Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dire poverty or expansive entitlements?

Seen the reports of swelling food stamp rolls?
Does that reflect dire poverty in the USA?
Or, merely the pervasive expansion of entitlements?

You decide:

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RICH said...

Instead of creating jobs, the liberals want to extend unemployment benefits. Why work when the government pays you not to?

On the flip side, republicans want to lower unemployment, by making it financially easier for businesses to hire people.

SBVOR said...


Pretty simple, eh? Yep.

Everybody I have ever know who ever collected unemployment entitlements freely and readily admitted that they could find a job, but that they preferred to collect unemployment. And, everybody I know reports the exact same experience with people they know.

It is a substantiated, quantitative fact that the longer the Dims extend unemployment entitlements, the longer unemployment will remain high. But, they know that -- it is exactly what they want (more people dependent upon the government).

Here in Steamboat, the ski resort still has “about 15” jobs open (and will have to hire “50 to 60 foreign workers”) while 9.2% of our locals sit on their butts and collect unemployment entitlements.

RICH said...

"Pretty simple, eh?"

Yes! And if I get it, how could do so many Democrats not? They can't be all stupid enough to believe that raising taxes and increasing our debt will somehow stimulate the economy? What is hiding underneath their platform?

1. Socially (government dependence, less freedom)
2. Economics (Cap and Trade, Cloward and Piven)
3. Environmental (reducing consumption, saving the planet)
4. Politics (all of the above)

Why the Democrats may not want to keep our nation the most prosperous on earth is beyond me?

Perhaps they think we are a disease, the cancer of Earth, and their regulatory control is the cure?

(sorry, don't have time to elaborate more)

SBVOR said...


I would say that Dim voters are, in many cases, simply too stupid and too ignorant for words. Witness this video.

In other cases, their character has been utterly corrupted by politicians whose character is even more corrupt. This is the group whose propensity for envy has been exploited by those who tell them they have a right to rob the rich in order to sate their envy (and, that doing so will actually improve their lot in life).

The irony, as we both know, is that class warfare will reduce the standard of living for ALL (always has, always will).

Then there are those who have adopted a form of nature worship as a replacement for traditional religion (deliberately demonized by the formal academic doctrine of Cultural Marxism). This is where the (self-destructive) environmental extremism comes from.

And, that is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

RICH said...

When you're right, you're right.

SBVOR said...


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