Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Van Jones & Cultural Marxism

Quoting self-described Communist, Van Jones
(just past 15:30 in the video):
“No, we gonna change the whole system.
We gonna change the whole thing…
We want a new system.”
Van Jones is now Obama’s “Green Jobs Advisor”.
He delivered this speech on Friday, February 27, 2009.
Then, PLEASE thoroughly examine my analysis:

1) Remember, this speech was given by a self-described Communist who, to the best of my knowledge, has NEVER renounced his Communist ideology.

Furthermore, his entire speech is framed around the central modern Marxist doctrine of Cultural Marxism.

PLEASE! To understand the true nature of this speech, it is absolutely essential that you thoroughly read and completely comprehend the doctrine of Cultural Marxism (and its origins). Click here and thoroughly understand that doctrine, then listen to the speech again.

His speech really has very little to do with energy and everything to do with promoting his Communist ideology.

2) The first part of the speech employs the classic cult (or street gang) indoctrination techniques of targeting those who are -- in the words of Van Jones -- “lost”, “lonely” and full of “pain”. Jones offers up -- but neither openly nor directly -- that following his Marxist revolution is what will give these lost and lonely souls a “reason” to live.

Those who remember Jim Jones and his Marxist Jonestown cult -- the ones who literally “drank the Kool-Aid” (and died by doing so) -- might find this speech eerily reminiscent of any given Jim Jones speech. I certain do.

3) The doomsday rhetoric is exactly (in part) what Dr. Ian Plimer describes in presenting Environmentalism as “The New Religion”. I could call it the new totalitarian political religious cult.

4) Finally, at about 15:30 into the speech, Jones gets to the crescendo rant quoted at the top of this post wherein he openly admits that the so-called “Green” revolution is entirely ancillary to his REAL agenda.

At this point, Jones openly describes his desire to tear down our existing “system” (Capitalism) and entirely replace that with his preferred “system” (Communism). Jones does not use the words Capitalism or Communism. But, one would have to be willfully blind -- especially in light if his avowed Communist ideology -- not to see that this is EXACTLY what he is talking about!

5) Now, Obama selected an avowed Communist to be his Green Jobs Czar. So, it should come as no surprise that Obama also selected an overt Socialist as his Climate Change and Energy Czar. Does anybody see a pattern here? Does anybody see an endgame here?

On October 25th, 2008, I expressed my fear that:
“We could be on the verge of electing America’s Hugo Chavez”
On January 8, 2009, I offered up:
“proof that the environmental front is where Obama plans to most aggressively advance his overtly Socialist agenda
I deeply regret to report that I think I was correct on both counts.

And, I think Glenn Beck just might agree:

Click here & examine climate change science.
Click here & examine Coal - Propaganda vs. Science.

Click here for more on Van Jones.


QT said...

Very interesting stuff. Thanks for the posting. Of particular interest learning of the historical background of these ideas.

Would be interested to know if there is any link between the Frankfurt Institute & the Club of Rome.

SBVOR said...


You are most welcome.

As I am unfamiliar with the Club of Rome, perhaps you could educate me in that area.

QT said...


Some history on the Club of Rome. The Club of Rome is best known for advocating for an international global world order and its most famous publication, "Limits to Growth".

It seems reasonable to suggest that the world has a finite amount of resources ie. oil. Limits to Growth, however, did not factor in developments in technology that change the way we use materials or how pricing ensures optimum allocation of resources (ie. scare commodities become more expensive and the market seeks equivalent substitutes ie. whale oil was replaced by kerosene, liquified coal, natural gas, and eventually electricity. We did not eliminate every whale from the planet but found substitutes for whale oil.

Despite being debunked by many critics including Julian Simon, Limits to Growth like the Population Bomb has firmly established itself in popular culture. Limits also predicted global famine advocating radical population control and failed to predict the phenominal advances made in agriculture known as the Green Revolution. A very rose-coloured review of Limits to Growth is available on Wikipedia from which one can readily discern the bias and flaws in the premise.

Some recent quotations seem to suggest that this organization may bear watching.

SBVOR said...


Thank you for that excellent overview. I am very familiar with the concepts and their glaring economic fallacies. But, I was not familiar with that particular organization.

I know both of us read Carpe Diem. So, neither of us would have any excuse for being as economically illiterate as The Club of Rome, eh?

Best Regards,

QT said...

The Club of Rome likes to keep a low profile. Their by invitation only membership consists of a high profile, well-connected group helping to leverage their ideas. I only recently became aware of the extent of their influence in the OECD, the EU, etc.

The twentieth century has illustrated the power of ideas even bad ones.

It has been nice talking with you. Really enjoyed your postings on Van Jones. Excellent report.

One of the great things about the internet is that it is impossible for any group to get a lockdown on public information.

SBVOR said...


The pleasure (and education) has been all mine.

Thank you for contributing.

Anonymous said...

thought it would be of interest:
Van Jones resigned. I got that on FOX news alert this morning.
Congressman from Indiana is also calling for a halt to the hiring of CZARS.
The Pressure is On.

SBVOR - I was watching it all along.
Reference is the story of Jacob in the Bible, his coat of many colors.

I write from Fly Over Country - as soon as I retire, I'll be able to post more.
Keep it coming.....

I may be reached by email through my profile.

-UTR sends

Anonymous said...

What will be of interest now, after Jones' resignation :
How the President handles it, as well as members of the Senate and House.
The one Congressman from Indiana was quoted. I know the Senators from Oklahoma - Inhofe and Coburn, have both been very vocal with regards to where the Country seems to be headed, not liking the true nature of Health Care reform.
There are many others I'm sure, Dem and Rep.
I don't remember reading on FOX where Jones is/was head of the Apollo Alliance. The article seems to be in report mode.
Now, what about the rest of the Czars ? Is this the start of the house cleaning ? Guys like Sunstein.
Point is, I'm sure there are worse, ideologically speaking, than Jones. So is he the sacrificial lamb ?
The subterfuge, and not knowing exactly what these guys are doing, is the dangerous part.
And Jones may be replaced with someone worse, and we don't know it.
It's like Sebelius - she took large campaign contributions from an abortionist in KS, a guy who had performed 60,000 abortions. And now she's the head of HHS.


SBVOR said...


Thank you for your comments and updates.

I saw that on Fox myself. It was “interesting” to note that Jones claimed he was forced out by “vicious” “lies”. Well, anybody with at least half a brain can examine the evidence in this post and the various associated links and EASILY see who is lying.

IMO, Carol Browner is far more dangerous than Van Jones. And, she is far, FAR more powerful.

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