Sunday, October 25, 2009

60 Minutes Exposes Medicare Fraud

Click here for the primary post on this topic (and, follow the links back to this post).

The Dims keep telling us health care nirvana is merely a matter of putting the entire nation on Medicare (aka the Single Payer “solution”).

But, consider the following excerpt from the transcript of the embedded video below:
“KROFT: Look, I'm sure that you're aware of these problems. But it doesn't seem like you're doing a very good job. I don't mean you personally, but I mean, the government. This is still like a huge problem, and getting worse, right?

BRANDT: Well, it really does come down to the size and scope of the Medicare program, and the resources that are dedicated to oversight and anti-fraud work. One of our biggest challenges has been that we have a program that pays out over a billion claims a year, over $430 billion, and our oversight budget has been extremely limited.”
So, the problem is Medicare is too big, the “solution” is to throw even more money at Medicare and doing so will “save” enough money to put the rest of the nation on Medicare? Yep! That sounds like our “beloved” Federal government!

The REAL problem with Medicare is that NOBODY has ANY incentive to control costs -- AND, nobody EVER WILL!

But, Dims live in a fantasy world where everybody is altruistic and incentives are irrelevant. Well, okay, Dim politicians are just plain evil and naïve Dim voters live in the fantasy world which Dim politicians invent.

In the world of the Dims, (purported) good intentions are all that’s needed for heaven on earth.

Watch it and weep:

Click here for commentary.
Click here & expose some ObamaCare LIES!


Anonymous said...

Why are the areas where medicare fraud is the worst, . . . in the Red States of Florida and Texas?

How did Medicare fraud grow so big during the Bush years?

Who did the fraudsters make their largest political donations to?

SBVOR said...


You are a typical Leftist -- full of unsubstantiated allegations/mythology which you devour like it was gospel.

SBVOR said...

Anonymous Idiot,

If you insist -- foolishly -- upon making this a red/blue issue…

1) Medicare fraud is a big city phenomenon.

And, the overwhelming majority of counties hosting big cities are solidly “Blue” (and have been for some time).

2) This AP report mentions three cities.

A) All three cities are in “Blue” counties (and have been for some time).

B) In 2008, all three cities were in “Blue” states.

Next lie?

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