Sunday, September 27, 2009

Barking Moonbat Quote of the Week

Quoting Bari Weiss at The WSJ Opinion Journal:
“I asked why she [Mary Ruth Aull] decided to take to the streets [of Pittsburg to protest the G20 meeting]. ‘I'm so appalled at the devastation of our mother Earth,’ she said. ‘Mother Earth is crying out to us.’ Her solution? ‘I would give up everything and live in a cave if I could, if doing that would save the Earth.’”
But, my bet is she hasn’t even given up her iPod or her TV.

Mr. Weiss concluded his article with this Moonbat antidote:
“Mr. Carnegie said: ‘The Socialist or the Anarchist who seeks to overturn present conditions is to be regarded as attacking the foundation upon which civilization itself rests.’ Right on, brother.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Is Mother Earth really “crying out to us”?
Click here & explore what science says.


thomas said...

Hi, Here is a very interesting article about the cause of global warming and what will cause global cooling.

As far as mother earth crying out... I don't think that hysterical catch phrase really works except at emotional moments during large gatherings. I do believe in being smart about how we use our resources and our long term goals. Being lazy about it and thinking that the future will take care of itself is stupid, especially if the future comes sooner than you hoped. Then while you are weak and in need of support from those younger than you; they will fail being without the natural resources that were squandered..

Interesting article (although I scanned some of it) I saw some things that I wished I hadn't, but we all need to know more than our "comfort zone". The truth is where you find it; not in our own partisan views. Anyway, thank you for posting

SBVOR said...


1) Anthony Watts, proprietor of WattsUpWithThat, is one of my favorite bloggers. I highly recommend his site.

2) Here are posts of mine which are related to your link:

Chasing a More Accurate Global [Climate] Trend

The Current Cooling Trend

Temperatures Over Time - Part II

For me, the bottom line is summed up in this chart -- which demonstrates:

A) A gentle warming trend which began 2,000 years ago.

B) Within that warming trend, there have been more minor warming and cooling trends.

C) Contrary to the hysteria of the alarmists -- who rely upon deeply flawed worldwide surface temperature monitoring sites -- there is NOTHING even REMOTELY unusual about the warming trend of the 20th century.

Nor will the current cooling trend turn out to be anything out of the ordinary (acknowledging that the damage done during the Little Ice Age was troubling, but nothing “out of the ordinary”).

3) Thomas sez:

“I do believe in being smart about how we use our resources”

Does this qualify as “smart”?

Was this a “smart” idea (shoved down our throats by force of law)?

4) Thomas sez:

“thinking that the future will take care of itself is stupid, especially if the future comes sooner than you hoped”

A) As demonstrated in the previous point, what is “stupid” is expecting government bureaucrats to deliver viable solutions. The ONLY thing government bureaucrats EVER deliver is graft and corruption.

And, CO2 regulation is shaping up to be:

i) Enormously costly to you and I.

ii) The next giant gravy train for Dims and the trial lawyers who fund them.

There are many potential solutions. Unfettered competition in a marketplace where consumers are FREE to choose the best solutions on a LEVEL playing filed unfettered by government subsidies is the ONLY hope for delivering on those solutions

B) Even ignoring constant innovations, constant discoveries AND what we already know is available and recoverable -- yet NOT factored into the equations -- the future (of Peak Oil) is further away than you might think.

SBVOR said...


Note -- in this chart -- the height of the various peaks above the black linear trend line. There have been at least five MAJOR periods -- just in the last 2,000 years -- when a warming trend was MUCH further above the linear trend line than what is demonstrated in the warming of the 20th century!

Furthermore -- as this chart demonstrates -- the temperatures witnessed in the last decade do not even come close to the (very consistent) maximum temperatures witnessed in EACH of the previous FOUR perfectly normal, perfectly natural interglacial warming periods!

Click here for more such charts.

thomas said...

Very few people know how much rare earth minerals go into hybrids, or the cost to our economy and environment. I appose hybrids and I haven't liked them since my brother in law bought one, no seriously I read some time ago about the cost of hybrids and formed my opinion of them then, well an opinion with any merit. You listed a lot and a lot to consider I will continue later.



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