Saturday, March 10, 2012

Linda Halteman Lewis is a Bald Faced Liar

It’s the political silly season. So, predictably, the so-called “editor” of our local so-called “newspaper” seems to be pulling out all the stops to publish (through letters to the editor) as many bald faced lies as are necessary to ensure his fellow “Progressives” retain as much political power as possible.

On March 6th, he published one of the most shamelessly dishonest diatribes on Climate Change ever.

Now, just three days later, he publishes an even more shamelessly dishonest diatribe against domestic drilling.

So, here we go again, exposing the lies & canards from the so-called “Progressives” which infest our little ski town.

1) The BALD FACED LIE that the USA has only “2 percent of petroleum reserves”.

Click here and see that the USA EASILY has at LEAST 6 times the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia.

2) The lie and the canard of suggesting that a “large portion of the natural gas that is being produced domestically is being exported.”

A) Click here and see that -- in 2010 -- the USA consumed 95% of the natural gas produced in the USA.

B) Click here and see that domestic increased domestic production of natural gas is substantially REDUCING our net imports of natural gas.

C) Click here and see that increased domestic production of natural gas is LOWERING the price paid by consumers. The environmental extremists, of course, HATE this trend.

D) Just like oil, natural gas is a global commodity. It doesn’t make one damn bit of difference whether domestically produced natural gas is consumed domestically or exported. The more we increase the levels of global supply, the lower natural gas prices will go -- PERIOD!

3) The lie and the canard of suggesting that “fracking is known to stimulate earthquakes.”

A) Click here and see that even the Left leaning “New Scientist” has recently debunked this nonsense.

B) Anybody with even a passing knowledge of what causes earthquakes knows that even if fracking did precipitate an earthquake, it would ONLY result in setting off a more minor quake than that which would have occurred naturally anyway.

C) Although our region is “seismically active”, the quakes found in this region are so minor that the quakes are seldom even noticed.

4) The lie (by both commission and omission) concerning the “$4 billion of yearly subsidies given to the petroleum industry”

Click here and see a chart published by the CBO comparing tax preferences given to “Renewable Energy” vs. Fossil Fuels.

Unlike “Renewable Energy”, Fossil Fuels ONLY get tax breaks. Fossil Fuels get NO direct payments (aka subsidies).

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