday, April 20, 2012

Cybill Shepherd Decries Fictional 'War on Women'

One great reason NOT to watch The Client List…

Cybill Shepherd (starring in The Client List) supports the (fictional) “constitutional right” for American women to murder their own children for any reason or no reason at all.

She also:

1) Demands that all who find the murder of innocent children abhorrent must be required by FORCE OF LAW to fund what is -- by FAR -- the largest (and most dishonest) abortion provider in the country.

2) Asserts what she believes is an entitlement to (so-called) free contraception. One must assume Cybill expects all Catholic institutions to be required -- through FORCE OF LAW and in direct contradiction of The First Amendment to The United States Constitution -- to violate one of their most sacred beliefs and provide for this nutty new entitlement.

The nutty Ms. Shepherd believes strongly in a purely fabricated “constitutional right” for American women to murder their own children. But, she has NO REGARD what-so-ever for religious liberties CLEARLY guaranteed by The First Amendment to the United States Constitution! In other words, Cybill Shepherd is a typical Leftist totalitarian thug.

Do NOT support this thug:

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John said...

I try not to step into theologic arguments and the abortion issue leads me in that direction. What are we? What is soul? When does soul enter the body? When doe sit leave? Does soul have any actual experience or perception while in the womb?

I have personal concepts regarding these questions but speaking about them does little in the way of good.

I can however raise a more practical question.

If a person can be charged with double homicide when killing a pregnant woman why then would not that woman be charged with murder if she aborted the unborn child?

SBVOR said...


You raise an excellent question. The answer, of course, is that the so-called "Progressives" on the Supreme Court have not yet trampled on the state laws defining the double homicide you describe.

Click here to see how every American was strategically disentitled by the brazenly unconstitutional ruling in Roe v Wade.

For the purpose of defining homicide, this is not a theological question. It's science:

The moment when life begins is -- by definition -- a transformational event. At the moment of conception, two haploid cells transform into a diploid cell and become a unique human being. Every moment after conception is a transitional event which varies in timing with each pregnancy. Every other attempt to define the moment when life begins is a purely political contrivance whose sole intent is to rationalize homicide.

Click here for more of my thoughts on abortion.

RICH said...

Great points on your above comment SBVOR.

SBVOR said...

Thanks, RICH...
Always good to hear from you!

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