Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obama Bombed!

9/9/09 was Obama’s last chance to sell Socialist health care.
And, mercifully, he failed.
On 9/15/09 Rasmussen showed opposition at a new high - 55%.
Click the image for the latest update from Rasmussen:
Click the image for the latest update from Rasmussen

But, even ABC (Always Barack Champions) shows Obama bombed.
Click the image for the ABC polling data:
Click the image for the ABC polling data

Quoting the ABC poll:
“Perhaps worst for the president, in interviews following his nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress, Americans by 54-41 percent say that the more they hear about health care reform, the less they like it.”
Gee, does anybody think the above quote explains EXACTLY why the Dims tried to ram this CRAP down our throats BEFORE the August recess (and the massive protests and alarming revelations that ensued)?

Does anybody wish the radicals at The Apollo Group, who wrote the stimulus bill, had not enjoyed the benefits of a complicit Congress a complicit White House in ramming THAT crap down our throats?

Now that the Dims have pretty much bankrupted the whole damn nation, can we FINALLY put a stop to the INSANITY? PLEASE!

Click here for related polling data.
Click here for more on ObamaCare.


QT said...

One thing about Obama's speech. It was overtly partisan and pugnatious. There was not even the thinnest attempt to try to bring together different groups and to start building on areas of consensus. The sub-text was clear...we're going tah ram this thing down your throat and you're going tah like it.

The pilot program for tort reform and the mention of John McCain were non-secateurs. The expression on McCain's face said it all...he knew he was being used for show.

Obama has no intention of letting go of this issue. Throwing Van Jones or Rev. Wright under the bus is not a problem but when it comes to admitting that he's wrong, that's different.

He could have completely changed the dynamics by being a bigger doing what he said he would do...move beyond partisan politics, be open to all views, and building upon consensus.

It's just like his "recallibration" apology. Translation: I should have been more diplomatic however you're still a dick and I'm still right.

SBVOR said...


I agree with your assessment.

My first reaction was much like yours.

Subsequent events only further reinforced that impression.

Obama was only looking to shore up his base (which was fading fast). He had some marginal success on that front, but only for a few days.

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